Light-robed erithian woman

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The light-robed erithian woman is a NPC in Ta'Vaalor that invites adventurers.


Hujing is a young erithian of the Yachan Dai.  Her hair is straight and reddish grey, fringing a hairless skull, and her flawless skin is almost translucently pale.  Although she walks with quiet pride, she draws her ivory silken robe closer around whenever the city bustle draws too near.


>ask Hujing about dream
Hujing says, "My sister hides in the lair of dreams, and her power is illusion."

>ask Hujing about katana
Hujing says, "You will find what you seek in my sister's realm."

>ask woman about lair
Hujing says, "Her lair is hidden and guarded by many tricks and puzzles."

>ask Hujing about quest
Hujing smiles and says, "Many seek this quest, but the challenge is to overcome the obstacles with honor."

>ask Hujing about ronan
Hujing says, "My sister inhabits a small corner of Ronan's realm.  Her powers are less than his, but similar in nature."

>ask woman about sister
Hujing says, "My sister hides in the lair of dreams, and her power is illusion."

>ask Hujing about tuber
Hujing says, "She has always had a weakness for truffles."

Room Messaging

Hujing recites:

    "Dreams are for holding,
     Keeping, clutching, and seizing
     Never to let go."

Hujing recites:

    "Find he who will teach,
     And a strong maker of blades,
     Nothing so easy."

Hujing recites:

    "How can you reach that
     Which is just beyond contact?
     The wet holds a clue."

Hujing recites:

    "Offerings for her,
     Alone in a wooded shrine,
     Quite fond of tubers."

Hujing recites:

    "Kindred of foxes,
     And like vulpines her slyness,
     Tread not the wrong path."

Hujing recites:

    "Blade most desired,
     Crafted of dreams for heroes,
     Not unworthy souls."

Hujing recites:

    "Stay home avarice,
     Dream blades are for the seekers,
     Solitary path."

Hujing recites:

    "What then when you find
     This phantom that you pursue
     In another's hands?"