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Named Residents

  • Belleva, a tall peglegged dwarf (she works at the Whip and Wight Inn)
  • Brother Aoden, a priest out of the Dragonspine Mountains that follows Lorminstra
  • Captain Elyssbeth of Niima's Promise, a silver-eyed lithe elven woman
  • Celesia, a doe-eyed elven child
  • Eni, shipwright in the Fishing Village of Caligos Isle
  • Father Thombe, a hollow-eyed shambling clergyman (name confirmed by Celesia and Rurung)
  • Jerich, a tawny-haired giantman carpenter
  • Jothi, a rheumy-eyed half-elven sailor (First Mate of Niima's Promise)
  • Captain Junderthal of the Damsel of the Deep
  • Galaytea, the Nereid of Niima
  • Juugum, a bumbling aelotoi tourist (he sells the multiple-use shovels on the beach)
  • Keilipso, a gaunt sylvan artist
  • Lyrile, a tall robe-clad solacebringer
  • Nix, an indigo-tailed black cockatoo (former pet of Captain Elyssbeth)
  • Olienne, a lithe indigo-robed Ezreshi (High Priestess to Ghezresh)
  • Omiko, an aging wise woman (The Wise Woman to the Village)
  • Opus, a slender human playwright
  • Priestess Lucinne, a their priestess out of the Sea of Fire that worships Luukos
  • Percy, a shaggy-haired lanky child, with his toy otter Captain Wiggles
  • Rory, shipwright in the Fishing Village of Caligos Isle
  • Rurung, a wan sylvan beachgoer (he sells the single-use shovels on the beach)
  • Saults, a garrulous dwarven harbormaster
  • Seer Veidae, a seer out of Wyrdeep that follows Gosaena
  • Shaemire, a scruffy-faced half-elven warden
  • Strym, a coin-wielding rotund broker
  • Tosh, shipwright in the Fishing Village of Caligos Isle
  • Zeeva, a lion-maned shaggy Caligos eagle

Nameless Residents

  • a dusky blue-skinned half-krolvin (he's the bartender at the Siren's Call Tavern)
  • a feral black cat
  • a giant black sea slug
  • a grey-throated great frigatebird
  • a red-throated great frigatebird
  • a scrappy sea hawk
  • a tall sleek-haired incanter
  • a weary seashell collector


  • a seaweed and barnacle-covered shade
Barely discernible as an elf, the shade's limbs are tangled in ropes of seaweed, and all exposed bone, bright white in the ambient light, is riddled with barnacles. Appearing like freckles, the barnacles darken his high cheekbones and forehead, while blue lips soundlessly work out some forgotten prayer.
  • a shambling desiccated elf
Transparent in form, the elf appears to be the haunted remains of an Ashrim, decades in the grave. Antiquated clothing, draping from his gaunt form in tattered strips, hints at a time long lost, while ethereal jewelry clings to his skeletal wrists and fingers.
  • a slime-draped ethereal elven skeleton
Ectoplasmic slime hugs the ethereal form of the skeleton, whose lineage speaks of an ancient, forgotten elven descent. Moon-bright bones, transparent and wavering, stand out from the ichor-hued trappings and seem grotesquely twisted as he shambles along.
  • a transparent elven haunt
Waif-thin, flesh dangling from every visible space upon his form, the haunt is the broken remains of an ancient elf whose clothing may have been the height of fashion in his day, but is now just a ruinous mess of tattered cloth. Light passes through his emaciated form, which is wreathed in spectral eels that slip in and out of his bones and empty eye sockets.
  • a white-robed fragile elven woman
Pearlescent buttons decorate the high-collar, forearms, and spine of a white gown that hugs the fragile elven woman's body, while gossamer robes of a matching moon-white hue dangle in tatters from her ethereal frame. Everything about her seems to drift as if flowing in unseen water.
  • an ethereal elven waifling
Skeins of seaweed-tangled hair float in a wispy halo about the waifling's head, her face a ravaged waste where barnacles have collected along her aquiline nose. A high-collared, sleeveless coat trimmed in braided embroidery sags on her gaunt form, while bloused pantaloons hide the desiccated flesh of her lower extremities.