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Drop Rates

Category: Wizards
Topic: Enchanting
Message #: 1896
Author: GS4-ESTILD
Date: 04/10/2017 12:54 AM EDT
Subject: Re: Enchanting times

The assumption that all alchemy components are unlimited and just determined by a random chance is not correct. Many have a limited quantity per day.

GameMaster Estild


Category: Rogues
Topic: Pickpocketing
Message #: 2070
Author: GS4-ILDRAN
Date: 4/6/2008 9:24:08 PM
Subject: Alchemy Items To Become Vulnerable To Theft

IOI: 5

On the evening of April 13th, one week from today, the following alchemical ingredients will become stealable items:

Players should take the proper precautions to avoid loss of items, such as closing containers, obtaining needle traps, and eschewing personal hygiene.

- Ildran