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Common Perfumes

List created from the examples provided by one of the infinite perfume vials that can cycle through available scents. It has since been regularly updated with perfumes sold at recent events, though limited release ones are listed in the bottom section for clarity.

Number Name Scent
1 Wildflowers You have a warm lingering floral scent about you.
2 Roses You have a heady, softly feminine fragrance of wild roses that clings gently to your skin.
3 Spicy Musk You have a rich, warmly spicy scent which clings subtly to your skin.
4 Clean Crisp You have a fresh, crisp scent which clings lightly to your skin.
5 A Cool Soothing Fragrance You have a cool, soothing fragrance about your skin.
6 Honeysuckle You have a heady scent of fragrant honeysuckle flowers about your skin.
7 Lilacs You have a delicate fragrance of lilacs clinging about your skin.
8 Lavender You have a soft fragrance of lavender clinging about your skin.
9 Camellia You have a sweet fragrance of camellias clinging about your skin.
10 Acacia You have the gentle fragrance of acacia clinging to your skin.
11 Ambergris You have the sweet fragrance of ambergris clinging about your skin.
12 Apple You have a sweet, fruity fragrance of apple about your skin.
13 Apple Blossom You have the soft, sweet fragrance of apple blossoms clinging to your skin.
14 Apricot You have the sweet and fruity fragrance of apricot about your skin.
15 Bayberry You have the sweet fragrance of bayberry clinging to your skin.
16 Calypso You have the light, sweet fragrance of calypso about your skin.
17 Carnation You have a sweet fragrance of carnation about your skin.
18 Cucumber You have the fresh fragrance of cucumber clinging to your skin.
19 Freesia You have a sweet fragrance of freesia clinging about your skin.
20 Gardenia You have a sweet fragrance of gardenia clinging about your skin.
21 Heather You have the sweet, herbal fragrance of heather clinging about your skin.
22 Hibiscus You have a sweet fragrance of hibiscus clinging about your skin.
23 Hyacinth You have a sweet fragrance of hyacinth clinging about your skin.
24 Lemongrass You have the light, fresh fragrance of lemongrass clinging about your skin.
25 Lotus Blossom You have a sweet fragrance of lotus blossoms clinging about your skin.
26 Magnolia You have a sweet fragrance of magnolia clinging about your skin.
27 Mango You have the sweet, fruity fragrance of mango about your skin.
28 Myrrh You have the densely sweet fragrance of myrrh about your skin.
29 Opium Blossom You have a sweet fragrance of opium blossoms clinging about your skin.
30 Peach You have a sweet fragrance of peach clinging about your skin.
31 Peony You have a sweet fragrance of peonies clinging about your skin.
32 Sandalwood You have a sweet fragrance of sandalwood clinging about your skin.
33 Sirenflower You have a cloying, sweet fragrance of sirenflowers clinging about your skin.
34 Snowblossom You have the delicate fragrance of snowblossoms about your skin.
35 Strawberry You have a sweet fragrance of strawberries clinging about your skin.
36 Sweet Pea You have a sweet fragrance of sweet pea clinging about your skin.
37 Wood Violet You have a sweet fragrance of wood violets clinging about your skin.
38 Water Lily You have a sweet fragrance of water lilies clinging about your skin.
39 Wisteria You have a sweet fragrance of wisteria clinging about your skin.
40 Rotting Flesh You have a putrid scent of rotting flesh clinging about your skin.
41 Dried Blood You have a horrible scent of dried blood clinging about your skin.
42 Sulphur You have a putrid scent of sulphur clinging about your skin.
43 Burnt Flesh You have a horrible scent of burnt flesh clinging about your skin.
44 Mold You have a putrid scent of mold clinging about your skin.
45 Singed Hair You have a putrid scent of singed hair clinging about your skin.
46 Tropical Bloom You have a sweet fragrance of tropical blooms clinging about your skin.
47 Papaya You have a fruity fragrance of papaya clinging about your skin.
48 Sunflower You have a sweet fragrance of sunflower clinging about your skin.
49 Mimosa You have a sweet fragrance of mimosa clinging about your skin.
50 Pineapple You have a fruity fragrance of pineapple clinging about your skin.
51 Juniper You have a sweet fragrance of juniper clinging about your skin.
52 Ripe Raspberry You have a sweet fragrance of ripe raspberry clinging about your skin.
53 Dragonflower You have a sweet fragrance of dragonflower clinging about your skin.
54 Sweet Aloe You have a delicate fragrance of sweet aloe clinging about your skin.
55 Vanilla Sugar You have a sweet fragrance of vanilla sugar clinging about your skin.
56 Melon You have a sweet fragrance of melon clinging about your skin.
57 Orange You have a fruity fragrance of orange clinging about your skin.
58 White Tea You have a sweet fragrance of white tea clinging about your skin.
59 Ginger You have a sweet fragrance of ginger clinging about your skin.
60 Coconut You have a sweet fragrance of coconut clinging about your skin.
61 Spiced Plum You have a strong fragrance of spiced plum clinging about your skin.
62 Red Currant You have a sweet fragrance of red currant clinging about your skin.
63 Vanilla You have a pure fragrance of vanilla clinging about your skin.
64 Chocolate You have a bittersweet fragrance of chocolate clinging about your skin.
65 Tart Orange You have a tart fragrance of orange clinging about your skin.
66 Bergamot You have a bitter citrus fragrance of bergamot clinging about your skin.
67 Clove You have a warm, spicy fragrance of cloves clinging about your skin.
68 Spicy You have a spicy fragrance clinging about your skin.
69 Astringent Ginger You have an astringent fragrance of ginger clinging about your skin.
70 Anise You have a dark licorice fragrance of anise clinging about your skin.
71 Mint You have a cool, clean fragrance of mint clinging about your skin.
72 Sage You have a green, herbal fragrance of sage clinging about your skin.
73 Cinnamon You have a rich, warm fragrance of cinnamon clinging about your skin.
74 Evergreen You have a rich, earthy scent of evergreen clinging about your skin.
75 Catnip You have the very green and almost minty fragrance of catnip lingering on your skin.
76 Pumpkin Spice You have the scent of cinnamon and cloves mingled with that of roasted pumpkin wafting about you.
77 Watermelon You have the crisp, fresh scent of melon, which is nearly overpowered by the sweetness of the perfume, lingering about you.
78 Pine You have a strong and pungent fragrance, like the sap of a newly cut pine tree, wafting about you.
79 Cedar You have the distinctively earthy scent of cedar clinging to your skin.
80 Thyme You have the scent of thyme, spicy with a vague minty undertone, lingering about you.
81 Sea Breeze You have a soft and subtle fragrance, like that of the ocean layered over the sweetness of tropical flowers, lingering on your skin.
82 Windflower You have a very faint, but sweet scent wreathing you.
83 Honeydew You have the sweet and luscious scent characteristic of honeydew clinging to your skin.
84 Cookie Dough You have the sugary sweet scent of cookie dough mingled with a bitter twinge of chocolate wreathing you.
85 Rosemary You have the fragrant, but woody scent of rosemary lingering about you.
86 Blueberry You have the tart fragrance of blueberries, twinged with a hint of sweetness, clinging to you.
87 Seaweed You have the scent of seaweed, rife with the briny odor of the salty sea, clinging to your skin.
88 Green Tea You have the warm, faintly herbal aroma of green tea wreathing you.
89 Fennel You have the strong, peppery-pine scent of fennel wafting about you.
90 Citrus You have an invigorating and fresh fragrance clinging to your skin, formed of the meshed aromas of orange, lemon, and lime.
91 Jasmine You have the sweetly intoxicating fragrance of jasmine blossoms clinging lightly to your skin.
92 Lemon Peel You have the distinctive scent of lemon, with all the tartness of the fruit itself, wafting about you.
93 Rosewood You have the dusky scent of rosewood, touched with a hint of floral, lingering on your skin.
94 Onion You have the pungent smell of freshly chopped onions radiating from you.
95 Almond You have the scent of roasted almonds clinging to your skin, nutty and touched with a hint of vanilla.
96 Coffee You have the bitter aroma of freshly brewed coffee lingering about you.
97 Dusty Books and Parchment You have the musty odor of old books and parchment scrolls that permeates your hair and clothing.
98 Dill Pickles You have the scent of dill pickles, tart with hints of vinegar and spices, emanating from you.
99 Manure You have the nearly overwhelming stench of manure emanating from you.
100 Passionflower You have the soft, fruity aroma of passionflower floating about you.
101 Nutmeg You have the warm, earthy scent of nutmeg wreathing you.
102 Guava You have the distinctly soft and fruity scent of guava lingering about you.
103 Banana You have the scent of bananas, barely overripe, clinging to your skin.
104 Plum Blossom You have the intoxicating aroma of sweet plum blossoms lingering in a soft cloud of scent about you.
105 Ginger Peach You have the heady scent of ginger mixed with fresh peaches clinging to your skin.
106 Cucumber Melon You have the sharp, clean scent of cucumbers mixed with melons wafting about you.
107 Plumeria You have a uniquely sweet plumeria scent wrapped around you.
108 Pomegranate You have a fruity pomegranate aroma, tinged with an almost tart scent, floating about you.
109 Grapefruit You have the strong, potent scent of grapefruit wreathed around you, its aroma so strong that you can almost taste the sour fruit.
