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Storyline Caligos Isle
Gender male
Race Giantman
Status Alive
Alias/Title a tawny-haired giantman carpenter


Nearly a foot taller than most giantmen his size, the carpenter slouches ever so slightly, his square-jawed head crouched in a way that almost obscures his thick neck.  His dusty clothes are of little consequence, torn and repaired with patches time and again.  His hands are marred with calluses, and he absentmindedly chews on a toothpick.


  • A tawny-haired giantman carpenter looks around, then leans in and in a hushed tone says, "I'm all for being appreciative of the captain bringing us here. But do you ever get the feeling that some people are a little... erm, too happy? Like, strangely too happy? I mean, not that I feel that way. No, not me. Just saying..."