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Fortis Imbibi
Old ASCII Coat of Arms

House Paupers is located in Wehnimer's Landing, and is a member of the Co-operative Houses of Elanthia. It was established in Charlatos of 5091 by Silent Mydnyghte (Chairman), Kirc Bloodguard (Treasurer), Dextor Malthorn (Secretary), as well as members Phaedra Bleu and Karel Tasavalta.

The founding was published in the Kelfour Edition volume I number X, making House Paupers one of the three original Houses in Elanith.

The House has annexes in all major towns and cities.

Current Officers

Officer Roster
Position Position Description Officer Name
Warden Chair Tolwynn
Chatalaine Co-Chair Traiva
Bartender Co-Chair Renstar
Pub Proprietor Treasurer Lithyia
Paymaster Co-Treasurer Maevie
Enforcer Co-Treasurer Brakian
Adjutant Secretary empty


Statement of Purpose

House of Paupers has been designed as an establishment to provide entertainment, excitement, camaraderie and respect to its members.

Statement of Governing

The Officers:

House of Paupers currently has 7 Officer positions. All Officers shall rule on all decisions of House policy in regards to the rules and physical nature of the House and its officially sponsored events.

All decisions will be made collectively by a vote among the Board of Officers. Two thirds of all seated Officers must agree in order for an item to be considered passed. All decisions of the Board will be made a matter of public record. The Board does reserve the right to omit some or all of the details if they agree that it would reveal in-game secrets or would be inappropriate and not within the House's best interest to be revealed.

Terms of Office:

Each office held shall be considered at will service and may be terminated at any time by the Officer unless otherwise altered by the Board or CHE Controller.

If any Officer fails to communicate or make appearances for 2 months in a row their position will be considered open unless prior notification and approval of the Board has been obtained.


Article I - Name

The name of this officially recognized Cooperative House of Elanthia (CHE) is the House of Paupers, hereinafter referred to as the "House".

Article II - Membership Services and Benefits

The House offers the following benefits to its members:

  1. Coat of Arms - The House Coat of Arms is available at the Engraver's Shop in Wehnimer's Landing for all whom wish to have it added to their shields or other applicable gear. This service is provided by the Engraver for a small fee as specified by the local government.
  2. Storage Facility - There will be an appropriate locker assigned to each member. These lockers may generally be accessed free of charge and are larger than those granted to an individual resident of any given town. House Annexes also provide additional locker space but the House is in no way responsible for the movement of a member's items between towns or the members' ability to access them.
  3. Nodes - There are natural nodes in various locations throughout the House. These nodes are provided for the member's benefit. Currently the nodes are located in the Commons as well as at each table leading off of the Triple Chalice Bar and the Lounge.
  4. Pool and Hot Tub - There is a pool and hot tub located through the crystal arch in the Commons for the members' health and enjoyment.
  5. Donation Table - There is a table in the Commons on which members may donate items for other members to use. No items from the table may be sold as they are placed there for the benefit of each other and not as a quick monetary gain.
  6. Tables - There are private tables leading off of the Triple Chalice Bar and the Lounge which have been made available for members' enjoyment or privacy.
  7. Refreshment Carts - The House currently owns two different refreshment carriers which will often be set up with various food and drink and set out for the members enjoyment and indulgence. Most frequently a refreshment cart is set up inside in the Commons and a small refreshment wagon is set up outside at the Rose Garden.
  8. Fishing Pond - Located down the riverstone path is the Rose Garden where a pond welcomes both members and guests alike to cast their lines and fish to their heart's content. A crate nearby is stocked with fishing supplies that Officers can make available upon request. A small fire burns nearby for an easy cooking solution.

Article III - Membership Requirements and Dues

  • Members can only belong to one CHE at a time.
  • Members must be level 5 or above.
  • Members must not be on an in-game trial account.
  • Members must pay a one time initial fee of 20,000 silvers.
  • Membership is unrestricted by race, creed, lifestyle, size, color, sex or profession.

Article IV - Contributions

Membership contributions to the House's General Funds and Endowment will be considered donations and will not entitle a member to special privileges.

All contributions can be donated by any member or officer and will appear on the in-game financial tracking system and reported on a quarterly basis for public record.

