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Stamina is used whenever most combat maneuvers are activated. The maximum stamina a character has determines how often that character can use maneuvers, and if a character overexerts themselves, they can no longer use any maneuvers for a period of ten minutes and suffer a -10 penalty to their attack strength, unless they have the overexertion taken away by the spell Adrenal Surge (1107) or directly by an empath.

Maximum Stamina

Maximum stamina is determined as follows:

Maximum Stamina = CON bonus + (STR bonus/3) + (AGI bonus/3) + (DIS bonus/3) + (Physical Fitness skill bonus / 3)
  • All fractions from the above formula are dropped.

Stamina Recovery

Stamina recovery is determined primarily by the character's Constitution, with the rate ranging from 20% to 30% of the character's maximum stamina per minute. Thus, Strength, Agility, Discipline, and Physical Fitness training also have a minor effect on stamina recovery due to their influence on a character's maximum stamina. A character's stamina recovery is calculated as follows:

STEP 1: Find the percentage of maximum stamina that will be regained:

Stamina Recovery (SR) = 20 + trunc(CON bonus / 4.5) + Bonus

  • Bonus is the sum of all the following:
    • A character that is sitting, kneeling, or prone without a weapon in his or her right hand receives a +5% (or +5) bonus to Stamina Recovery. This is NOT an enhancive bonus.
  • Nodes have no effect on the stamina recovery rate.

STEP 2: Calculate how much stamina is gained each pulse:

Stamina gained per pulse = round(Maximum Stamina * (SR / 100)) + Stamina Recovery Enhancive Bonus

  • The Stamina Recovery Enhancive Bonus includes all enhancive items, as well as the +15 bonus from using Stamina Burst (and the -15 penalty for the following three pulses).

For example, a character that has 158 maximum stamina and +32 Consitution bonus gains 43 stamina per pulse:

  • Stamina recovery: 20% + trunc(32 / 4.5) + 0
  • Stamina recovery: 20% + trunc(7.1111)
  • Stamina recovery: 27%
  • Stamina gained: round(158 * (27 / 100))
  • Stamina gained: round(158 * .27)
  • Stamina gained: round(42.66)
  • Stamina gained: 43

Maximum Stamina From Stats

This is a race comparison of the stamina bonus with 100 in each of the relevant stats (CON, STR, AGI, DIS). Dwarves have the highest (70) potential bonus with dark elves (43) the lowest. When physical fitness training is included, dwarf warriors and empaths (3x PF training) can achieve the highest non-enhanced stamina of 204, or 203 if it is capped at level (70 stat bonus + 403 skill/3).

RACE Maximum Stamina
Stat Bonus
Dark Elf
Burghal Gnome
Forest Gnome

Alchemy Stamina Items

STAMINA (verb)

     Maximum Stamina Points: 109
   Remaining Stamina Points: 109

   Stamina gained per pulse: 26

  Stamina abilities:
    STAMINA BURST       - Dig deep for a burst of energy.
    STAMINA SECOND WIND - Mastery over your body keeps you fighting when others would falter!
  • STAMINA BURST requires 100 ranks of Physical Fitness and grants +15% stamina regeneration for 3 pulses, followed by a -15% penalty for 3 pulses.
  • STAMINA SECOND WIND requires 150 ranks of Physical Fitness and grants up to +30 on offensive CMAN rolls for 30 seconds. Offensive CMAN skills and their profession guild equivalents will cost 0 stamina for the 30 second duration. This verb has a 1 hour cooldown.