110 Pear You have the honeyed scent of wild yellow pears, freshly plucked from a tree, clinging to your skin.
111 Sandalwood Vanilla You have the distinctive scent of sandalwood mellowed by a touch of sweet vanilla wafting about you.
112 Spring Tide You have a clean fragrance, like the flowery sweet air after a spring rain, clinging to your skin.
113 Garden Bouquet You have a delicate fragrance enshrouding you in a floral mist, which is a medley of rose, hyacinth, freesia, and honeysuckle.
114 Winter's Kiss You have a blended scent of cranberry and vanilla, undercut by a hint of evergreen, wafting about you.
115 Autumn Breeze You have a warm scent enshrouding you in a cloud touched by cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, with subtle undertones of orange zest.
116 Amberwood You have a musk - a blend of sandalwood, amber, and clove - wafting in a light haze about you.
117 Tropical Spice You have the scents of citrus and hibiscus, with heavy undertones of ginger, clinging to your skin.
118 Moss You have a rich, earthy scent enshrouding you in a cloak of fragrance reminiscent of a late autumn walk in a damp wood.
119 Tropical Breeze You have a sweet and subtle fragrance, which is composed of a soft mixture of exotic floral and fruit scents, clinging to your skin.
120 Jungle Mist You have a verdant haze of scent lingering about you - a faint rain-washed fragrance touched with hints of exotic florals and green foliage.
121 Island Sunset You have a luscious scent hovering about you. Top notes of pineapple and starfruit fade to a heart of jasmine and the faintest undertone of bayberry.
122 Strawberries and Cream You have the warm scent of vanilla swirling about you, accented by the fresh, crisp touch of strawberries to create the lush fragrance clinging to your skin.
123 Bananaberry You have the heavy aroma of ripe bananas, mellowed by notes of blueberry and raspberry, hovering about you in a sweet-tart haze.
124 Desert Sands You have an aromatic fragrance lingering on your skin. Foremost are the tones of cassia and anise, but beneath are layers of fig and jasmine, laced with a sweet musk.
125 Fireside You have a smoky scent wafting about you, the fragrance of charred wood prevalent in the foreground with undercurrents of warm, spicy herbal notes.
126 Bay Rum You have the unique scent of bay leaves, drifting on a bed of spiced rum touched with orange zest, in a haze lingering about you.
127 Night in the Desert You have a dusky fragrance about you -- the upper layers of clove and anise are tempered and made subtle by an undercurrent of cinnamon and the vaguest hint of vanilla.
128 Cedar Grove You have the distinctively earthy scent of cedar wafting about you, touched with a clarity brought by the warmth of the sun.
129 Spiced Lime You have the poignant scent of lime, muted by the fragrance of sandalwood and accented with a hint of nutmeg, suffusing the air about you.
130 Pine Thicket You have the unmistakable aroma of fresh pine sap, layered over a telluric scent of fresh, rain-touched soil hovering about you.
131 Forest Glen You have a well-meshed collection of woodland scents haunting the air about you -- detectable are fresh pine sap, oak, dew-damp moss, and patchouli.
132 Mountain Summit You have an arctic scent, biting and pure, like brittle pine needles caked in ice and snow, hovering in the air about you and undercut by faint, warming undertones of cedar.
133 Tobacco You have the scent of tobacco following your every movement, its aroma cured and touched with a hint of cherry.
134 Peppercorn You have the unmistakable scent of peppercorns lingering about you, their spicy aroma muted by an undercurrent of slightly sweet herbs.
135 Leather You have the musky scent of leather, heavy with oils used in tanning, wafting about you.
136 Rum Spice You have the sweet liquor scent of rum mixed with a heavy dose of spice, creating the fragrance that clouds about you.
137 Redwood You have the coniferous scent of redwood blending with a smidge of cedar, sandalwood, and a light musk to create, layer upon layer, the aroma that encircles you.
138 Hyssop You have the subtle scent of hyssop, touched by light notes of camphoric deep weald foliage and peppery undercurrents suffusing the air about you.
139 Tempest You have a faint scent hovering about you, ambiguous and electric -- foremost is the scent of ozone, evocative of a lightning strike, and beneath, subtle currents of rain-cleansed air, like a summer night in the wake of a roiling storm.
140 Spiced Coffee You have the scent of exotically spiced coffee wafting about you, brushed with hints of vanilla and musk.
141 Shroud You have the heavy scent of damp evergreen needles about you, like maoral leaves moldering on a rainforest floor. Wraithing about the outskirts of the scent are flashes of guelder rose, like a ray of sun breaking through a grey day.
142 Ebon Essence You have the essence of madwort cavorting deliriously with waves of black nightshade surrounding you.
143 Anangri's Cenotaph You have the coppery tang of aged blood overshadowed by a blend of seven roses marked with herbs settling heavily upon your skin.
144 Death's Garden You have the lush scent of winter roses surrounding you, undercut with a hint of pressed dirge-vaon for an earthy, yet floral, extravaganza.
145 Tears of Voaris You have the crisp, acrid scent of burnt crimson amber crystallized with heights of ice violet wafting about you.
146 Witchcraft You have heavy tones of ginger and amber surrounding you, wreathed with a note of fresh-spilled blood, then deepened with fig and black pansy.
147 Gift of Gosaena You have the moist scent of a smothering fog surrounding you, broken only upon occasion with wild roses, hyssop, and essence of canver flower.
148 Sorrow You have the essence of burnt metal radiating about you, pierced with a single rose note following upon the heels of a slightly salty tang, like tears on a breeze.
149 Four Horsemen You have the scent of smoky vetiver and musk surrounding you, interrupted for notes of citrus.
150 Oblivion You have chords of heady moonflower dancing in euphoria about you, each note touched with the bare hint of moss and caves.
151 Lorminstra's Kiss You have the scent of roses with icy notes hanging from you.
152 Somnambulance You have sleepy wisps of calmintha twining about you, stirred by an entrancing blend of hyacinth and valerian, and other, herbal traces.
153 Liabo's Light You have the faintest touch of honeyed oil swirling about you, overshadowed by shards of water lily and notes of iceblossom.
154 Bane You have a slightly earthy scent twining about you, drenched in the essence of widowwood blooms and crushed hemlock.
155 Pain and Pleasure You have a painfully sweet mixture of dog rose and tuberose choked with chords of foxglove surrounding you.
156 Kezmon You have a salty tang of an ocean breeze clinging to your skin, cut through with dark vetiver and other wicked, powerful scents.
157 Soulingen You have the delicate fragrance of vesper lilies about you, traced with powerful tones of trillium and pierced briefly by scorched hellebore.
158 Beyond the Veil You have an almost suffocating scent of salorisa broken by sharp notes of mournbloom and rosemary surrounding you.
159 Loneliness You have wisps of cut flowers gilded with fresh edelweiss tracing about you, wreathed with a touch of mountain dryad.
160 Grave Lessons You have a strong, comforting scent of pressed coffee beans infused with dragonstalk essence surrounding you, edged with the scent of worn book leather.
161 Silver Mist You have the clinging scent of night jasmine lingering about you, supported by wispy undertones of bergamot and spring rain.
162 Exotic Pear You have a heady melange of pears and cinnamon whispering over your skin, deftly complimented by muted tones of mint and just a breath of lavender.
163 Chiaroscuro You have quiet breaths of vetiver accompanying hearty shades of velvety rose whisking over your skin. Bright overtones of orange blossom complicate the darker melange.
164 Mediterranean Wind You have a fresh and vibrant scent haunting your skin, blending mimosa blossoms and jasmine with notes of succulent peach and woodsy bay leaf.
165 Winterfest You have spicy hints of fresh spruce softened by sweet mint dancing over your skin, accompanied by warm motes of berry and nutmeg.
166 Night in the Wilds You have a complex aroma, redolent of bittersweet chocolate and applewood, clinging to your form like a hungry embrace. Warm bursts of anise convey subtler thrusts of vanilla and musk through the potent concoction.
167 Heartwood You have the woody, dry scent of labdanum about you, sharpened by sparks of bergamot and lime. A potent foundation of teak, dusted with only the faintest wisps of patchouli, forms a sturdy base for the bright citrus notes.
168 Royal Lime You have a harmonious blend of mint and citrus wreathing your skin. Effervescent top notes of mint give way to strong undercurrents of lime supported by robust fig leaf.
169 Red Whispers You have a hauntingly fragile melange of mournbloom and poppy lingering in the air about you, lent depth by the whip-sharp piquancy of white pepper accenting the fragrance.
170 Kezmon Spice You have a powerful herbal scent clinging to your skin, combining top notes of sage with the lush support of rose attar. A faint accompaniment of spicy nutmeg lurks at the edges of the full-bodied aroma.
171 Lofty Mountains You have a sweet bouquet of edelweiss and mineral water that wreathes your form snugly. Herbal top notes of mountain sage gracefully complexify the scent, commingling with a bare whisper of tangy bilberry.
