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Lich:Script Bigshot/Changelog is a third party script and is not maintained by Simutronics. Simutronics is not responsible for the accuracy of the information presented on this page, nor is it liable for issues stemming from the use of the application on players' personal devices.

Change Log

  v5.3.3 (2024-03-15)
    - fix for cmd_briar to use MEASURE instead of LOOK due to gamefeed issue with extended show descriptions
    - fix for cmd_briar to support UCS worn gear and two weapon combat
  v5.3.2 (2024-03-12)
    - bugfix in check_required_values
  v5.3.1 (2024-03-11)
    - bugfix for UIDs in boundary rooms and new boundary return outside of hunting area feature
    - added cmd_curse command for Sorcerer spell Curse 715
    - added cmd_store command to store left, right or both, but only if something is in those hands
  v5.3.0 (2023-11-29)
    - added boundary return if character ends up outside hunting area
    - added option to double cast on fog options when returning from the Rift
    - added support for warcry holler buff
    - fixed bug in stand method when command is an array
    - fixed command to standardize to downcase
    - fixed bug in head/tail looting where the leader wasn't waiting for the follower to loot
    - removed $bigshot_briar in favor of Spell[9105]
    - added toggle to check for favor before using voln symbol on hunting tab
    - expanded need_to_loot method for 1108 kills
    - added escape for temporal rift
    - added eachtarget command that attacks each creature in the room eg. (eachtarget force incant 917 until 101 (once), incant 903 (x10))
    - removed change log comments before 5.0.0 and updated wiki
  v5.2.2 (2023-11-21)
    - bugfix causing bs_wander to delay 0.5 seconds longer than needed
    - added Roa'ter and Ooze escape check in bs_wander
  v5.2.1 (2023-11-15)
    - add new efury, caststop, and wield cmd
    - redo unravel/barddispel cmd
  v5.2.0 (2023-10-02)
    - general adjustment to group hunting
    - additions to group looting for exclude individuals as well as allowing for changing looter based on encumbrance
    - changes to try and prevent leaving stray bandits
    - update to prevent targeting 709 arms
    - allows multiple rally rooms just separate with commas
    - added multiple return room waypoints
    - added support for ranger tracking. Usage ;bigshot <options> <creature> example: ;bigshot single giant rat
  v5.1.10 (2023-09-28)
    - bugfix for ;bigshot quick occassionally stopping when another character enters the room
    - changed BIGSHOT_VERSION variable to pull version from title block
    - bugfix for display output
  v5.1.9 (2023-09-24)
    - fix to debug variable being hard set at launch to false.
    - add CLI debug option to toggle debug value between true/false.
  v5.1.8 (2023-09-18)
    - add acid & steam to incant 518 allowances in cmd_spell
  v5.1.7 (2023-09-16)
    - bugfix wracking not considering active COL signs
    - added RT check for wand method
  v5.1.6 (2023-09-12)
    - bugfix for cmd_force when target has 115
  v5.1.5 (2023-08-30)
    - bugfix for calling escape_rooms for tail
  v5.1.4 (2023-08-30)
    - bugfix for Roa'ter and Ooze escape for head/tail
  v5.1.3 (2023-08-26)
    - add 335/Divine Wrath cooldown check in cmd_spell to not cast
    - change cmd_spell to use Spell.force_incant for incanted spells instead of bs_put
  v5.1.2 (2023-08-21)
    - fix incorrect regex match for mighty blow
  v5.1.1 (2023-08-14)
    - fix missing regex match for censer command check
  v5.1.0 (2023-08-07)
    - add ooze_escape for getting out of Ooze, Innards in HW.
  v5.0.0 (2023-7-19)
    - move method spell_is_selfcast? inside Bigshot class
    - corrected deadmans typo
    - moved Setup class outside main Bigshot block
    - renamed various methods to snake case
    - removed changlog notes older than 4.17.0 and updated changelog on wiki
    - bugfix for bearhug complete_regex and in the command check
    - retry RT commands for warrior and rogue guild cmans
    - added rooted to status check
    - bugfix in check_target_vitals
    - bugfix in cast_signs undefined method `=~' for false:FalseClass
  v4.17.6 (2023-07-11)
    - will perform one final loot call if OOM, bounty complete, dread, or fried before resting
    - bugfix in cast signs for KS+Mental Acuity Monk
  v4.17.5 (2023-07-05)
    - Added support for MA hunting single loop
  v4.17.4 (2023-06-29)
    - Expanded UCS followup attack tracking to work with PSM attacks.