Article V - House Officials

Section 1 - House Officers

  1. All officer positions shall be chosen by the Board through a system of applications and interviews.
  2. An officer or candidate for officer must be a current member of the House.
  3. Term of Office is considered to be at will unless just cause is given to prematurely cease the term of the service to the House.
  4. If any officer position is left vacant, the responsibilities and duties will be assumed by the other active officers until the empty position can be filled.
  5. No new officer can be inducted to fill a vacancy without approval of the Board or by the direct instruction of the CHE Controller.
  6. Any officer may voluntarily resign at anytime. Transfer of ownership of the character of account of a current officer shall constitute immediate resignation from office.
  7. An officer may be removed from office for cause by two thirds majority vote of the House Board with additional agreement by the CHE Controller if needed. Cause for removal must meet one or more of the following requirements:
  • Failure to perform or demonstrated lack of ability to perform defined duties in the best interest of the House either through dereliction, incompetence or malfeasance.
  • Gross misuse of House resources for illicit purposes or excessive personal gain either in real life or in game.
  • Justified voluntary or involuntary expulsion or resignation from the House that might jeopardize the good status of the House.
  • Direct request by the CHE Controller, or indirectly as a consequence of a permanent character/account lockout by game staff.
  • Allowing another person to control the officer character. An exception may be made in the case of real life spouses as long as it is done with prior approval from the Board. In all cases, the officer's player shall be held responsible for all things done by anyone accessing their account. Under no circumstances may any other person perform any actions related to the House when controlling an officer character.

Section 2 - Officer Responsibilities

All House Officers have assigned tasks based on their positions and their strengths. Some tasks are shared by all while others are specific to their role. Specific roles will be detailed further in this document. On many decisions regarding the House, all officers will have an equal vote on the Board of Officers with Chairman breaking ties. These decisions include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Spending of Influence Points - All officers will have an equal vote in the decision and approval of how and when to spend influence points before the Chairman submits the Quarterly Influence Report every three months to the CHE GameMaster.
  2. Expansion and Renovations - All officers will have an equal vote in the decision and approval of any and all new rooms to be added to the House, whether in the form of normal expansion or through storyline development. This also includes any renovations done to existing rooms, be it an entire re-decoration or the addition of extra items.
  3. Events - All officers will have an equal vote in the decision and approval of all events. These events include: Main House Events, Mini Events, Social Knights, Co-Sponsored Events, Festivals, etc. There is an Event Creation Form on the Paupers Wiki that can be filled out and submitted to all officers for review and approval. This also applies to all props or prizes created or designed for any specific event, including souvenirs..
  4. Food/Drink Creation - All officers will have an equal vote in the decision or creation of any additional food or drink items to be added to the House, in way of normal means or through contests or storyline development.
  5. Contests and House Votes - All officers will have an equal vote in the decision to create and execute any and all House Contests as well as House Votes. While any officer can propose a contest or vote, it will require a majority approval to be implemented.
  6. Meeting Agendas - The officer in charge of a meeting must forward their proposed agenda one week prior to the meeting for all officers to review and approve. This is to ensure maximum level of communication from the officers to the members.
  7. Changes to Bylaws - As with anything, House of Paupers needs to be able to adapt to changing times and situations. Sometimes this can require a minor amendment to the House Bylaws or in some cases a complete overhaul. Changes to the Bylaws can be proposed by any officer but require a majority vote with Chairman breaking all ties.
  8. House Storyline - It is a new goal of the officers of Paupers to try to turn the focus of the House from just being about "lockers" and attract a new kind of member or even stir up interest in current members who have had nothing to participate in previously. So it is that throughout the years storylines will be developed and implemented for all members and even non-members alike to participate in. Many of these events will include the Knights of Paupers and be open in general to allow other participants to step forward and join in the fun. However, each storyline, regardless of its length, be it a few weeks to a few months, will be a reflection of the House and therefore it is every officer's responsibility to review the proposed general outline of storyline and approve. It is to be encouraged that storylines remain open and broad in general to allow evolution based on the actions taken by those participating.

Section 3 - Officer Duties

Every House Officer will have specific tasks set up for them. This will be an ever changing section of policy as duties and tasks may change based on number of officers, the level of their individual strengths and weaknesses and the overall evolution of Paupers.

All Officers will share the following duties:

  • Host or Witness 1 Induction a month.
  • Organize and Execute 2 Events a year.
  • Host 1 Members' Meeting a year.
  • Voting on House Issues.
  • 8 Hours of in-game time a month.

