Alter fodder

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Alter fodder is a colloquial term for items of various rare materials kept by players primarily for use in alterations. Alteration guidelines 9 and 13 outline the requirement to provide materials when making certain modifications to items. Generally, using a Rare or Very Rare material in an alteration will always require providing some amount of that material, with the quantity dependent on the particular item being worked on.

Items made of rare materials may be found in the treasure system or rarely purchased in certain shops and kept or traded between players for use as alter fodder. "Pure" alter fodder items, that have no other use except to be provided for alteration, may be purchased at Ebon Gate, however they have been available as prizes from various games in the past. The Antiquarian found at Ebon Gate in Antiquarian Manor, will allow for the conversion of items into pure alter fodder, while the Antiquarian's Apparatus, found at same can be used to store alter fodder efficiently.