    - Added UCS tier command checks  tier3, !tier3, ect.
  v4.17.3 (2023-06-24)
    - Added support for sneaking while hunting.
  v4.17.2 (2023-06-21)
    - Added missing regex for fury completion.
  v4.17.1 (2023-06-13)
    - Reconfigure assume aspect
    - Removed check that could cause nerves to get blown.
    - Added cman ki focus
  v4.17.0 (2023-06-04)
    - Skip infomon.lic check if on newer Lich versions
  v4.16.3 (2023-05-20)
    - Update for groupcheck to strip XML from $grouplist
  v4.16.2 (2023-05-19)
    - Update for GROUP output display
  v4.16.1 (2023-05-16)
    - Add burst of swiftness
  v4.16.0 (2023-04-06)
    - Add bard command unravel to dispel and stop
    - Add bard command barddispel to dispel single spell from target
    - Add once command check to perform a command one time on a specific target only. Resets on room change.
    - bugfix for barrange and using bolts
  v4.15.6 (2023-04-04)
    - Add cman sbash to cmans as was missing
  v4.15.5 (2023-03-15)
    - Rubocop cleanup
    - replace script.vars with Script.current.vars
  v4.15.4 (2023-03-13)
    - add additional missing 709 arms to exclude for NPCs check
  v4.15.3 (2023-03-02)
    - bugfix for cmd_shields
  v4.15.2 (2023-03-01)
    - bugfix to allow cmd_weapons to work if using more than base Mnemonic
    - bugfix to allow cmd_shields to work if using more than base Mnemonic
    - bugfix to allow cmd_cmans to work if using more than base Mnemonic
    - bugfix to allow cmd_bearhug to work if using more than base Mnemonic
    - bugfix to allow cmd_rogue_cmans to work if using more than base Mnemonic
  v4.15.1 (2023-02-18)
    - initial bugfix(s) for Ruby 3.x compliance
    - fix for exiting cmd_force if command check fails on cmd
  v4.15.0 (2023-02-18)
    - add tonis/1035 command
    - bugfix to not try to pull dead people up
  v4.14.8 (2023-02-11)
    - moved bounty check to after looting to avoid excessive game feed
  v4.14.7 (2023-02-09)
    - added missing room claim check
  v4.14.6 (2023-02-06)
    - fix head/tail issues with claim
    - cleaned up also here detection
    - cleaned up cast_signs to not spam song status for bards
  v4.14.5 (2023-02-03)
    - regex fix for hunt monitor claim_room
    - fix in bs_wander method for 'approach lone target only'
  v4.14.4 (2023-02-02)
    - fix second target aquisition to use valid_targets?
    - fix odd issue that would cause you to loot existing corpses in specific scenarios.
  v4.14.3 (2023-02-01)
    - fixed bigshot quick group room claim
    - fixed regex to prevent attacks from removing people from claim
  v4.14.2 (2023-01-31)
    - updates to room claim system ;e UserVars.show_claim = true/false to echo when room is claimed.
  v4.14.1 (2023-01-28)
    - bugfix for GTK display if old settings contained integer for certain fields
    - bugfix to allow cmd_assault to work if using more than Mnemonic (ie fury punch)
    - add new regex result for cmd_cmans for sattack
    - remove spam/unspam as waitrt?/waitcastrt? updated in Lich5 to be faster by default
  v4.14.0 (2023-01-25)
    - add new slayer command for 240
    - fix for wander_wait to use should_flee?
  v4.13.18 (2023-01-24)
    - introduced room claim system to prevent poaching.