172 Hoarfrost You have the potent, effervescent aroma of bayberry about you, sweetened by the delicate nectar of iceblossoms. Peppering the aroma are spicy shots of cinnamon and spearmint.
173 Firemage's Gift You have gentle brushes of frangipani and sea salt weaving lazily over your skin, the latter scent lending sharp aftertones to the fragrance. Accompanied by muted whispers of coconut, fruity waves of mango and kiwi laze along in the top notes.
174 Demonic Dreams You have heavy notes of nightshade and hellebore steeped deeply into your skin. Brimstone and a hint of sulfur puncture the scent and add a dark, heady aroma.
175 Summoning You have the aromatic blend of crushed sirenflowers running along your skin. Faint touches of talneo, sage, and thyme linger beneath the surface, reminiscent of some magical brew.
176 Epitaph You have a suffocating scent of salorisa clinging to your body, broken only by hints of coppery tangs of blood. An occasional clear shard of water breaks the dense scent but is quickly submerged.
177 Echo of the Bell You have the sweet scent of deep seawater surrounding you. Twisting tendrils of ivy climb across your skin, paired with ringing tones of persimmon trees in full bloom.
178 The Faceless Forlorn You have a trace of singed ephlox moss lingering on your skin. Black vetiver wisps in and out of an overwhelming crush of wolfsbane essence, completing the volatile scent.
179 Shadows of the Ivory You have the ethereal scent of moonflower essence twined about your skin, and on its heady heels, clear notes of fresh witchwood cuttings.
180 Night's Widow You have a soothing scent of valerian clinging to your skin. Dark musk and tones of aged widowwood blossoms add depth to the ethereal scent.
181 Untamed You have a wild melange of floral scents floating about you. The untameable scent of heather is accented by larkspur and breaths of fairy primrose.
182 Shiver You have the slightly citrus scent of feverfew instilled into your skin, with crystalline notes of glacier water and a sensuous array of exotic spices.
183 Shattered Veil You have faint notes of sweet alyssum spiked with acrid tones of blackened cinnamon emanating from your skin.
184 You have the blended scent of almond oil and plum blossom bathing your skin in delicate redolence. Deeper cinnamon amber base notes arise from the initial sweetness with traces of fire and spice.
185 You have top notes of aromatic coumarin and freshly cut sugarcane clinging to your form. Vividly bitter sassafras chords give way to the heady, licorice aroma of absinthe oil.
186 You have the rosy blush of ironwood blossoms and apricots scenting you with nectarous fragrance. The sharp tang of quince pomes is cut by sweetly metallic blood orange heart notes.
187 Faewood Musk You have the bare scent of sheer white musk and paper-thin citrus peel enveloping you. Dulcet base notes of lush faewood blossoms enrich the perfume with an intensely floral core.
188 You have virid top notes of hawthorn and damp leaves wreathing lightly about you. Pronounced heart notes of witchwood flower vaguely mask the darker oakmoss undertones lurking beneath.
189 You have the exotic air of orris root surrounding you in a fragrant halo. Layered with the woody floral scent, wisps of peony and paperwhites lend an unexpected fragility to the elusive perfume.
190 You have honeyed top notes of villswood flower and neroli oil perfuming your skin. The sugary forefront is endowed with potent base notes of sweetfern that elevate the scent with transparent green accords.
191 You have the ethereal, smoky scent of burning incense and rockrose resin lingering about you. Breaths of lotus circle throughout the hyacinth base notes, expanding like a stone's ripple across still water.
192 Springtide Milk and Honey You have the milky sweetness of magnolia laced with a touch of sunstruck honeycomb floating about you. Balmy heart notes of carmiln flower, linden blossom, and dandelion greens are gathered together in a springtide olfactory bouquet.
193 Penance You have the spirituous fragrance of black currant fruit splashed with golden pear wine encircling you. Subtle, ligneous chords of illthorn wood coalesce around fleeting notes of blanched tea leaves.
194 You have the faintly sharp scent of hardwood chips and sawdust clinging to your skin.
195 You have the warm scent of freshly cut hay wafting around you, redolent of clean air and sunlight.
196 You have the earthen odors of fresh turnips and fertile soil about you.
197 Salty Sea You have the unique, tangy scent of the salty sea drifting over your skin.
198 You have the acrid odor of perspiration clinging to your skin.
199 You have the heady, damp scent of cigar smoke wreathing you, coupled with the complex muskiness of unburnt tobacco.
200 You have the combined scents of rusty metal and aged wood clinging to you, touched with traces of dust and sharp sulfuric undertones.
201 You have the crisp scents of soap and freshly laundered cloth clinging to your skin.
202 You have the faint, yet biting scents of charred wood, soot, and ashes lingering around you.
203 You have the sickly sweet and sour scent of cheap alcohol surrounding you in a cloying cloud.
204 You have the unmistakable oily odor of grease, lubricating the air around you with an almost palpable heaviness.
205 You have the smell of oiled leather suffusing the air around you, overwhelmed by a caustic tang of hot metal.
206 You have the smoke-laced aroma of roasted game filling the air around you.
207 You have an indistinct whiff of parchment and dust radiating from your skin.
208 You have the loamy scent of soil and pungent herbs penetrating the air around you.
209 You have the distinct smell of recently caught fish emanating from your skin.
210 You have the peaty, smoky bouquet of whiskey subtly scenting your skin.
211 You have the overpowering, yeasty odor of stale beer clinging to your body in a sour cloud.
212 You have the scent of incense surrounding you, like a haze of sweet smoke tempered with a faint tinge of mustiness.
213 You have a veil of mournbloom embracing you in its solemn, twilight scent. Echoes of acridness shade the floral lament with a ghostly, charred suggestion of cinders.
214 You have the funereal velvet of mournbloom shadowing your skin, punctuated by poignant whispers of rosemary and smoke. Distant earthen odors of damp stone and loam linger beneath the initial bouquet, transforming into a haunting olfactory mixture.
215 You have the simple scent of crisp green apples lingering on your skin.
216 You have the pure essence of seaside mist haloing you in a sheer, airy fragrance. Soft magnolia accords are captured within the white moonflower heart notes, adding a subtly floral afterglow to the scent.
217 You have a refreshingly green infusion of wild clover and mint drifting about you. A sharp undercurrent of stormy ozone adds a tangy base note to the crisp scent.
218 You have a heady rush of vanilla clinging to your skin, complemented by top notes of chill spearmint. The mingled aromas collude to conceal a base of wild tobacco. At the heart of the scent is the woodsy crispness of cedar resin, the odor of which bears a slightly smoky edge.
219 You have the rich, musky scent of warm earth beneath the haze of the sun lingering on your skin.
220 You have hints of musky amber clinging to your skin, the dark fragrance laced with the feral scent of untamed wilds.
221 Moonflower You have a sheer and elusive fragrance haunting the air about you. The subtle sweet florals of the moonflower are light and airy, distinctive without being overwhelming.
222 Tavern Tales You have rich strains of tobacco smoke and oakwood spearheading the full-bodied fragrance that suffuses the air about you. Underscored by hints of black malt and fine hops, the amber base note of the fragrance drifts warmly to the forefront when others have faded.
223 You have the rich velvet-smooth scent of tuberose suffusing the air about you. Its floral notes are tamed and made more mellow by the inherent powdery sweetness of the blossom.
224 Trillium You have the light, airy scent of trillium blossoms clinging to your skin. The sweetness of the flower is underscored by a subtle hint of fruit essences.
225 Nothing but Thyme You have a rustic weald aroma, steeped in the essence of peppery thyme, clinging to your skin. In the forefront, touches of lemon and oakmoss introduce the herbaceous heart notes that become lost like a passing thought over time.
226 You have the refined, lightly flowery fragrance of iceblossom embracing you. Heady inclusions of damask rose and heliotrope elegantly finish the efflorescent bouquet.
227 Pirate's Folly You have a piquant balm, redolent of a life on the open sea, churning the air about you. Head notes of spiced rum and stale smoke are quickly banished by a heart of salty ocean air over currents of scorched flint and lightly floral citrus.
228 Riverside You have a telluric aura of scent clinging to your skin, created by earthy notes of deep weald moss and fallen leaves that churn beneath a cloud of petrichor. Like a river over smooth rocks, the twang of ripe winterberries ripples above the woody heart notes that lie on a nebulous bed of fresh green, reminiscent of the scent of mint crushed underfoot.
229 Ivastaen Eve You have a soft white musk, composed of heart notes of angelica and sage, shrouding your skin like the air on a humid summer eve. Layered over the sharp, green base is a faint hint of patchouli that gives way to the smoky sweetness of night-blooming jasmine.
230 Oakmoss You have a rich, green scent lingering in a haze about you. Notes of moist earth and the deep weald are but undertones in a warm aroma prevalently of oakmoss.
231 Lumnea Bride You have sweet tendrils of chamomile encircling you, the warm, honeyed attar tamed by tart notes of lemongrass and the faintest caress of lush briar roses. Beneath it all, base notes of dark vanilla unite the fragrance as a whole.
232 You have the warming scent of balsam emanating from your skin. Heart notes of spicy resin are undercut and made mild by hints of sweet vanilla.
