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Hi. I'm EK. I play Alisaire Frey [since '01] as my primary character, but also have played others off and on over the years. Some of my more lasting characters now include Phanna Green, Lucrecea Ruin Ardenai, Orthir Duranel Loenthra, and Capell. Characters I played previously but have since retired include Alexiel Adamantine of the Al'Dur Tribe and Nehari Savius Faendryl.

You might see some of my artwork around here. It's my way of sharing it. I no longer keep a website of any other artwork online. I do not consent to any of my Gemstone-related artwork being republished outside of the GSwiki.

I have a background in natural resource management and scientific illustration. I enjoy bringing both of these experiences to Elanthia.

Contact Information

Discord: EK#7383

Currently Working On

Game Interests