  v4.13.17 (2023-01-23)
    - move wander_wait to prevent poaching
  v4.13.16 (2023-01-21)
    - added support to rest for debuffs: Wall of Thorn Poison, Confusion, Creeping Dread, and Crushing Dread
  v4.13.15 (2023-01-12)
    - Add 1650 cooldown check for cast_signs
  v4.13.14 (2023-01-12)
    - add bounty check while resting and in bounty mode
  v4.13.13 (2022-12-03)
    - add bounty check while resting and in bounty mode
  v4.13.12 (2022-12-01)
    - reset bounty_eval when bounty complete
    - bounty mode will only exit if bounty is complete or child present
  v4.13.10 (2022-11-30)
    - bug fix for comparison of bonded weapon return
  v4.13.9 (2022-11-30)
    - bug fix for extra kills not being in monsterbold
  v4.13.8 (2022-11-18)
    - convert directory lookups to File.join to prevent OS pathname issues
    - bug fix for poaching on rally_point and starting room
    - bug fix for cmd_assume
    - fix for cmd_hide using bs_put instead of fput
    - bug fix to create UserVars.op on first run
    - remove message() override color and update calls to use yellow to retain previous coloring
  v4.13.7 (2022-11-14)
    - bugfix for overkill hunting
  v4.13.6 (2022-11-10)
    - rearranged command tab for clarity
    - removed profile checkboxes for ebounty, not needed
    - added bounty_eval to support bounty mode and ebounty completion
  v4.13.5 (2022-11-7)
    - bug fix for MA looter
  v4.13.4 (2022-11-7)
    - bug fix for split, buff, and other checks
  v4.13.3 (2022-11-7)
    - bug fix for censure command
  v4.13.2 (2022-11-5)
    - added support to designate a looter for head/tail operations: See Misc tab
    - added check for ...wait issue on routines
    - reorganized the commands a little more to help with troubleshooting
  v4.13.1 (2022-11-03)
    Typo fixes in cman regex
  v4.13.0 (2022-11-03)
    Added profile support to UI
    Changed file save location
    /scripts/bigshot_profiles to Lich5/data/GSIV/<charname>/bigshot_profiles.  
    Lich5/data/GSIV/Rinualdo/bigshot_profiles as an example.
    Existing profiles will need to be resaved or migrated over. 
    Added standard Lich messaging functionality 
    Reorganized UI menu and locations
    Code cleanup.
    Support for future (RSN) ebounty script
    Fix to allow 640 blocked attacks to work for wait_for_attack
    Fix to only account for renewal mana if bard and have renewal costs
    Support for uid's for hunting and resting
    Fix for percent_mind to more accurately gauge current mind full status
  v4.12.12 (2022-10-28)
    Fix for waitcastrt? before commands unless command can be executed during castrt
    Fix for quickhunt targets when given an attack routine
  v4.12.11 (2022-09-18)
    Fixed calls to kill hunting scripts started with args
  v4.12.10 (2022-08-21)
    Added tumbleweed to list of tangleweed nouns
  v4.12.9 (2022-08-08)
    Bugfix for 9625/burst of swiftness
  v4.12.8 (2022-08-07)
    Added support for Burst of Swiftness. 9625 in society box.
    Added kneeling command check (k) (!k)
    Will no longer attempt to stand when hidden and kneeling.
  v4.12.7 (2022-07-27)
    Added checkbox to opt out of mstrike on unarmed combat.  
  v4.12.6 (2022-07-24)
    Gave frozen it's own command check
    Expanded support for dislodge firing only on specific locations.
    Commented out ammo gathering.
  v4.12.5 (2022-07-21)
    Fixed shield bash to work for both shield and cman skills.
    1040 now has a checkbox to auto shout if you or group member could benefit.
    Will no longer pull kneeling people to their feet.
    Will no longer attempt to pull the dead to their feet.
  v4.12.4 (2022-07-01)
    Add command check for tailwind.
    Fixed briar command with briar weapon in off hand of twc.
    Fixed bigshot quick standing around waiting for mana.
  v4.12.3 (2022-07-01)
    Add check to deadman's switch to only work in Shattered.
  v4.12.2 (2022-06-08)
    Add checks for Divergence cooldown spells for hunting tab abilities/spells/cmans
    Changed boon detection to look at gameobj-data.xml TYPE instead of hardcoded name adjective check
  v4.12.1 (2022-06-01)
    Add SSR to force results check
    Add additional weed/kweed for Tangle Weed 610
    Adjusted hunt logic to prevent fleeing when someone enters.
  v4.12.0 (2022-05-24)
    Update various GameObj.npcs to use GameObj.targets
    Add familiar gate(930) as a fog option
    Add cmd_leech to cast Mana Leech/516
    Fix for spell cleave cman to not attempt if on cooldown
  v4.11.4 (2022-05-20)
    Fix for cmd_ambush to switch to attack if not hidden
    Update flee_message tooltip to state uses XML feed not plain text
  v4.11.3 (2022-05-01)
    Fixed dhurl with the new aim messaging
    Adjusted location of waitrt in command checks
    Changed do_hunt() to use no_players() instead of no_players_hunt() to prevent poaching in first room of the hunt.
  v4.11.2 (2022-04-29)
    Added a waitrt? to cmd_spell routine.
  v4.11.1 (2022-04-23)
    Fixed bug with cast_signs() assuming bards are always singing.
    Cleaned up RoaterEscape(), it will now open containers to look for dagger type weapon.
