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The Argent Mirror is the proper title of the monarch of House Illistim. The egalitarian nature of Illistim culture is such that all Elves are regarded as noble in some fashion, and so the monarch was intended to mirror the best in her people as a whole. Though there was a formal deference to The Argent, it was reflective of the respect for Illistim itself. The Argent Mirror was to be regarded as second only to pure knowledge.

The Peacock Throne was founded in -49,107 Modern Era by Linsandrych Illistim, who was the first Argent Mirror and the First Master of Lore. Her bloodline was one of dynastic rule, comprising 18 monarchs over the next 33,922 years. The Post-Lanenreat Argents comprised over 80 Elves for the following twenty millennia, up until the present day, who were instead chosen by the Council of Thrones. The Council consists solely of former Argents, with much shorter reigns than those of antiquity. The Argent Mirror was not intended as an imperial station, and so relatively accessible, without the power plays and viciousness of other monarchies.

Unfortunately, Queen Myasara was the target of an assassination attempt in just such a power play, which has darkened her vision of the outside world. In recent years her rule had been one of striking racial tolerance, which provoked backlashes by Elven supremacists, ultimately costing her the life of her husband Caylio Javilerre moments after they married. His sister wished to install him as Argent Mirror, replacing Myasara, thus holding the throne by way of murder and marriage.

The Argent Mirrors

The chronology of all monarchical reigns is based on the work of Chief Scholar Hiraani Gael Illistim. While the dynastic line is consistent with the work of Meachreasim, the post-Lanenreat timeline contradicts him on several points, with discrepancies on the order of centuries or millennia. Contrast with his Timeline of Elanthian History.

Dynastic Monarchs

The following is a total list of the dynastic line of Linsandrych Illistim.

  1. Linsandrych (The Founder)
  2. Valastiel
  3. Ananaon
  4. Adonethwen
  5. Celemerun (The Beautiful, The Lame)
  6. Atilsaah
  7. Nionien
  8. Ainlinnima (The BriarStone)
  9. Venteliel
  10. Filostya
  11. Analadhia
  12. Cafainiel
  13. Elmelan
  14. Lahrair (The Child Argent)
  15. Lilorandrych (Linsandrych Come Again, The Reborn Founder, Illistim's Golden Mirror)
  16. Tenesi
  17. Nimyaion
  18. Lanenreat (The Ignominious)

Non-Dynastic Monarchs

These are selected highlights among the dozens of Post-Lanenreat monarchs since the Undead War.


The Argentate
[Ta'Illistim Keep, The Argentate]
The airy chamber is rectangular, its ceiling a soaring vault of reflective silver-gilt mosaic.  Beneath the glassy mirror is an open expanse of polished stone flooring and a rostrum, the surface raised three stairsteps above the rest of the room.  Two doors, mistwood paneled in silver plating, mark the long walls of the hall, and an immense arch stands opposite the platform.  You also see a guardsman.
Obvious exits: none

>look rostrum
Atop the platform is a sapphire-inlaid silver chair, which takes up the entirety of the raised space.  Two arched entrances sit at floor level, behind and to the sides of the platform.

>look chair
The chair has a sloped back, which acts as a rest for the book that sits upon its wide seat.

>look throne
The throne has a padded back and seat of sapphire velvet.  Its legs and frame are solid silver, with a delicate pattern of acanthus scrollwork.
Audience of the Argentate
[Audience of the Argentate]
Silver-framed fan vaulting graces the lofty ceiling, surrounding a glass-paned oculus.  Save for the space occupied by two sets of portals, one arched and one square, the stone walls are covered fully with oversized mirrors, which reflect the room over and over, leaving no corner hidden or unseen.  A jeweled throne, complete with three steps up to its raised seat, sits in the middle of the room.  Several lesser chairs are scattered in front of it.  You also see a guardsman.
Obvious exits: none

>look throne
The throne is set on argent-lacquered cabriole legs, with an arabesque curve to its high back.  Three steps, each trimmed with egg-sized sapphires, are attached to the front of the royal lounge, leading up to its elevated seat.  The upholstery on the throne is blue velvet, picked out with a design of thread-of-silver stars.

>look oculus
The medallion of glass within the round opening is brilliant turquoise, with a milky white sixteen point star set at its center.
Airship Argentates
Museum Alerreth

>look chair (octagonal silver gilt chair)
The chair is composed of two parts, a lower riser and the upper seat.  Both pieces are octagonal, and a series of bolts and handles allow for the two components to be flipped and combined into a single closed unit, for transport.  When open, as it is currently, the upper portion of the chair is laid in with overstuffed silver and blue velvet cushions.  Next to the piece is a small plaque.

>read chair
In the Common language, it reads:
Though many families possess airships, all are operated under the direction of the Argent Mirror, who may at any time choose to examine a ship of her fleet.  As such, each Illistimi airship is equipped with a removable throne, which can be retrieved and set up as necessary.  This particular example, a donation from the Greyvael family, is constructed of mistwood covered with silver gilt, with cast silver handles and hardware.

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