233 You have the smoky sweet scent of cypress drifting about you. Notes of evergreen course beneath the top notes -- fresh, with a hint of spice.
234 You have the dizzying concentration of redolent tuberose laced with lily of the valley clinging to your skin. Staggering breaths of oleander and azalea rise from beneath the lighter jessamine heart notes, enhancing the vernal fragrance's sweetness.
235 You have the woodsy blend of freshly cut wyrmwood bark and sun-warmed mezereon drifting about you. Tangy yew berry notes ricochet off of the potent, yet mellow aura of pennyroyal, arnica, and rhododendron.
236 You have a soft winter rose fragrance twined subtly with hints of sheer musk surrounding you. Dark plum heart notes disperse into a flowery melange of tuberose and cyclamen, layered delicately over the rich cassis berry undertones lurking beneath.
237 You have a sweetly redolent blend of ripe persimmon and quince clinging lightly about you. Heart notes of autumnal leaves and petitgrain, faintly laced with bright marigold accords, are punctuated by transient breaths of fresh ginger.
238 You have the velvety soft, lingering perfume of jonquil and almond blossom floating about you. Summery linden flower heart notes are reticulated with transparent accords of balsa wood and white tea.
239 You have a crisp, elusory scent of verdant sea grasses enveloping you. An absinthial undercurrent of valerian and artemisia add an herbaceous note to the watery fragrance, fluidly blending into a callow sweetfern base.
240 You have the refreshing fragrance of teaberry leaves clinging to you, pierced with bright accents of pink peppercorn and cinnamon amber.
241 Fireflies in the Dark You have wisps of ylang ylang and tangerine, the first recognizable infusions in the fragrance, that dance lightly on your skin. The bright florals and citrus fade away against the night-dark velvet base of vetiver and clove, each brought low and made more subtle by the poignancy of wild rose.
242 Gypsy's Song You have a delicate veil of smoky incense haunting your skin and hair. From beneath the ashen scent rise sweet florals, a heady mixture of rock rose, hyacinth, and jasmine, conveyed to the senses on streams of patchouli and sandalwood.
243 Olaesta Showers You have an aqueous haze wafting about you, reminiscent of a dew-laden morning. Light and flowery, a rush of apricot mingles with the immaculate scent of lilac in a white wash of fragrance underscored by currents of neroli and juniper.
244 You have an enigmatic fragrance enshrouding you - the unmistakable scent of osmanthus flowers serves as the heart note, intertwined with threads of bergamot and sweet orange blossom. On the fringes, a white musk lingers, comingling with hints of patchouli and clove.
245 Vanilla-Lavender Truffle You have the rich scent of fine milk chocolate wafting about you, encasing the milky sweetness of cream flavored with lavender. Base notes of almond and vanilla course throughout, giving the fragrance a decadent nose.
246 Melonberry Splash You have crisp notes of honeydew and sugar melon clinging to your skin the way condensation lingers on a cold glass on a hot day. Beneath the cloying scent of melon are notes of tart raspberry, loganberry, and flaeshorn berry touched with a hint of pineapple basil.
247 Sourwood Honey You have the dewy scent of honey wreathing your skin, its distinctive sourwood origins revealing themselves in a fragrance akin to gingerbread. Deep tides of anise and nutmeg wend their way, nearly undiscernible, through the honey's golden warmth to complete the smooth, caramel quality of the aroma.
248 Twilight Repose You have stygian shreds of violet essence swirling in the air about you, punctuated by niveous strains of vanilla and freesia. Gentle zephyrs of bergamot and wood ash curl just beneath the surface, creating a subtle ground for the dusky scent.
249 Sweetshrub You have a smoky sweetness lying close to your skin. Floral, but not cloying, the scent is subtle and haunting, with a darkness that evolves in notes of civet, clove, and the most ephemeral touch of pineapple.
250 Garden Season You have the loam of freshly dug earth draping you in a complex fragrance underscored by layers of crisp, green aromas. Sharp splinters of tomato leaves are awash in the cool of cucumber and sweet basil, while threads of aloe and camphor are woven throughout.
251 Distilled Kobold Spit You have a malodor emanating from you in waves so pungent that any standing near would be helpless but to fall victim to the stench. Like the humid breath of a mongrel kobold, there are distinct currents of rotting meat, bile, and decay.
252 Festering Flesh You have the reeking fetor distinctive of rotting flesh tainting the air about you. Sickly sweet undercurrents indicative of infection and pus are but an afterthought to the rank putrescence that hangs in the foreground like a butchered piece of decomposing meat.
253 Stagnant Swamp Water You have a musty, earthen haze engulfing you in a strong odor of moldering silt. Like water that has sat too long and collected the decaying aromas of the plant and animal refuse lost beneath its surface, there is a vaguely sour note in the otherwise mildew-laden scent of stagnation.
254 Dead Fish You have retch-inspiring emanations of spoiled seafood wafting about you, suffusing every inch of your person with an incalculable foulness. Only the slightest hint of briny sea water can be detected before being overwhelmed by the rot of fishy flesh.
255 Skunk You have highly pungent fumes radiating from you in oily waves so thick that the taste, as well as the smell, of skunk spray regretfully lingers in the nose and at the back of the throat. A noxious mixture reminiscent of sulfur, soured and rotting cabbage, and the sharp, bitter scent of smoldering medicinal herbs, this vaporous stench is unrelenting.
256 Hemlock You have a miasmatic fragrance that follows your every move, its composition both verdurous and virulent. The aroma of hemlock possesses hints of crushed parsnip leaves overlying a mousy, musty alkaline base.
257 Vomit You have the unmistakable stench of bile and a melange of undigested food draped heavily about you. Made worse by the humidity of the putrefaction, there is an undercurrent of acidity that burns the nostrils.
258 Shame and Regret You have a smoky-sweet aura enshrouding you, a nebula tenuously threaded with scents woven to create a complex interfusion of acrid and floral notes. Reminiscent of a newly extinguished flame, a charred current drifts in the forefront of the fragrance and is underscored by hints of peony and asphodel so faint as to seem mere apparitions. A coppery twinge ties together both the ash and blossoms, wending through the haze to emerge when all else has faded.
259 You have the soft, woodsy perfume of carmiln flowers laced with lush modwir resin heart notes surrounding you in a lightly fragrant haze.
260 You have the sharply tannic scents of dark red wine and black currant lingering about you, smoothed by evasive floral strawberry blossom accords.
261 You have a luxuriant blend of sweetly floral cherry blossom and sharp red musk clinging to you, fading into a rich, heady star jasmine base note.
262 You have the full-bodied fragrance of wild tea roses over tart pomegranate heart notes lingering around you, softened with sugared vanilla oil accords.
263 You have the delicate scent of blue lilac floating about you, suspended in the sheerest whisper of incense smoke.
264 You have a subtly scented haze of black poppies surrounding you, sprigged with spiny dark green herbal inclusions.
265 You have a softly fragrant cloud of dandelion honey and green fig haloed about you, laced with vibrant sprays of snapdragon and apple mint.
266 Gingerbread Forest You have the piquant amber haze of fresh gingerbread wafting about you, with sharp notes of clove and nutmeg among those most noticeable. Beneath the sharp currents of ginger and spice, the mellow scent of sandalwood, touched with vanilla, brings the aroma down to a smooth plain.
267 Autumn Moon You have a warm, multi-layered scent in the air about you, redolent with citrus notes of sweet navel oranges set in contrast to poignant, earthy currents of amber. Dark vanilla binds the fragrance together for a smooth finish.
268 Tobacco and Bloodwood You have a tenebrous blend of fresh-cut tobacco and bloodwood mingling in the air about you. The somewhat resinous and chocolate-tinged top notes are undercut by a wisp of bergamot, the citrusy, herbal infusion lending an obscure sweetness to the aromas.
269 Pecan Pie You have hints of caramelized brown sugar and roasted pecans shrouding you in a fresh-baked haze of aroma. The sweetness is underscored by notes of dark vanilla and just a touch of bourbon.
270 Black Cherry Rose You have the darkly sweet and almost floral scent of black cherries drifting through the air about you, eddying in currents of toasted almond laced with tea rose.
271 Hunter's Way You have a robust redolence about you, steeped with the sharp, dry sweetness of white cedar and hints of dark chocolate. As barely perceptible touches, clove and cinnamon bring a subdued warmth to the scent's sillage.
272 Sun-kissed Pear You have light notes of yellow pear sweetening the air about you. Heart notes of warm amber blend with the sweetness of the fruit scent and are rounded out by an infusion of olive wood.
273 Amber and Suede You have enshrouding you a classically built cologne that layers vetiver over heart notes of rugged leather and smoked pecan, which are softened by hints of sandalwood and amber.
274 Honeyed Leather You have a warm fragrance haunting the air about you, redolent with the scent of honeyed ale and fine leather, sweetened by undertones of dark vanilla.
275 Berrywood You have a light-hearted fragrance dappling the air around you, lush with the aroma of ripe blackberries and sweet cream, grounded with undercurrents of dark mahogany and apple wood.