	Roater's and Rift Crawlers are pretty much identical in this aspect. No changes needed to work for both.
    Added waitrt? to command checks to prevent check from clearing while in rt from previous move.
  v4.11.0 (2022-04-15)
    Adjusted hide to specify number of attempts to try and hide if failing: hide 2   
	Added Swift Justice tracking command check: (justice) (!justice) to use skill when swift justice has charges or has no charges.
  v4.10.1 (2022-04-04)
    Update consecrate to not return from hunt if blessing a sanctified weapon
  v4.10.0 (2022-04-02)
    Fixed pummel buff check from crushing blows to concussive blows.
    Added stomp command for Tremors.
  v4.9.0 (2022-03-24)
    Added support for briar weapons. Will check for buff and check status of weapons charge.
    Added support for assume aspect. Will alternate between aspects or evoke for one aspect.
    Added support for cman stance perfection. Put 10,20,30,ect in attack stance box.
    Fixed dhurl command knowing weapon auto returned from bond.		
  v4.8.7 (2022-03-12)
    Fixed mstrike cooldown and debuff checks.
    Added Barkskin cooldown support. Add 605 to your society abilities box.
    Added song renewal mana cost check to cast_signs()
    Fix for animated slushes registering as animates
    Added (censer) command check to attempt a 320 before the command.
    Added hurl command. Will hurl and recover item.
    Fix familiar check to not cause familiar to return  
  v4.8.6 (2022-03-10)
    Fixed conflict with 1040 and warcry shout. Simply '1040' to use 1040 not shout 1040.
    Fixed missing msg from bullrush and forced prone check for bullrush/twin weapon.
    Update for disk detection of group members
  v4.8.5 (2022-03-10)
    Added attempt mana pulse on 130 fog option if not enough mana
  v4.8.4 (2022-03-08)
    Fixed 9605 in society box, integrated surge in hunting commands.
    Added command switch to refresh buffs based on duration.
  v4.8.3 (2022-03-08)
    Fixed global variable call for standing
  v4.8.2 (2022-03-08)
    Added version check for Infomon due to new Effects/Cmans
  v4.8.1 (2022-03-08)
    Added version check for Lich due to new Effects/Cmans
  v4.8.0 (2022-03-07)
    Integrated weapon/shield/cman skills and warcries.
    barrage(!barrage) will only barrage if you don't have the buff
    bellow all, will aoe bellow vs bellow target, will single target bellow
  v4.7.7 (2022-03-02)
    Add option to Stop for Deaders on Hunting tab
    When enabled, bigshot will PAUSE when it encounters a dead player
  v4.7.6 (2022-03-02)
    Updated Fog options to include Sigil of Escape
  v4.7.5 (2022-02-02)
    Updated needs bless logic to to remove false positives (most cases)
  v4.7.4 (2022-01-29)
    Updated target logic to ignore sorcerer animates.
    Updated loot subroutine to flag looting active - prevent BS from forcing stand
  v4.7.3 (2022-01-25)
    Updated bless routines to current text and provide option to continue hunt.
    Disabled default startup sound value. Uncomment print "\a" unless $bigshot_quick if function is desired.
  v4.7.2 (2021-12-14)
    Updated GTK version detection for proper display in dark-mode
  v4.7.1 (2021-12-12)
     Adding bigshot single run mode accessed via ;bigshot single  
  v4.7.0 (2021-08-11)
    -Updated group and event namespace to prevent future conflicts
    -Consolidated Changelog and updated it on the GS wiki
  v4.6.0 (2021-08-06)
    -Separated bigshot_monitor to only run while hunting (to resolve lag in very active rooms)
    -Added initial automatic weapon reactions
  v4.5.0 (2021-06-25)
    -Add fog only if encumbered or injured checkbox
  v4.4.0 (2021-06-25)
    -Add flee from voids option to general tab
  v4.3.4 (2021-05-29)
    -Updated UAC mstrike to always use tier3 for auto-tiering
  v4.3.3 (2021-05-12)
    -Revise GTK3 check to be more compatible with older versions of GTK that don't support Gtk::Version calls
  v4.3.2 (2021-05-02)
    -Updated Etheral Censer to be used in signs based on the cooldown refreshes
  v4.3.1 (2021-04-30)
    -Added regex for stance changing when using STANCE VERBOSE
  v4.3.0 (2021-04-13)
    -Add flee from boon/boss/glamour mobs checkbox on attacking tab
  v4.2.4 (2021-03-02)
    -Fix cast roundtime regex match for chan
  v4.2.3 (2021-02-10)
    -Fixes cman's to be usable with the force until option.