Each Officer will have specific roles that may change based on a variety of things including the number of vacant positions, extended absences or even personal preference. These duties are as follows:

  1. Drafting of Quarterly Influence Reports
  2. Drafting of House Expansions and Renovations
  3. House Storyline Creation
  4. Lead of Knights of Paupers
  5. Co-Lead of Knights of Paupers
  6. House Tours
  7. House Roster and Induction Report
  8. Treasury and Expense Report
  9. Influence Report
  10. Public Announcements
  11. Members Mailing List
  12. Newsletter
  13. Contests and House Vote Management

Section 4 - Officer Etiquette

Officers of Paupers should always be the example and never the exception. Therefore not only is there a high level of respect and equality expected from all officers towards Members and Knights, but also among Officers themselves. While a variety of opinions and disagreements are encouraged they are expected to be done with a positive level of civility and tact. This applies to all levels of communication, whether it be in-game or via alternate methods such as email, forums, etc.

Disrespectful behavior and poor conduct will not be tolerated. Any situations or instances that merit a complaint can be addressed in the following manner:

  1. If a Member has an issue or complaint about a House Officer they must file it or contact another active Officer. Details will be required as well as documentation, if possible or applicable. The Officer who receives the complaint will then report it to the Chairman who will deal with the issue one on one or with the Board as a whole.
  2. If an Officer has an issue or complaint about another House Officer they must file it or contact the active Chairman. Details will be required as well as documentation, if possible or applicable. The Chair will then address the issue with the Officer either one on one or with the Board as a whole.
  3. If an Officer or Member has an issue or complaint about the active Chairman they must file or contact another active Officer who can bring the complaint before the Board or contact the CHE Controller for intervention or due process. Details will be required as well as documentation, if possible or applicable.

Any Member or Officer who abuses the system and files unlawful complaints and is proven to be dishonest can face suspension or termination. There will be no warnings.

Article VI - Rules and Regulations

Section 1 - General House Conduct

  1. Violence in the House will not be permitted. Any malicious actions committed on the House grounds shall be cause for permanent expulsion from the House at the discretion of the Board.
  2. There shall be no stealing on House grounds. All members are expected to treat each other courteously. First offense is punishable by a warning from the Board. Further offenses shall be cause for permanent expulsion from the House at the discretion of the Board.
  3. Items placed on the donation table in the House are for personal use and may not be sold.
  4. All House policy applies to existing or future annexes in other towns.

Violation of any of the above stated rules may lead to judgment and punishment as determined by the Board. Involuntary expulsion requires ratification by a majority vote by the Board or direct CHE Controller intervention. Officers may seek such ratification retroactively when quick action is in the best interest of the House.

Section 2 - Workshop

  1. Unless directed by the Board, the workshop is to remain unlocked and accessible at all times to all House members.
  2. If a wizard member is in the process of enchanting inside the workshop, he or she may request any non-wizards to leave the area until the proper preparations or casting is completed. At other times, all members are permitted to use the workshop.
  3. There are currently 3 keys to the House Workshop for which the Board of Officers have the sole discretion for whom can have access to lock the workshop in case of private or high end projects.

Section 3 - House Affairs

  1. All monies in the House accounts will be accounted for via the monthly Treasury Report and will be made public on a regular basis. The report will include the current General Funds and Endowment, the detailed expenses per each month and any deposits per each month via donations or inductions.
  2. All Influence spent will be accounted for via a quarterly Influence Report and made public on a regular basis. Some details will be left out at the Board's discretion due to upcoming surprises, secrets or internal matters, etc.
  3. A current House Roster and Induction Report will be reported on a monthly basis in order to spotlight new members.
  4. House Tours will be periodically scheduled to allow old and new members alike to get a more in-depth look at their House.
  5. Quarterly Contests and House Votes will be held in an attempt to bring fruition to member's ideas and reward them for it as well as always giving the members an opportunity to help shape the future of their House.
  6. A monthly or quarterly newsletter will be managed and distributed via the Members Mailing List. (Yahoo Group)

Article VII - Amendments to Charter and Bylaws

  • Significant amends to the Charter and Bylaws may only be made if the Board has a two thirds majority vote.
  • Minor changes to correct spelling, grammar or formatting do not need the aforementioned approval.

The Big Three Rules

We pride ourselves on the simplicity of our rules.

Our rules are designed to maintain harmony in the house and prevent things that disrupt the peace and safety of the members, or jeopardize our status as a house. We have no interest in exploring these rules for loopholes. Nor are these rules necessarily exhaustive. Members who have trouble understanding or obeying the intent of these rules will find themselves on the street, 20K poorer, and with a much smaller locker. Some of the older, more-powerful (and often crankier) members may take an even dimmer view to having their peace disturbed when no officer is around. You've been warned.