276 Sunstone You have the intoxicating scent of baked goods wreathed about you. Strong tones of rich dark chocolate and sweet sugar delicately intersperse with light hints of caramel and vanilla frosting.
277 White Tea and Peony You have an accord of honeyed pink peony and light, crisp citrus notes wafting about you, underscored by warm, herbal heartnotes of white tea.
278 Crisp Pear and Rose You have diaphanous chords of powdery rose and sweet green pear draped about you, conveyed on subtle undercurrents of salt and sea to create a fragrance both fresh and subtle.
279 Honeyed Yellow Plum You have a delicately sweet melange about you of yellow plum and wildflower honey headnotes, adrift in a light zephyr of creamy vanilla. At the base of the fragrance is the subtlest hint of white musk.
280 Lavender Mint You have the piquant scent of lavender clinging to your skin, made sweet by notes of pineapple mint that swirl just beneath the surface. The upper notes dissolve into a complimentary sillage of tart lime.
281 Summer Soiree You have an aqueous fragrance of fresh cucumber and watermelon creating a veil about you. The sweetness is tempered by tart citrus and water lily heart notes that dwindle to a soft base of woody moss.
282 Midsummer Breeze You have a niveous haze of white florals - whispers of magnolia and gardenia - atop grounding notes of herbaceous saffron and smoky sandalwood engulfing you. Lingering when all else has faded is the sweet floral of mimosa blossoms.
283 Twilight Iris You have a velvety scent haunting the air about you, rife with spicy notes of galanga brought low by the elusive iris, both dry and sweet. Both notes meld flawlessly into a base of dark cocoa.
284 Gilded Fig You have warm currents wafting about you, redolent with earthy green headnotes of fig, sun-kissed before the peak of ripeness, mingled with resinous amber. Sandalwood adds a smooth depth to the scent, rounding it out to leave a mellow sillage.
285 Honeysuckle Kiwi You have the sweet-tart aroma of freshly cut kiwi dancing along your skin, complemented by strains of wild rose and honeysuckle to complete the fruit's flowery notes.
286 Ambrosial You have an infusion of fruit scents about you - foremost among them a zest of pink grapefruit followed by a touch of succulent passionfruit. The sweetness of the fruits are evened by a trace of aqueous lychee and deepened by a silky thread of dark vanilla.
287 You have the clean, crisp aroma of cut green apples and freshly crushed mint leaves lingering on your skin.
288 You have top notes of bergamot, lavender, and tangerine combining with your skin to create an aroma reminiscent of an approaching rainstorm. You also detect the subtle underlying fragrances of vanilla and vetiver, adding an earthy note to this clean scent.
289 You have the simple, clean blended fragrances of eucalyptus, spearmint, and sage clinging to your skin.
290 Winterberry Frost You have a cool, fruity scent dancing about you - a blend of fresh winterberry and raspberry, chilled by an infusion of peppermint and spearmint.
291 Eggnog You have the decadent aroma of homemade eggnog about you, a lush mixture of sweet buttercream vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg, with the slightest dash of dark bourbon.
292 First Snow You have a light, clean fragrance teasing the air around you, with notes of fresh spring water and juniper berry foremost. Underlying is a base of green vetiver.
293 Winter Solstice You have a complex, but mellow redolence clinging to your skin and hair. Top notes of smoked black tea blended with pomegranate and black currant are brought to heart by an infusion of sweet blood orange. The faintest hint of pink peppercorn lingers in the background.
294 Cranberry Citrus You have tart notes of fresh cranberry enwreathing you, sweetened by touches of ripe tangerine and orange and warmed by hints of cinnamon and clove.
295 Toasted Marshmallow You have the scrumptious aroma of toasted marshmallows wreathing you. Foremost are notes of sweet vanilla and caramelized sugar, while undercurrents of sandalwood and smoke balance the cloying fragrance.
296 Sugar Plum You have the sweet-tart scent of red plums laced with traces of orange zest wafting about you. Hints of cloudberry and vanilla subtly mellow the sharper notes and dwindle to a soft, sugared musk sillage.
297 Cinnamon Stick You have warm currents of cinnamon and cloves lingering in the air about you. The fragrance is further nuanced by touches of nutmeg and allspice to create an aroma like that of a sweets bakery.
298 Snow-covered Forest You have about you a subtle blend of cedar and balsam, the green of the woods brought low by smoky amber and a touch of ozone for a clean, but warm finish.
299 Salted Caramel You have the aroma of salted caramel about you - the slightly burnt sugar scents of vanilla and caramel mingle with savory notes of sea salt darkened by a touch of maple.
300 You have the faint scent of a sea breeze mingled with the woodsy musk of freshly cut timber clinging to your skin.
301 You have the warm spicy scent of cinnamon melded with a subtle chocolate undertone lingering on your skin.
302 You have a clean crisp smell reminiscent of a refreshing spring rain shower blended with cool spearmint clinging to your skin.
303 You have the sharp fragrance of ripe black cherries interwoven with the heady sweet smell of cream clinging to your skin.
304 You have an overpowering scent of musk, with an underlying smell of freshly printed bank note parchment and ink clinging to your skin.
305 You have the lime-like scent of lovage coupled with a delicate hint of roses hanging lightly on your skin.
306 Sweet Comfort You have all about you the silky sweet scent of cream touched by caramelized sugar and brightenend by infusions of tart red cherry. Underlying the sumptuous top notes is an undercurrent of bourbon-soaked vanilla bean, mellowing the scent to a warm sillage.
307 Icebound You have currents of lilac made crisp and frosty by a subtle undercurrent of mint chilling the air about you. Notes of iris and violet leaf combine in the heart of the fragrance, which eventually gives way to a faint sillage with hints of almond bark, coconut, and white sandalwood.
308 Alabaster Opulence You have an enticingly sweet veil over your skin, with mellow top notes of musk fading quickly into a warm haze of vanilla essences swirled with rich clover honey. The lingering presence of acacia and sugar cane remain when all else has faded into obscurity.
309 Seraphic Ardor You have in the air about you a shroud, as light as feathered wings, held aloft by a breath of wisteria incense stirred by strands of niveous calla lily. Chords of white sandalwood and rose attar thread languidly throughout, underscored by a touch of frankincense.
310 Deep Weald Shadow You have a wildwood cloak draped about you, a suffusion of birch and dogwood, cypress and pine, caught up in a garland of forest wildflowers. Distinct notes of columbine, blue violet, and pixie moss churn beneath it all, damp and fresh, and cut at the finish by a shard of bloodroot.
311 Golden Aurora You have a gilded miasma of fragrance on your skin, with notes of pale golden musk, honeycomb, and amber foremost in attendance. Beneath run streams of parma violet and hawthorn bark, faintly sweet with a touch of bitter, over low-lying currents of white moss and wild berry.
312 Hanging Gardens You have the scent of sweet white jasmine, garden rose, and night-blooming columbine, floating elegantly in the air about you.
313 Hall of Patrons You have the powerful scent of cedar and aromatic cypress wafting from your skin. Notes of crisp vetiver linger above a sharp incense base, like the flame of a flickering taper.
314 Glowbark You have a dark resinous haze enshrouding you, redolent of fresh moss and precious woods. A hint of herbs and camphor waft through this smoky darkness, like a radiant glowbark at night.
315 Library Aies You have the acrid yet alluring scent of ink gliding over your skin, softened by a lingering whisper of amber and aged parchment paper.
316 Arboretum You have an intoxicating melange of clementine, bergamot, and neroli lingering over your skin, rooted in a dark, exotic musk.
317 The Tinkerer You have mahogany and teakwood accords framing the leather fragrance traveling about you, the latticework of wooden and heavily oiled notes riveted to a core of cardamom pipe tobacco. Blackened vanilla winds itself with the faint metallic twang of oiled gears, the components fitting together like finely tuned clockwork.
318 The Gentleman You have the scent of rich, honeyed leather spreading across your skin, the muted fragrance pierced through by black and red musks bound to the restrained base note. Lashings of crushed rose petals and full-bodied wine unfurl as the musks subside, encircling the sharper notes like a collar of heavy velvet.
319 The Winter Huntsman You have the scent of bourbon-soaked vanilla falling upon a base of whitened musk dusting your skin, the frost-laden accords hanging above the rest of the notes like a haze of freshly fallen snow. As the fragrance tempers, the crisp hints of evergreen fade gradually, leaving the haunting whisper of woodsmoke lingering above it all.
320 The Scholar You have drops of clove-infused wine upon your skin, gliding across a mixture of aged parchment and melted beeswax like dark-hued ink, the fragrance intertwining with the last vestiges of ashen incense. A veil of brown sugar and fig underscores the volume of notes, leaving the lasting impression of caramelized musk.
321 The Rake You have creamy amber accords laying defiled across your skin, leaving the lingering scent of crushed magnolia blossoms and freshly tilled earth in its wake. Smoky peat caresses the honeyed notes emerging throughout the fragrance, melding together with the wearer's natural musk.
322 You have a captivating, yet elusive scent, of winterberry flowers. The faint aroma fades into earthy heart notes of fragrant hay and leaves a lingering hint of mingled honey and mint drifting through the air around you.