  v4.2.2 (2021-01-19)
    -Fix for certain values getting set when opening GUI, overwriting own settings
  v4.2.1 (2021-01-12)
    -Fixed stand() def to not stand if xbow kneel/fire
    -Update buffer check for SMR result txt
  v4.2.0 (2021-01-03)
    -Removed 1617 from forced stance change
    -Added customizable interaction monitoring panel
  v4.1.1 (2020-12-31)
    -Added cleanup from selfcast check in bigshot PR #374
    -Included v3.93 updates
    -Added loot room option when no loot script is defined
    -Migrated v3 changelog to gswiki
    -Updated Version Control
  v4.1 (2020-12-31)
    -Added GTK2/GTK3 dual logic for compatability
  v4.0 (2020-08-13)
    -Fix for ambush (Head/Neck/Eyes), no longer get stuck ambushing a head/neck over and over
    -Archery Updates
       Change aim location based on target actual status
       BUGFIX:Aiming should now actually function as intended when switching targets
       --TODO!Crossbows should now work with Bigshot, see pre-fire commands for details
    -Group logic changes
       Followers can now stay in the resting area and wait to run scripts/commands until leader is done
          To do this, have the leader disband before running their scripts. With quiet followers selected
          Followers attempt to not execute scripts/actions until the leader is in the rest area with them (regardless of disband)
       Quiet Followers can be toggled off (not recommended)
       Followers will now wait to cast signs until hunt is about to begin
       Leader will no longer begin hunt until all followers are present and ready to go
       --TODO!Leader will wait at rallypoint for entire group to arrive before moving to hunt starting room
            If this feature is selected, the leader will not wait to hunt when at hunt starting room after rallypoint check
       BUGFIX:Fix for fatal recursion cause by obvious hiding players
       --TODO!Group should move more intelligently when seeking leader if group is broken
       BUGFIX:Group will now be more responsive to commands
    -Major UCS updates
        BUGFIX:Will now use Tier 3 attack when tiered up to 3 and no follow up available for everything, not just jab
        BUGFIX:Updates to UCS Mstrike, should no longer do open mstrikes when at or below threshhold instead of targetted mstrike
        UCS mstrike threshold merged with MStrike tab threshold
        --Still to be done: Per creature tier ups
    -Bigshot now has the ability to turn some individual checks on and off
          Functionality allows for custom hunting scripts to be built using Bigshot logic
          Added ability to send custom "fput" to Group
          Added ability to send custom "client_put" to Group
  v3.92 (2020-07-08)
    -Added LTE support for followers, overkill support for followers, & fried hunting commands for followers
  v3.91 (2020-06-16)
    -Added longterm boost usage option
  v3.90 (2020-05-19)
    -Minor fix to add a delay to 130/sym of return/1020 return option case in RT
  v3.89 (2020-03-28)
    -Crude fix for archery update, BLANK out your ammo & ammo container setting to NOT attempt to get ammo any longer
  v3.88 (2020-03-28)
    -Fixed a bug with obvious_hiding_player detection (Probably, at least)
    -Fixed a bug with poaching when other players are present
    -Cleaned out changelog history after updating wiki
    -Re-organized global variables and requires statements (alphabetized)
    -Added a sleep between resting_commands and hunting_prep_commands to prevent issues
    -Replaced all pause commands with sleep
    -Updated all sleep commands to follow proper syntax
  v3.87 (2020-19-11)
    -Added overkill counter for extra killed monsters
    -Tooltip updates
    -Formatting changes to make script more easily read
  v3.86 (2020-03-11)
    -Added outside & !outside command checks
  v3.85 (2020-02-28)
    -Resolved `block in setup` error when running setup in Fedora
  v3.84 (2020-02-15)
    -Fix a bug with "obvious hiding" players detection
  v3.83 (2020-02-13)
    -Added check for "obvious hiding" players (SET ObviousHiding ON)
  v3.82 (2020-02-02)
    -Added a v & !v command checks for checking spirit
    -Possible fix for FOG_RETURN not loading when doing ;bigshot setup properly
    -Added ;bigshot profile support
      ;bigshot profile load <name here, no spaces>
      ;bigshot profile save <name here, no spaces>
      Allows saving of bigshot profiles as YAML files, saved in your LICH\scripts\bigshot_profiles folder
  v3.81 (2019-09-06)
