Kielanathia Maraellynde Illistim

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Kielanathia Maraellynde Illistim was a Scholar of House Illistim. She was noted for writing about Elven heraldry and the Post-Lanenreat Argent Mirrors.

Kielanathia was awarded a royal jewel from House Loenthra for personal sacrifice and foreign relations, as well as a jewel from House Illistim for community service and her research. Her personal crest was notable for its imperial frame, which symbolically includes all seven noble houses. Some frames from the past several thousand years have been five-sectioned to exclude the Faendryl and Ashrim, perversely called a "unified" frame, or else consisted of a solid arch without breaks. These typically implied something about the political beliefs of the individual, the imperial frame being a relatively forgiving attitude with respect to foreign policy.

Her personal signifier consisted of a violet pansy blossom beneath the House Illistim coat of arms, with a sleeping dark blue panther for her mother, and three crossed rapiers for her father. Her family flourish implied that her maternal line was somehow associated with the forest. Kielanthia was herself a Loremaster, as implied in her signifier, though silver scrolls are an adornment on the Peacock Throne.

Personal Crest

Crest: Encompassed in a gold imperial frame, a peacock set above a crossed silver scroll and violet pansy blossom upon a field of sapphire blue, accented with a flourish of silver haon twigs; flanked to the left with a sleeping dark blue panther, flanked to the right with three crossed rapiers, and honored with a white-rimmed blue-banded amethyst and an orange-rimmed silver-starred diamond.


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