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Category: Cooperative Houses of Elanthia (CHE/Great Houses)
Topic: House Paupers
Message #: 985
Author: PLUR
Date: 10/23/2008 10:54:36 PM
Subject: Paupers' Rose Garden: A beacon for paladins

Last weekend the ghost of Leso Shaw appeared during Haunted House to share the forgotten tale of the Knights of Paupers. With the revelation that a great evil was coming again and the Knights must be reborn, Leso performed a ritual and blessed the Rose Garden. For Paladins who use the spell Aid the Fallen, they can now, through ritual, attune themselves to the Paupers' Rose Garden ( which is open to all ) and can be anchored to that spot when returning to the city with fallen adventurers.

Warden of Paupers

Give a warrior spells, he'll hunt for a day. Teach a warrior spells, he'll hunt for a lifetime.