    -Fix for wands with extra descriptors in hand vs grab name
    -Add 1020 as an option for fleeing
  v3.80 (2019-08-01)
    -Exit cleanly from bounty mode
    -Don't count regenerating troll kings when deciding if there's enough enemies to flee
    -Treat intense shimmering circles like clouds when deciding to flee
    -Don't require Gtk if $bigshot_headless is defined
  v3.79 (2019-05-25)
    -Removed 309 from hardcoded selfcast list
  v3.78 (2019-05-10)
    -Missed a few settings for flying
  v3.77 (2019-05-10)
    -Added flying/!flying as command checks for attacks
  v3.76 (2018-07-04)
    -Fixed INCANT command to respect Spell.stance setting
  v3.75 (2018-07-02)
    -Fix ;bigshot bounty
    -Don't flee from your own group even if they're not hunting
  v3.74 (2018-04-30)
    -Added water as option for cmd_spell extra variable
  v3.73 (2018-04-22)
    -Add flee from webs option
    -Add 917 to not stance offensive if using incant
  v3.72 (2017-10-10)
    -Fix bug in berserk
  v3.71 (2017-10-08)
    -Attack line now recognizes "wand" by itself
    -Fix GameObjAdd autostart
  v3.70 (2017-09-28)
    -Fix download loop of GameObjAdd.lic
  v3.69 (2016-09-20)
    -Wont stance offensive for the spell 703 anymore
    -Fixes for delayed looting
    -option to pull players to there feet, Defaults to on
      -Only pulls the player to there feet if their is an aggressive npc in the room with them
  v3.68 (2016-09-14)
    -option to stance defensive before looting if not all the creatures in room are dead
    -wracking option now will use "Symbol of Mana" for voln peoples :)
    -Performs the bless routine if needed when you wander or go to rest now
    -Added a delayed looting option
      -skips looting when creature still alive in the room or its been less than 15 seconds since the last creature died
    -Will now try to escape from the inside of a roa'ter if you get swallowed
  v3.67 (2016-08-31)
    -Optimization for priority checks, wont run that section of code so often anymore.
    -Manual aiming for unarmed combat routine. Command is "unarmed <punch/kick/grapple/jab> <aim location>"
      -Will swap to the default aiming when you can't reach what your aiming at or its already missing.
  v3.66 (2016-08-29)
    -Only checks for group members if there are other pcs in the room
    -Won't loot in the Duskruin Arena anymore
  v3.65 (2016-08-28)
    -Fixes for targeting, fleeing, and priority targeting
      -This should let bigshot work in the duskruin arena
  v3.64 (2016-08-23)
    -Changed Celerity option to only recast if you have less than 3 seconds left
    -Changed so it doesn't change into your attacking stance before casting
    -Changed Fog return option to be an option pulldown instead of a checkbox, defaults to None
  v3.63 (2016-08-23)
    -Added option to use Celerity (506) for any command.
      -Will cast if you dont have it on you or you have less than 6 seconds or so left on haste.
      -Just add haste or 506 to the front of any command you want it to be cast before.
      -example: "506 kill target" or "haste kill target(x3),525(pcs)"
  v3.62 (2016-08-23)
    -UAC Mstrike no longer will ignore the number of creatures in the room in some instances.
    -Option to flee the room when player-defined message from the game happen
      -Check the Attacking tab for box to input your text
    -Fixed issue with bigshot not targeting "do not count these" targets
    -Fixed issue with force command until # not working correctly
  v3.61 (2016-08-15)
    -Fix for new fogging option triggering at weird times.
  v3.60 (2016-08-15)
    -Fix for ;bigshot quick not working correctly when you dont have any quickhunt targets.
    -Option to use Spirit Guide (130) or Voln Symbol of Return when going to rest. Option is on Rest Tab.
  v3.59 (2016-08-13)
    -To prevent me having to duplicate code, Bigshot will now download GameObjAdd.lic and make it autostart
    -Spells should no longer target npcs when they are meant to target you. Let me know if something happens otherwise.
  v3.58 (2016-08-07)
    -companions and familiars should now be excluded from fleeing and targeting stuff
    -companions and familiars count for poaching checks now just like a disk does
      -this check only works for solo hunters, group bigshot hunters will ignore this
    -Ambushers that are part of your group should no longer trigger the poaching routine
    -Bigshot will on first run for a Ranger with a companion set your companion to a variable.