323 You have the distinct aroma of freshly baked tarts underscored by the sweet scent of brown sugared honey wafting around you.
324 You have a rich scent of caramelized brown sugar wreathed around you. Sweet undertones of honey mingle with a touch of vanilla icing.
325 You have the refreshing scent of lime tempered with sweet honey and ginger notes wreathed around you.
326 Charred Nether You have a mantle of smoky-sour labdanum laid heavily upon you, pleasing only in its brevity as it fades to a core of black patchouli bound in sodden tobacco. Spears of brimstone and sulfur pierce the smaze to create a notable, though bracing, finish.
327 Blood Ash You have an acerbic shroud drawn close about you, smoked with the incense of dry olibanum and vetiver, undercut by an earthy wisp of black moss. Deeper still are strains of opoponax, which lend a subtle and indefinable sweetness, laced with the metallic warmth of spilled blood.
328 Wounded Passions You have a sanguine haze enshrouding you, redolent of blood's coppery twang and seasoned with the spice of crimson ginger root. The heart is bound in fiery red musks that dissipate into the smoky specter of pink honeysuckle.
329 Wraith You have a dusky shroud enveloping you in an acrid haze fraught with the dust of desiccated skin and hints blackened ginger. Brief breaths of cinnamon rise only to be lost beneath currents of mold-ridden earth, but those too eventually fade into the lingering ghosts of orris and bitter clove.
330 Burnt Offerings You have a near smothering veil of hardwood smoke about you, darkened by black musk and redeemed only slightly by a lucent ember of heliotrope burning in the background. From beneath the soot of the head notes rise strains of cassis and bitter-green inclusions of wormwood.
331 Luna You have an ephemeral corona of niveous airs about you, reminiscent of a moonlit garden at midnight. The distinct redolence of nightcap blossoms is smoothed to silk by notes of white amber and smoky-sweet tobacco flower. Beneath lies a bed of unobtrusive orris root, blended to perfection with soft resins and a myriad of honeyed pale-petaled flowers.
332 Oaths in Gold You have crisp, green notes of ripe pears veiling your form, the subtle florals of the sweet fruit dispersing into golden breaths of champagne. When the vinous heart ebbs away, a wash of delicate white tea takes its place, enriched with strains of earthy clover honey.
333 Bound in Scarlet You have subtle threads of night-blooming jasmine mingled with the florals of blood orange woven about you. As the head notes begin to unravel, a hint of bitter rises from roasted walnut, but smooths under the scent of caramelized sugar and fades entirely into a lush red pomegranate blush.
334 Sweet Indulgence You have creamy vanilla chords, as rich as the first bite of white cake, folded around you. Fingers of wild crimson strawberries tangle their ripe hint of sour in the sweet, and the subtlest swirl of ginger-scented geraniums finish the fragrance with subtly spicy notes.
335 Resurrection You have undercurrents of arctic fir wafting in the scent about you, chilling the powdery warmth of lilac blossoms until it is as cool as a fresh breath over mountain snow. Aqueous notes trail quickly behind, reviving the lilac and adding touches of lily to the ephemeral finish.
336 Beneath the Surface You have a hazy mist of fragrance about you, fraught with tendrils of peony that wend through notes as pure and clean as crystalline waters. As the waters disperse, dread is left in their wake in the form of oleander, its scent like the sweetest of poisoned apricots.
337 Moonless Night You have a heady redolence clinging to your skin, with top notes of chocolate as dark as moonless night. From beneath, infusions of black-red plum drift to the surface, accompanied by poignant touches of amaretto that blend seamlessly into a silage of dark vanilla.
338 Gilded Cage You have a hedonistic blend of dusky-sweet honeysuckle and clove bud drawn across your skin, with earthy notes of cedarwood to ground the extravagant fragrance. As the air steals the top notes, hints of black tea infused with peach arise, creating a placating, subtly floral silage that lingers.
339 To Dream You have a melange of white petals -- gardenia, magnolia, and butterfly ginger -- spun about you in a niveous shroud. The sweetness of the florals is tempered by a light infusion of spice, frankincense and ambergris, dispersing airily to leave a faint, powdery finish.
340 Steady As She Goes You have enveloping you the stabilizing veneer of mahogany, its red warmth grounding against a backdrop of decadent and alluring cassis. Beneath the richness of the blackcurrant infusion, understated chamomile lends a sobering touch only to be scorched by the smoked tang of imperious tobacco flower.
341 Supplication You have threaded through the air about you a quiescent shroud of delicate florals carried on a whisper of white woods. Foremost, the scent of moonflower rises against a dark infusion of black locust, subduing its richness, and the heart notes evaporate into a satiny sillage of labdanum pierced by a hint of belladonna.
342 Castaway You have the mere ghost of fragrance about you, an arid draught of immortelle sweetened with a hint of horehound. As the flaxen notes dissolve, poignant hints of elderflower take their place with airy florals bound in threads of smoldering incense.
343 Into the Void You have about you the forlorn aroma of salt-dried driftwood, rife with hints of sand and sea. From beneath, it is lifted by a niveous infusion of kudzu, a sweetness rich and full like wine, that is in turn darkened with notes of wood violet.
344 Surrender You have clinging to your skin the velvety spice of agarwood tinged with a sweetness that is only enhanced by a powdered breath of tuberose. As the head notes begin to disperse, they are chased by a whisper of oleander, its subtle apricot florals the last note to surrender to its hold.
345 Just Desserts You have a dark shroud of epicurean delicacies laced throughout the air about you. The confectionary airs of chocolate cosmos are foremost in the decadent fragrance, shot through with strands of opium and backed with a current of sumptuous berry wine. The merest hint of sweet orange blossom lingers beneath, haunting the rich notes with a hint of light.
346 You have on your skin a sheer veil of opoponax, its fingers of honeyed smoke ensaring the delicate threads of amyris bark that surface in its wake. Beguiling lantana plucks at the tangle, insinuating itself into the knot even as it begins to unravel, leaving a dark and vacuous trace of ebony to rise in its place.
347 Hollow You have washed on your skin a vaprous aura of barely there scent, each frail note so faint as to nearly be lost in the aqueous mist that contains them. Pale white infusions of gardenia brush the senses, as delicate as tatted lace, while the heart is brought forth in fleeting breaths of the spiced warmth of black walnut. Enigmatic coils of wolfsbane chase the heat from your skin, leaving a lingering curiosity as to whether it was ever there at all.
348 In Memoriam You have about you a mournful effusion of scent, rife with time-wilted blossoms over dusky notes of earth, lingering like specters at a fresh graveside. Airy chords of palmarosa are as light as whispers that sink into a tenebrous heart of bloodwood, the single bright note in a melody that perishes with the rise of graven earth and dusky loam.
349 Slumber You have tenuous threads of a shadowed fragrance traced through air about you. Head notes of sweet violet lure like a siren song a warm and lulling heart of teak to the forefront, and the telluric scent mellows the accompanying hints of valerian. Smoky lilac lifts the fluttering pall of the sillage only to be pierced by a single, poignant shard of dark nightshade.
350 Breath of Winter You have a redolent wash of iceblossom dotted with twinges of holly blooms and pink berries that surrounds you, absconding just a touch of the sweet, floaty scent of silvery-white leaves of alpine edelweiss.
351 Mistletoe King You have a heady cologne of roasted chestnut melding into dark chocolate that hangs around you, the duo seamlessly pulling together their decadent notes over a subtle bed of cedar, white moss, molten amber, and the tiniest sprig of mistletoe.
352 A Tart By Any Other Name You have the sharp, piquant zest of lemon curd lingering about you, indulging itself in the decadent sweetness of snowberries and black currant. The aroma settles deeply into sugared pie crust replete with warming nuances of cinnamon and nutmeg.
353 Daukhera's Darkness You have a bouquet of night-blooming jasmine and winter rose enveloping you, colliding fiercely with the weighty aroma of grave blossom petals tinged with twilight hues. If this scent had a color, it would certainly be dark.
354 Toullaire You have the strange and pungent scent of fresh pitch, burnt resin, and fragrant dead flowers haunting the air about you.
355 New Myssar You have the crisp and sunny scent of sugared lime radiating from your skin. A hint of sea salt lingers through the sweetness, like a breeze on a summer day.
356 Wyrdeep You have an enchanting medley of sweet cedar wood and oakmoss dancing about your skin. Amid this fragrant canopy, notes of wildberry, violet leaf, and other woodland scents take root.
357 Sea of Fire You have an exotic melange of dry creosote, black pepper, and other heady spices engulfing you like a dust storm on a desert plain.
358 Sun Throne You have a powerful aura of richly oiled leather radiating from you, brightened by thyme, birch wood, and mandarin.
359 Clandestine You have tendrils of opium-tainted smoke wrapping themselves around a base of blackish mahogany, creating a haunting silhouette against a velvet-like backdrop of night-blooming jasmine. Clutched by the dark trio of notes is the barest metallic whisper of freshly spilled blood, the twisted melange left untempered against your skin.
360 Penance You have the striking notes of oiled leather whipping roughly against ethereal whispers of fresh-cut lilies, the stems splayed across a swathe of laundered linens. Gently tucked into the medley of scents is the faint caress of bergamot tea rising slowly through the haze.
