Jewel of the Harbor

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Jewel of the Harbor is a boutique shop in Nielira Harbor. It sells jewelry, all of which can be customized.

[Jewel of the Harbor] RNUM: 33903
Ribbons of silk suspend ebony picture frames across the pale tea green walls, the glass-paned ovals portraying silhouettes adorned with various pieces of elaborate jewelry, the finery held in place by diminutive pewter pins. The faenor-framed counter displays several lengths of chain and cushion-affixed pins, the mixed metals neatly labeled next to each vertical row. A ceiling-high mirror of carved haon is flanked by arched windows, the trio veiled in graduated drapes of heart-shaped ivy.


Welcome to Jewel of the Harbor!

Jeweler Aimon Valcan offers his Catalog to browse.
Aimon Valcan exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a bronze back pendant      13. a gold handflower
  2. a copper back pendant      14. a pewter handflower
  3. an electrum back pendant   15. a rose gold handflower
  4. a faenor back pendant      16. a silver handflower
  5. a gold back pendant        17. a bronze lapel pin
  6. a pewter back pendant      18. a copper lapel pin
  7. a rose gold back pendant   19. an electrum lapel pin
  8. a silver back pendant      20. a faenor lapel pin
  9. a bronze handflower        21. a gold lapel pin
  10. a copper handflower       22. a pewter lapel pin
  11. an electrum handflower    23. a rose gold lapel pin
  12. a faenor handflower       24. a silver lapel pin

You can APPRAISE, INSPECT or DESCRIBE any item by number, ORDER by number to get pricing and customization options, BUY to purchase, or ORDER HELP for more info.
Jewelry can be customized with the following colors or finishes:

  1. asymmetric            11. fan-weighted         21. naefira-set
  2. avian-shaped          12. featherlike          22. onyx-framed
  3. branchlike            13. flora-wrought        23. pearl-linked
  4. cabochon-set          14. insignia-set         24. rectangular
  5. cameo-affixed         15. ivory-traced         25. rose-carved
  6. chain-draped          16. jewel-linked         26. sharp-scaled
  7. claw-weighted         17. lacelike             27. talon-draped
  8. clockwork-set         18. lattice-woven        28. thorn-framed
  9. crescentic            19. leaf-cradled         29. vine-wrought
  10. fan-shaped           20. long-chained         30. wing-framed