Rule One: Show Respect For One Another

This means no fighting, killing, stealing, or harassing in the house by either physical, magical or other means. The house is a place for members to relax and enjoy themselves - not to watch their backs constantly. It also means the house is not someplace to get around the local laws. Don't drag someone in to murder them, duel with them, or steal from them - member or not. It also means don't use the house as a means of escaping justice. Don't steal from, harass, or kill someone and then try to use the house as a shield to escape from the consequences. What you do outside the house is your business, but you must keep it outside the house, and keep the house out of it. It also means you are responsible for your guests. Don't bring someone else into the house to do things you aren't allowed to do. They will be dealt with accordingly, and you may find yourself no longer a member of our house. It also means that items put on the table in the commons are donations for the use of other members of the house. Feel free to take them for your own USE. Do not get caught selling them if you wish to remain a member of the house.

Rule Two: Get to Know One Another

There are a lot of members in this house. Some of them are the finest folks in all the lands. Many of them are more than happy to help you, and others may some day be in dire need of your help. Many of them have much the same interests as you. Do yourself a favor and get to know the other members. A couple of minutes spent in pleasantries while resting in the commons will do wonders for widening your social circle. You'd be surprised how easily you'll be able to find assistance getting spells, healing, boxes picked, advice, a hunting partner, or any of a number of things if you just spend a few minutes getting to know your fellow Paupers.

Rule Three: Party!

Remember that's the purpose of our house. Relax and have fun here. Drinking is not mandatory, but it sure doesn't hurt either. We have non-alcoholic beverages for those who don't indulge. Feel free to bring in guests and organize parties, as long as you aren't disruptive.

How to Join?

House membership is open to anyone that has achieved level 5 or higher. This requirement is beyond our control, and mandated by Elanthian law. The clerk will not allow us to induct new members who are lower than level 5, no matter how close you are.

Inductions are regularly scheduled for the third Thursday of each month at 10PM ET. We meet outside Moot Hall (Town Square East) in Wehnimer's Landing. Induction requires that you pay a one-time fee of 20,000 silvers (like the level requirement, this is non-negotiable); payment may be made by coins or note.

If you are unable to attend a scheduled induction, contact one of the officers or send us a note.

A tour is offered after inductions if time permits, or by request.


Map of Paupers

Annex Locations and Lockers

House Paupers has an annex with lockers in every major town. Members who have a Premium subscription will automatically have a locker available through the annex; Standard subscribers can move their locker to their new (or temporary) home. The location of moving services is listed on the Cooperative Houses of Elanthia page.

Town Location
Cysaegir Rhyaesdid Hall: go stair, go arch, go lapis curtain
Icemule Trace Silvermule Gaming Hall: go door, n, n, go gooseberry arch
Kraken Falls Inking Den: 2 ne, go beige door (Lich #29758 / u7121216)
Mist Harbor Hale Hall: go door, go stair, go arch, n, go blue door
River's Rest Timor's Storage: e, d, n, go curtain, w
Solhaven Warehouse: w, go stair, 3 n, go door
Ta'Illistim The Lost Home: 2 ne, go granite arch
Ta'Vaalor Dancing Dahcre: sw, 2 s, e, go limestone arch
Teras Isle Adventurers' Rest: 2 e, go crystal arch
Zul Logoth Rockslinger Relocation Services: go corridor, s, go Paupers arch

Statement of Neutrality

This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: House Paupers Statement of Neutrality - Lormesta 5123

Author: Traiva Verethundi

A sturdy parchment bearing the House Paupers coat of arms is posted outside Moot Hall. Residents of Icemule Trace have noted a similar parchment attached to the gooseberry arch in Silvermule Gaming Hall, and a third has been sighted within the Dancing Dahcre in Ta'Vaalor.

Block letters in bright sapphire ink read:

Since the founding in 5091, House Paupers has staunchly stood by its Purpose to provide entertainment, excitement, camaraderie, and respect to its members, and we are proud to be a beacon of hospitality for all, regardless of race, profession, religion, or politics.

The House Paupers Board of Officers has watched and discussed the events currently gripping many across Elanthia. In order that we may continue to stand behind our Purpose, we state:

House Paupers affirms its stance of Neutrality in these conflicts, and we will continue to welcome all within our properties so long as our House Rules are followed.