Ki Focus

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Ki Focus
Available To Monks
Mnemonic [KIFOCUS]
Cost 30 (-10 Rank 1, -5 Rank 2) Stamina
Roundtime 0
Requirements None
Prerequisites None
Rank Square
1 3  
3 9

Ki Focus is a combat maneuver available to monks only. It is invoked to grant a 33% chance per rank of gaining an immediate tier-up on the next unarmed strike, assuming that it is successful. If the strike is successful but does not grant an immediate tier-up, the probability of earning a tier-up strike is significantly increased for all subsequent strikes at that tier.

Ki Focus remains stored for 1 minute or until the next attack. The remaining duration can be viewed with the SPELL ACTIVE command. There is no additional stamina cost if inadvertently invoked while active.

When used in conjunction with Flurry of Blows, only the first target is hit with the Ki energy.

If you don't have krynch as your martial stance, you should probably train Ki Focus. Instant tiering is a very important tactical option to have available.


Initial activation:

>cman kifocus
You summon your inner ki and focus it to enhance your next attack.

If invoked while active:

>cman kifocus
You have already summoned your inner ki and are ready for a devastating attack.

No third-person messaging for initiating this maneuver.


You lose the intense focus of your ki energy.
Monk loses her look of intense focus.


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