Kilron's Pawnshop

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Kilron's Pawnshop is the only pawnshop in the town of Wehnimer's Landing. It is a decrepit single-story pawnshop with peeling paint and broken window panes, located on Taarna Road. This pawnshop buys and sells merchandise. It is run by Kilron.

Main Room

[Kilron's Pawnshop, Front Room] RNUM: 408
This little pawnshop is somewhat cheerier than you would expect, presided over by its well-dressed and well-heeled owner, Kilron. A polished white marble counter is set off by freshly whitewashed walls and a highly varnished wood floor. An antique cabinet on the far wall holds several impressive and equally ancient weapons, some precious trinkets, and several items that you cannot identify, except that they seem to glow in different shades of colored light with different intensities. You also see a slatted wooden case and an oak door.
Obvious exits: out


>look at case
A message has been branded on the side of the case in block letters, it reads, "Got trash?  Toss it in here!  No charge!"

>look in case
The wooden case is filled with a variety of garbage.  You see nothing useful or appetizing.

Sales Room

[Pawn Shop, Backroom] RNUM: 409
This backroom is where many of the items pawned are offered for resale. On one wall a prominent sign reads, "Warning: All items that are sold here are used merchandise and sold on an "as-is" basis with no guarantees and no refunds. -- Kilron". A sales clerk stands nearby, ready to offer help with any purchases. You also see a miscellaneous table with some stuff on it, an armor table with some stuff on it, a magic table with some stuff on it and a weapon table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: out