Inorios Plateau

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The Inorios Plateau is a landscape on another plane of existence where the Fash'lo'nae Library is found. The plateau itself is made of grey parched earth, and the sky is covered in violet-cored clouds. There are legends of his library being accessed in various places over history, but it has been actually visited with the use of vesperti for extraplanar travel. The library itself has spiraling towers and domes, with a thematic representation of Fash'lo'nae being punished by the Drakes for giving fire to mortals. The single folio actually described in the library is written in an incomprehensible language.

Fash'lo'nae Library

[Inorios Plateau, The Library]
Immense walls, semitranslucent and lit from within by burning golden light, strain up out of the grey and parched earth to scratch at the cloud-swirled sky. Spiraling towers, their peaks hidden in the violet-cored clouds, sprout from the rooftops in a way that might be haphazard, but instead hints at unfathomable complexity. A towering copper archway yawns out of the forwardmost face of the building, many times the height of a man. Reinforced doors that once guarded it now hang askew, permitting entry. You also see a glimmering white-golden gateway.
Obvious exits: none

>go archway
[The Library, Oculus South]
The ceiling tapers severely toward a pyramid dome of rippled glass that points, like a talon, into the ominous clouds outside. Positioned directly below the apex of the pyramid, a pentagonal dais rises out of the lustrous grey stone of the floor, supporting a monument of gold and roaring flames. Heated by the fury of the fire, the air is as dry as a desert's and thick with the odors of old parchment and astringent preservatives. You also see some copper-lined dark green crystal steps scaling the dais.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest, out

[The Library, Oculus West]
Heated and lit by the blaze of flames from a golden monument atop a dais, the curving path branches off to the west toward a pair of chambers crowned by spherical crystalline domes. A series of copper-lined steps hewn from dark green crystal ascends toward the top of the dais. Far above, a pyramid-shaped cap of rippling crystal forms the apex of the ceiling, and offers a glimpse out onto the swirling, strange-hued clouds outside.
Obvious exits: northeast, southeast, west

[The Library, Ametrine Dome]
Waves of warm coppery brilliance pulse through the beveled crystal of the dome overhead, deepening into vivid violet as they die away. A trio of arched portals branch off of the dome, though the northernmost is barred by a half-melted adamantite door. Soft amber light filters through the door to the south, gently sunny in contrast to the wild stormclouds racing in the skies above the dome. You also see a massive scarlet circle.
Obvious exits: east

>look circle
The circle appears to be a complex array of sigils arranged in an almost innumerable number of concentric and overlapping bands. A faint scarlet luminescence crawls across the jagged curves and precise angles of each of the thousands of arcane symbols, and a palpable aura of power emanates from its interior circles.

[The Library, Oculus North]
The faintest hints of hushed, crystalline tones whisper from the domed chamber to the northwest, an odd contrast to the roar of the flames blazing atop a pentagonal stone dais rising to the south. Another dome beckons from the northeast, its smooth curve split by a jagged crack. Copper-edged green crystal steps mount the dais, which is crowned with a golden monument barely visible for the heat-shimmers of the flames roaring at its heart.
Obvious exits: north, southeast, southwest

[The Library, Titanite Dome]
Points of wan yellow-green energy streak across the crystalline surface of the dome arcing overhead, the uneven ebb and flow of brilliance causing the shadow of a pitted stone pedestal in the center of the chamber to dance as if alive. Atop it sits an illuminated folio bound in pale hide. A set of double doors bars the way northwest, but visible through the dome is a crooked tower of shadowed stone whose upper floors are lost in the storming heavens.
Obvious exits: south

>look folio
The pages of the tome are translucent, almost clear, and letters of glowing golden light illuminate the exposed pages.
There appears to be something written on it.

>read folio
You try to read an illuminated folio, but it is written in a completely unfamiliar language.

[The Library, Oculus East]
Beneath a procession of dark green crystal steps lined in copper climbing up the side of a dais, the chatoyant stone floor is polished and gleaming. Atop the dais, an ornate golden monument is wreathed in constant blasts of liquid white flame, the heat of which sends shimmers through the air and suffuses the atmosphere with baking heat. To the east, low domes of crystal shield two rubble-strewn chambers from the fury of the unrelenting storm outside.
Obvious exits: east, southwest, northwest

[The Library, Soulstone Dome]
Thrumming crimson light blushes through the surface of the crystalline dome shielding the chamber in even, doubled pulses, rising as regularly as a heart's beat. The color suffuses the pale cheeks of a marble statue standing on a cracked granite plinth at the center of the chamber. A field of crackling energy bars a trapezoidal portal to the east, filling the air with the scent of burning ozone.
Obvious exits: west

>look statue
The woman carved from stone is beautiful and unabashedly nude. The unearthly marble of her flesh is semitranslucent, revealing tangles of crimson arteries and dark blue veins beneath her stony skin.

>go steps
[Penance of the Firebringer]
Blistering hot air washes in shimmering waves off of the scaled bulks of four immense dragons wrought from white gold. Fury in their serpentine eyes, they prowl in aggressive postures. Flames belch forth from their fanged maws, forming a hurricane of fire that swirls around a humanoid figure with partially-molten features. The aureate monument dominates much of the dais. The pentagonal outline of the dais is broken by four sets of green crystal stairs, which proceed down onto the luminous path of grey stone below.
Obvious exits: none

>look dragon
Fashioned of pure white gold and scaled with multifaceted diamonds, the dragons stand many times the height and breadth of a man. Their wings, pressed flat against their backs, could serve as the sails of a ship. Though there is little uniformity in their appearance--one has spiraling horns; another, a spiked tail; a third, curved spikes sprouting down the length of its spine--they are unified in their expressions of bestial rage.

>look figure
Waves of heat distort the partially-molten features of the humanoid figure, but his hunched back and ragged clothing cannot disguise the patient defiance blazing in his slit-pupiled eyes. He is the work of a masterful sculptor, an aged man whose melting visage was once regal and deeply graven with lines of care.