361 Song of Steel You have thrusts of charred mahogany dancing alongside the essence of sharpened steel, the macabre duo ringing across fields of dampened moss and freshly toiled earth. Pitch-dark resin coats the underlying note of aged leather, the residuals covered in a coat of charcoal-heavy smoke.
362 Forest of Thorns You have notes of rain-soaked foliage draped along sharpened boughs of blackthorn, permeating the soil-rich fragrance, each component concealing the next as the scent shifts in turn. A soft whisper of vanilla-tinged fur rubs against the heart of the fragrance, warming the core within a lattice of greenery.
363 The Kraken You have metallic-sparked notes of ozone crackling against seawater-heavy mist, creating an atmosphere charged with flashes of dark and light. Faint traces of ash enshroud the corrupted iron core, sweetened only by tentacles of thick molasses that threaten to draw the scent into depths of blackened vanilla.
364 Bloodjewel You have a sanguine redolence haunting the air about you, a shroud of crimson that evolves with subtle movement. Playing darkness against light, chords of cardamom intertwine with airy vanilla, forenotes that veil a heart steeped in blood to ground the scent with a metallic twang. As the fragrance departs, a bite of red chilis nips at its heels, a sharp farewell to leave a lasting impression.
365 Sunstone You have the lambent impression of white florals about you, foremost among them the unmistakable air of lily-of-the-valley. The imperious comport of the flower accompanies wavering notes of kumquat, with the bright citrus infusions playing off the floral with an almost there and gone again flirtation. As the high notes of the fragrance begin to fade, a sobering hint of charred bone overlays the wan currents, grounding the remains for a subtle departure.
366 Black Garnet You have a searingly dry fragrance emanating from your skin, with the dusky allure of vetiver threaded through a smoky haze of black tea. The herbaceous notes rise from their base, offering hope for a quenching infusion, but instead meet with a scorched layer of red and pink peppercorns. The fiery notes grind the scent down to dull embers, smoldering like a fire striving to reignite.
367 Honey Beryl You have a sugary-sweet aroma clinging to your skin, rich with notes of molasses and brown sugar and spicy with the introduction of warm nutmeg. A heart-centered twinge of overripe pineapple lightens the scent, which descends into a finish of caramelized sugar and dark vanilla.
368 Serpentine You have a breath of the wildwood lingering soft and effusive on your skin, each subtle note a sigh that tickles the senses then is gone. The green must and damp of the weald conveys the richness of forest loam and is followed close behind by petrichor that carries resinous oud from the depths of moss and vine. As the aqueous notes clear the heart, a balm of cleansing aloe guides the sillage to a tender finish.
369 Aquamarine You have a redolence about you like old lace, dusted with floral powder and muted by time. Hints of Elanthian snow rose swirl amidst the haunting fragrance, light and airy, chilled and discreet. In currents that barely shift beneath the surface, the sweetly spiced notes of gillyflower emerge, a faint but faithful apparition before the aroma fades entirely.
370 Shadow Amethyst You have vestigial remnants of fragrance efflorescent on your skin, an enigma composed of lissome fingers of smoky incense stirring through a bouquet of blue-violet hyacinths. The distinctive florals impart a note of sweetness to the arid smoke, blending and subduing the grey wisps of scent to draw them down into a grounded base reminiscent of the metallic twang of heated steel.
371 Peach Glimaerstone You have a putrid scent about you, oddly sweet and redolent with notes like those of bitter almond and peach kernels. Beneath the cloying head notes, a heart of spoiled and rotting fruit rises, the fetid aroma mixed with the eye-watering bite of alcohol born of the fermentation.
372 Hematite You have the sun-soured scent of beached seaweed wafting from your skin. The throat-itching saltiness of the aroma is undercut by the stench of decaying flesh, specifically the brine of putrefying fish and baiting chum, only made worse by the chords of sweet amid the rot.
373 Smooth Stone You have a scent that is nothing special.
374 You have the heavy scent of vanilla, fortified with jasmine, nutmeg, and musk swirling around you. Beneath these, a slight scent of fresh parchment contrasted with musty old books mingles with a tinge of what might be bat guano and burnt flesh.
375 Aphrodisia You have about you the ardent scent of sheer white orchids, their presence like that of a lovesick paramour, all crushed roses and desperate sighs. The veil flutters as currents of mimosa flower rise, their amber-touched florals entreating the delicate fragrance to soften, sweeten with linden honey notes that flow unfettered into a base of red wine. As the florals resolve, an intoxicating melange takes their place, lush with hints of dark chocolate and crimson berries.
376 Avarice You have enfolding you in a rapacious embrace the cloying scent of orange lilies, both delicately sweet and subtly spiced. Beneath lies a faint heart, thin thrums of nasturtium and scarlet auricula that strive for prominence, but peak and falter, supplanted by a rising current of star jasmine, an attar so fragrant and distinct as to banish all others.
377 Covetous You have lingering on your skin and in your hair the empyreal fragrance of white morning glories, as fragile as spun sugar and just as luscious to taste. As the niveous shroud begins to disperse, it is snared by a bitter twinge of bramble. Entangled, the head and heart notes descend, ushering in a more prominent base of yellow hyacinths, the heavily perfumed florals entrapping the lesser for a bold finish.
378 Ravenous You have in the air about you a delectable melange of thimbleberry and quince blossom, beguiling with notes of rose hips and violet spiced by crystalline inclusions of warm ginger. The ambrosial offerings are muted just shy of overwhelming by ribbons of cinchona bark, the resinous bitters taming the nectarous blend.
379 Inertia You have on your skin the nebulous touch of asphodel and oleander, an encompassing haze that is arresting with its infusion of spiced vanilla florals and hints of apricot. A sliver of blackthorn cuts through the fog at the heart, its cleansing sweetness threatening to lift the fragrance from the mists, though the effort comes too late as the soothing essence of tansy overtakes it, returning the scent to sedation with the lull of relaxing herbal notes.
380 Vengeance You have a caliginous effusion tainting your skin, a vaguely malignant vapor that bites with a furiosity singular to wolfsbane, sharp and bitter, stinging and acidic. It is dulled only in the slightest by a smoke-laden infusion of oak wood, which tempers the bitterness to a state more tameable. As the last vestiges of oak begin to disperse, fingers of tuberose twist into the smoky remnants, tying them with the earthy florals to leave a more gentle, if not pleasant, honeyed sillage.
381 Ego You have an aurora of fragrance that entices with your every move, laden with the attar of narcissus blossoms, their heady green florals inescapable. As if playing maid to a vainglorious mistress, subtle currents of dahlia and larkspur lift the capricious top notes and lull them into a more refined presentation before a last breath of amaryllis eases the perfume to a sweet and delicate sillage.
382 Treachery You have a deceptively sweet aura about you, a tapestry that unravels in ephemeral strands of hydrangea and evening primrose, as fragile as a whispered promise. Gradually and unobtrusively, the florals begin to fade, unbound as notes of dark, bitter cherry rise to take their place, biting like betrayal before being swept away by astringent notes of green willow.
383 Blasphemy You have shadowing your every move the barely-there scent of butterfly weed, its subtle twinge of airy vanilla casting only the sheerest veil over a warm core of ripe fig. Through the nectarous heart of the fragrance, sharp shards of wood anemone ascend, the musky floral accompanied by the mitigating touch of lobelia, to leave a lingering honey-sweetened sigh in its wake.
384 Sinful You have arrayed about you the silky raiment of gardenias in full bloom, ageless and unmistakable, unassuming yet compelling. Beneath the ivory florals runs an errant chord of nightshade, barely notable but for the brevity of its incongruence, and all trace of it is chased away by a wending tendril of sweetbriar. In concert with the gardenia's frayed remnants, the rose attar effects a memorable finish, manifesting a blushed sillage underscored by a thread of sensual darkness.
385 Tobacco Spice You have spicy notes of cinnamon, with sweet undercurrents of vanilla and cloves, clinging to your skin in a heady embrace. Faint hints of tobacco smoke cut through the cologne, adding an acrid tang to the aroma.
386 Citrus Blend You have a mixture of lemon, orange, and grapefruit that rises from your skin in a burst of fresh scent. A faint undercurrent of moss and wood, the aroma earthy and clean, adds a complex additional note to the cologne.
387 Metal Musk You have the heady aroma of acrid musk surrounding you, the strong scent mixed with the barest hint of salt and sweat. Hints of hot metal, laced with sharp notes of wood smoke, add to the complexity of the cologne.
388 Whiskey Bath You have the overwhelming reek of whiskey saturating your skin and permeating the air around you. Faint hints of rum add a sweet undertone to the powerful scent of alcohol.
389 Autumn Respite You have a warm fragrance about you, dark with ripe pomegranate spiced by hints of white pine needles. Beneath wends a current of lush blackberry and chords of rosemary, twined together as they sink into a smoky finish redolent of birch leaves and dried persimmons.
