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Inntrigue is a Platinum storyline from 2017. Background information related to events will be given below so everyone can be on the same page.

Important NPCs


  • Leiana - Daughter of Sabrien
  • Sabrien - Current owner of the Raging Thrak Inn
  • Hakir - The half thrak, aka the thrakman; Current antagonist
  • Izaar - Moot Hall guy
  • Jesop - Mayor of Wehnimer's Landing


  • Ilithorne
  • Prysicilla


The Society for Protection of Elanthian Wildlife, or SPEW, was a group of youths from Wehnimer's Landing who took up the cause of protecting many of the rare animals that were being hunted for their pelts or otherwise, such as the purple-spotted urgh.

Trouble at the Raging Thrak

Cipher Trouble