      -You can reset this variable with ;bigshot ranger or ;bigshot companion
  v3.57 (2016-08-04)
    -Bigshot won't consider arms(709) and demons(725) as room creatures for targeting or fleeing purposes
    -Priority should now ignore some NPCs when it does its calculations
  v3.56 (2016-08-02)
    -Think I have all the Reim mobs handled
    -Fix for Multi-account hunting...oops
    -other minor tweaks
  v3.55 (2016-07-31)
    -Target tracking for Aura of the Arkati (1614). Wont cast again on something that is affected.
    -More Reim creatures added, Still missing creatures from the gypsy camp probably, celestial types
    -New Command check: noncorporeal - Will see if current creature is non-corporeal undead
    -New Command check: pcs - Will check for other non-grouped players in the room
  v3.54 (2016-07-30)
    -REIM! Quick update for some support for reim creatures
    -Smite tracks individual mobs now, So if you switch creatures before killing it, will smite the new one
    -Fixed the lag issue
  v3.53 (2016-07-29)
    -Incant should now work for any incant combination
    -Bless can now bless two weapons that lose bless in same attack
  v3.52 (2016-07-27)
    -Changed variable tracking to be downstream hook instead of exec script
      -Please let me know if anything doesn't work like it did in the previous versions
    -Tracking added for Corrupt Essence (703), will no longer repeatedly cast and waste that precious mana
      -You can also cast it open as "incant 703 open"
    -Added flee from vines option to first tab of ;bigshot setup
  v3.51 (2016-07-25)
    -Special coding for 1700. Wont stance offensive for "incant 1700", Will stance offensive for "incant 1700 evoke"
    -Fix for ;Bigshot quick not working when your quickhunt targets was empty
  v3.50 (2016-07-24)
    -Untargetable and Targetable lists now use the name instead of noun. Option to clear these so they can start fresh using ;bigshot reset. This will fix the issue for being unable to target guards in warcamps.
    -Targetable and Untargetable are now listed in ;bigshot display
    -Fix for Head/Tail Routine. Head wasn't waiting for the tail members to join bigshot group.
  v3.49 (2016-07-24)
    -Updated berserk to use Spell.cast functionality, should now use STOP BERSERK when no alive mobs in the room.
    -Command check added for poison and disease
    -Fixed some options that were out of place, oops
    -Tail should now use scripts when performing pre-hunt commands
    -Head should wait for tails to be out of RT before heading to rest now
    -Incant should no longer fry your nerves when you dont have enough mana.
    -Changed incant to use wands when you dont have enough mana.
      -Also checks your target before incanting, so you always target the correct creature
    -Changed wand routine to be able to use multiple wand types, "use this wand type" now takes comma seperated wands "use this wand type" example: "aquamarine wand, bloodwood wand, etc"
    -Changed incant, spell and wand routines to return to attack stance option instead of stance defensive.
    -Fixed bug with bless routine, maybe
    -Option to use Voln SMITE in UAC routine now, instead of always doing it.
  v3.48 (2016-07-20)
    -Added Consecrate(1604) to bless routine
    -Quickhunt targets code update and fixes
    -Made bless work with identical weapons
  v3.47 (2016-07-19)
    -fix for blessing weapons
  v3.46 (2016-07-19)
    -now tries to pull someone to their feet when they are lying down/kneeling/etc.
    -Rewrote the bless option to bless anything that runs out of a bless.
      -Now located on Attacking Tab as a checkbox
      -Returns you to your resting area if you can't bless things.
    -Added a priority targeting option to hunting tab.
      -Will switch target based on the order of your valid targets, whenever its attacking.
    -Added Quickhunt targets, These always are first in terms of priority (Quickhunt targets, room targets)
    -You can use the (a)|(b)|(etc) in here instead of just the Quickhunt routine every time.
  v3.45 (2016-07-09)
    -better code for checking for an escort, less error prone now (:
    -fixed rare issue with ambusher jumping out of hiding just as go to move and it screwing up bigshot
    -UAC Bless option changed so that you can leave it blank and it wont stop hunting. Has tooltip explaining different options.
  v3.44 (2016-07-01)
    -Fix for the fix for the fix!!
    -Added a check for spell 608 to skip if already hidden
    -Added hidden and !hidden a command check, hidden only works when your hiding, !hidden when your not hiding
  v3.43 (2016-07-01)
    -Fix for the Fix :(
  v3.42 (2016-06-30)
    -Fix for mob command check due to recent change
    -Optimized the escort npc check
  v3.41 (2016-06-30)
    -Fixed Head/Tail bigshot hunting
  V3.40 (2016-06-30)
    -Mstrike will now cast 1107 and 1607 when appropriate
    -Quick Hunting mode tweaked so that it works when your in a group, or in a room that isn't mapped
    -added inverse command checks, put a ! in front of the command check, i.e kill(!h60)
    -Doesn't count escorts anymore for NPC checks
  V3.39 (2016-06-26)
    -Quick Hunting mode added - Just start bigshot with the variable quick - ;bigshot quick
      -Quick Mode overrides your currently setup targets and targets the current room npcs
      -Wandering, Fleeing and Resting is disabled
      -Bigshot exits when no NPCS found in room
      -Uses Quick Hunting Commands
    -Supports up to 10 (A-J) different attack routines now.
