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Irikaen is a type of flowering shrub native to Ta'Nalfein.

Also known as the nightbell, irikaen shrubs grow en masse along a series of high hills deep within the city-state. They blossom at night, and only every decade (give or take a few years). One can go to bed to spring-green hills and awaken to a blanket of lavender-blue that persists for the next fortnight.

Wild nightbells are a pale lavender-blue, bell-shaped, and grow in fragrant clusters upon the sage green bushes. Hothouse nightbells, cultivated to ensure a frequent supply of the coveted blooms, are tinier and are either a bright blue or a dark violet.

Venturing out to the Irikaen Hills to watch the blossoming is an affair booked out decades in advance, as the wealthy reserve the best rooms at inns in anticipated blossoming years. The last blossoming year was in 5112.

While hothouse-grown irikaen are widely available in bright blue or dark violet only, wild irikaen are considered a rarer material. Because of this, wild irikaen requires fodder when used in alterations. See alter fodder for more information.

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