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Lich:Script Go2 is a third party script and is not maintained by Simutronics. Simutronics is not responsible for the accuracy of the information presented on this page, nor is it liable for issues stemming from the use of the application on players' personal devices.

This script makes long and short journeys easy. It is powered by a database of 18,677 rooms with 42,695 known movements connecting those rooms (as of 10-2-2010, for Gemstone IV). Some of those movements include tasks such as navigating a mazes, dealing with slippery ice, or waiting in line to use a rope bridge. It includes a large list of common locations in each town, and takes you to the closest one. For example typing ";go2 bank" will take you to whatever bank is closest to you.

If a room's RNUM is known, typing ";go2 RNUM" will usually take you there, unless the room is locked/latched or the room is in an area for which access is otherwise restricted (such as the private areas of a house or private home). As an example, in Wehnimer's Landing, the RNUM for the room just outside of the Grocer is 295, and so typing ";go2 295" would take you there. Other common terms used for "RNUM" are "Lich#" or "Lich ID". Go2 supports SimuIDs in addition to LichIDs, via u in front, so ;go2 u7120 will take you to Town Square Center in Whenimer's Landing

Ingame Help Output

Usage: ;go2 help
--- Lich: go2 active.
[go2: input: help]

   ;go2 <target>               Takes you where you want to go using your saved options.
   ;go2 goback                   Takes you back to the room your last go2 started in.
   ;go2 <options> <target>     Takes you where you want to go, using the given options
                                    instead of your saved options.
   ;go2 <options>              Saves the given options.
   ;go2 setup                  Brings up GUI for Lich5 users with most of the commands below
   --hide_room_descriptions=<on|off>       When 'on', turns room descriptions off for traveling
   --hide_room_titles=<on|off>             When 'on', turns room titles off for traveling
   --echo_input=<on|off>                   When 'on', echos the script input from when the script was called

      target may be a room number, a custom target, a built-in target,
       or part of a room title or room description.

     --typeahead=<#>                         Sets the number of typeahead lines to use.
     --delay=<#>                             Sets the delay in seconds between movements
                                              (disables typeahead).
     --get-silvers=<on|off>                  Sets if go2 has permission to access your bank
     --get-return-trip-silvers=<on|off>      Sets if go2 should withdraw enough silvers to
                                              return from your destination room to your starting room.
     --ice-mode=<auto|wait|run>              Sets how go2 should deal with rooms that make
                                              you slip and fall.
     --stop-for-dead=<on|off>                Pauses the script if you pass a dead person.
     --shortcut=<on|off>                     Sets if the shortcut to Ta'Vaalor should be used.
                                              (climbing and/or simming needed)
     --use-seeking=<on|off>                  Sets if go2 should use Voln symbol of seeking
                                              when it will shorten your trip.
     --use-urchins=<on|off>                  Sets if go2 should use urchin guides
                                              when it will shorten your trip.
     --use-portmasters=<on|off>              Sets if go2 should use portmasters
                                              when it will shorten your trip.
     --use-day-pass=<on|off>                 Use a Chronomage day pass to travel between towns in the
                                              same zone if you have one.
     --buy-day-pass=<on|off|locations>       Buy a Chronomage day pass if you don't have an unexpired
                                              one.  get-silvers will also need to be turned on if you
                                             want to buy one without gold ring credits.  If you only
                                             want to buy passes for certain locations, specify the
                                              locations like so:
                                              ;go2 --buy-day-pass=wl,imt;imt,wl;imt,sol;ill,val;ill,cys
     --day-pass-container=<container name>   Sets the container where you keep your day passes
     --instability=<room number>             Use the instability at the given room number to get into
                                              the Elementla Confluence instead of finding an attuned one.
     --fwi-trinket=<trinket name>            Use a FWI trinket to get to/from FWI
     --fwi-trinket=<off>                       Stop using a FWI trinket
     --caravan-to-sos=<on|off>                 Use the caravan to travel to the Sanctum of Scales
     --caravan-from-sos=<on|off>               Use the caravan to travel back from the Sanctum of Scales

   other commands:

      ;go2 save new name=<target>      <Saves> a custom target.  target can be the same
                                          as before, or "current" for your current room
      ;go2 delete custom target        Deletes a saved custom target.
      ;go2 list                          Shows your settings and custom targets.
      ;go2 targets                       Shows the built-in targets.

--- Lich: go2 has exited..

Most of the contained functions can also be configured via the in game GUI

;go2 setup

Ingame Screenshot

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