      -Moved all the attack routines to new tab, Commands
    -Moved few options to the attacking tab
  v3.38 (2016-06-25)
    -added command check for target not being prone or target being undead
      -current checks are mana/stamina/health(percentage)/encumbrance/unarmed tiering/mobs in room/target not prone/target undead
      -m/s/h/e/tier/mob/prone/undead respectively
      -Prone means target is sleeping|webbed|stunned|kneeling|sitting|lying down|prone|frozen|held in place
  v3.37 (2016-06-24)
    -can now have two or more checks for a command. i.e kill(mob3 s20 h80) 3 mobs in room, stamina is above 20, health is above 80%
      -must all be inside the () and seperated with a space
      -current checks are mana/stamina/health(percentage)/encumbrance/unarmed tiering/mobs in room
      -m/s/h/e/tier/mob respectively
  v3.36 (2016-06-23)
    -Added option for adjusting wander time between rooms (Found on Hunting Map Tab)
  v3.35 (2016-06-14)
    -Added option for attacks to only trigger when certain number of creatures are in the room.
      -Just add (mob#) to the attack you want to do
    -Fixes for unarmed combat getting stalled
    -Now attempts to soothe (1205) when appropriate
  v3.34 (2016-06-08)
    -Added aiming for archery to the Hunting tab in setup.
      -Will change location once you stick the place your aiming at, looping until the creature is dead
    -Made gathering ammo a bit more specific about what its grabbing and where its putting it. 
      -Also works with bolts and darts now if you gathered things to the ground.
  v3.33 (2016-06-06)
    -Fix for creatures leaving room and script getting stuck (Hopefully)
    -Fix for loot script activating during roundtime
    -Fix for issue with targeting using creatures name or noun
  v3.32 (2016-06-02)
    -Changed aiming for UAC to continue until if finds something you can hit or just hits them like normal
    -Added Voln Smite to command, use Smite in your hunting commands
    -Rewrote Ambush again! Now has the option to pick locations you want to ambush at on the hunting page
      -Also supports it from the hunting command i.e. "ambush head"
      -If left blank without picking any options in setup will default to Head, Right Leg, Left Leg, Chest
  v3.31 (2016-06-02)
    -Changed up the ambush command so it ambushes what you said to ambush first, then attempts right leg, left leg, then chest
    -Added an option to trigger the mstrike during UAC combat, other MSTRIKE options apply
    -Few fixes to MSTRIKE routine, now checks number of creatures in room as an equal or greater
    -Fixed bug caused when doing commands like "stance for and kill target"
  Edits by Hazado: (2016-06-01)
  V3.3 (2016-06-01)
    -Added UAC combat! Start it with hunting command "unarmed punch/jab/kick/grapple"
    -Added options for UAC in setup
    -Added options for MSTRIKEing in setup
    -Rewrote MSTRIKE routine
    -can now check mana/stamina/health(percentage)/encumbrance/unarmed tiering inside the hunting commands
    -Changed wander routine to hit every room in area instead of random wandering
  Edits by Zhiart: (2016-03-25)
    -Added new ambush command for legging a critter and then go for the head as long as they are prone (Code by SashaFierce)
  v3.2 (2/27/2016)
    -Added changes to fix incant loot issues (might work)
    -Added ability to detect renaming of bigshot without destroying exec scripts
    -Converted exec scripts to strings to allow =>quiet
  Edits by Kalros: (2015-11-2015)
    -Fixed Disk poaching.
    -Fixed First room poaching.
    -Removed group poaching logic.
    -Ambush detection via Exec Script.  It will leave the room if it detects an ambush line.
    -Rewrote and updated wander targeting sections. Fixes some target related bugs.
    -Moved WAIT command to exec to prevent line buffer issues and make more responsive
  3.0 (2015-05-30):
  stop trying to attack monsters that aren't in the room (wild guess, untested)
  bumped version up from 2.12052012 to 3.0, because 2.12052012 is a stupid version format
  added message to trust script