390 Toward Death You have a scorched spark of flint in the air about you, haunting like the smoke of an extinguished match, and underneath lies a shroud of grave moss, musty and solemn. Hints of perfumed linen reach spindly fingers upward as if grasping for the top notes as they dissipate, only to fail and sink into a miasma of sweet white lilies and incense.
391 Absinthe Makes The Heart You have about you the virid aura of absinthe, a poignancy threaded through with thin wisps of wormwood and spiced anise. Breaths of night-blooming jasmine buoy the sharpness, tame it, as tides of warm amber rise in its wake, chased by the darkness of well-seasoned oak.
392 Blackest Magic You have laced through the air about you the faint scent of black irises, a soft touch against an accompaniment of charred lavender buds, both smoky-sweet and biting. Dark oud seeps from the fractured heart of the fragrance in resinous tendrils that sink and tangle into the base notes of orris root and honey, leading the musk and sweet, heavy florals to abate in a somewhat balanced sillage.
393 Spiced Orange You have a spicy-sweet balm on your skin, with a base of ripe, juicy orange pierced by clove and dusted with cinnamon. A thin current of vanilla cream runs beneath, mellowing the cologne to a subtle finish.
394 Hazelnut Cocoa You have chords of dark roast coffee about you, rich and enlivening, complemented by cocoa nibs that add a semi-sweet facet to the brew. Hazelnut glazed with caramelized sugar wends through the core, giving the scent a mellow finish.
395 Peachy Tea Time You have a light fragrance about you, with crisp top notes of bergamot offering a citrusy twang in counterbalance to the somewhat acrid, smoky scent of black tea. Lush, ripe peach is at the heart and bound in strands of yellow jasmine as it tapers into a soft sillage.
396 Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie You have wafting in the air about you the decadent scent of chocolate, a balanced mixture of milk and dark, like brownies pulled straight from the oven. Beneath that dark and luscious aroma is a swirl of peanut butter, adding an extra touch of sweet with an edge of roasted peanut.
397 Lemon Buttercream Cake You have about you the sweet-tart scent of freshly baked lemon cake, zested with a faintly biting hint of grated peel. Buttercream frosting tames the tangy citrus, with notes of confectioner's sugar, vanilla, and butter teasing the senses before a tint of lush strawberry ushers the fragrance to a mild finish.
398 Rum-Soaked Apricot Fruit Cake You have on your skin the cloying scent of rum-soaked fruit cake, with faint vanilla threads winding through clouds of cinnamon and nutmeg. Roasted pecans add a bitter note to the sweetness, at odds with the hints of candied apricots found beneath the wash of spiced spirits.
399 Wild White Chocolate Cherry You have in the air about you the unmistakable scent of white chocolate, sugary-sweet with a touch of almond, that is underscored and complemented by an infusion of roasted chicory. To balance any bitterness, wild cherry has been threaded through the heart, brightening the fragrance with its tang.
400 Spiked Coffee You have on your skin the distinctive aroma of freshly brewed coffee, dark and rich with its complexity. Threads of vanilla and cream swirl throughout the body of the brew, lightening its presence with a hint of sugar, while a draught of aged whiskey lingers beneath, adding another layer to the fragrance.
401 Palestra You have a bold and hearty blend of musk and leather bracing the air before you, redolent of sweat, steel, and blood on the battlefield.
402 Old City You have a rich blend of velvet-soft coconut and bold green fig brightening your skin. Hints of moss and iris root cool the heady fragrance like the shade of a tree along a riverwalk.
403 Lor You have a crisp and bold harmony of sweet myrrh and loamy forest undergrowth enlivening the air around you. Cardamom and green mandarin brighten the accord, like light off the silver bark of a lor tree.
404 Imperatrix You have a powerful melange of rare spices and resinous woods radiating from your skin, sweetened by hints of precious saffron and bitter rose.
405 Valence You have a clash of smoke, brimstone, and hot metal rippling along the surface of your flesh. Within the darkness lingers the odor of electrified air after a lightning strike.
406 You have wreathed about yourself the intoxicating scent of hyacinths in full bloom attended by bright citrus infusions of linden blossoms and bergamot, ageless and unmistakable. Beneath the green florals runs a chord of mignonette, barely notable but for the brevity of its incongruence, and all traces of it chased away by wending tendrils of rose and chrysanthemum. As the florals resolve, a heady melange takes their place, lush with hints of heliotrope and sandalwood.
407 Trepidation You have an overshadowing valance of light florals draped about you, with a honeysuckle-sweet emergence of columbine creeping through the foreground, while subtle strands of forsythia coil beneath with hints of almond and violet. Like hesitant steps on creaking stairs, the head and heart notes only slowly ease into a base of apricot-tinged oleander, allowing the fruit chords to soften the arrival of the poisoned florals.
408 Fatalistic You have a vaguely pernicious fragrance arrayed about you, with the depth of its immediate threat obscured beneath the powdery florals of anemone. Lissome threads of the fragile flower's presence twine about a sharp heart of meadow saffron, its cutting presence dulled as the head notes meld seamlessly into a base of ambrette, melding with its dendritic musk to cage the harsher element.
409 Desolation You have about you a rather alkaline fragrance, base and nearly flat with the dust of long-cool embers and ash made even more so by crystalline notes of briny sea salt. The grey head notes shift downward into a bitter-sweet infusion of sloe berries, their plumy redolence sour and vaguely floral as a sillage of purple hyacinth steals the last breath of the perfume.
410 Inevitable You have coiled about you an effusion of flowery botanicals. Foremost among them is the inescapable redolence of cyclamen, its orange-misted florals ensnared as they sink into an acrid and cloying heart of monkshood. The fragrant tangle sinks through the layers and bottoms out on a current of sweet davana, the herbal infusion providing an invitation to linger indefinitely within its tea-like sillage.
411 Defiance You have about you a subversive mantle woven of night-loving florals and the arid specters of smoke and ash. Soft breaths of nasturtium drift airily atop the nebulous veil, honey and spice perfectly wedded, while heavier chords of petunia swirl beneath, their sweetness enhanced by their late blooming. Like shadows shifting in the dead of night, currents of smoke trickle into the heart of the fragrance, redolent of fire-scorched timber and earth, before merging with the darkness in a finish teased toward the dawn by traces of pale tuberose.
412 Denial You have clinging to your skin an aphotic bouquet, with the unmistakable presence of lavender foremost among the top notes and chased by the taming essence of snapdragons, sweet to the former's herbaceous quality. The pair intertwine and sink into a citrusy heart of mock orange, the niveous florals belied by the weight of their scent, and are swept away by the attar of nightshade as it rises to consume all those that came before.
413 Hay You Guys You have a balmy aroma about you, with airs reminiscent of the nut grasses growing wild in open fields and the twang of a galloping musk threaded beneath. Notes of sun-dried hay tug the head notes downward toward a warm heart of oiled leather and into a sillage of nasturium, spiced and golden-sweet like honey.
414 You have swirling about you warm notes of cardamom and gardenia. Drifting through it all - hints of ocean spray and sea breeze, as well as the faint smell of sands warmed by the sun. An airy finish of coconut wraps through each note, pulling it all together.
415 You have encircling you like a frosty lunar halo predicting the season's first ice a wintry melange of scent that is anything but biting and cold like the season itself.  With a distinctive presence of nutmeg-muddled honeysuckle, winter daphne courses in, tangling with notes of sweetbox and paperbush, which offer hints of vanilla-jasmine and spice reminiscent of a laneside bakery.  That spice persists on a chord of viburnum, adding the complexity of allspice, before subsiding into an undercurrent of mahonia that ushers the fragrance into a honeyed nectar sillage punctuated by a lemony tang.
416 You have warm on your skin the redolence of a night spent fireside, away from the chill of winter's bite.  Lightly spiced, vanillic agarwood, hearth-heated and fragrant, melds with the variant resinous notes found in crushed juniper berries and shavings of blackened sandalwood.  The complex concordance ties into a heart of pepper-cured tobacco smoke before sinking into a base rife with animalic musk and labdanum, leaving lingering breaths of leather and amber to fade like a whisper.
417 You have an almost magnetic fragrance about you, rife with primal energies that whisper along your skin with the subtle nuances native to each element.  Softly scented plumeria, born of earth and carried on the air, intertwines with crepe jasmine, a sweetness with a hint of fire's smoke.  The fragile top notes blend seamlessly into a heart of white tea, aqueous with steamed threads of peach and pear, that fades away, leaving only a sillage reminiscent of alchemical compounds.
418 You have arrayed about you a veil of sweet and heady notes of white datura and heliotrope, backed by currents of clary sage and its poignant breaths of ruby red grapefruit.  The honeyed scents are bound in the slightly dry and musty coils of aged parchment and the metallic twang of the verdigris found green inks.  As the remains of the upper notes fade, an aurora of golden amber rises, leaving a sillage that is sweet, spicy, and redolent of opulence.
419 You have the telluric fragrance of dragon's blood resin about you, subtle and soft, that spirals into a niveous cloud of white musk.  From beneath, spears of ginger lily stir the otherwise still waters of the scent, strong with fruity undertones that are later tamed by the earthy, moss-scented foliage of feverfew.
420 You have a sheer mantle draped about you, with tendrils of vanilla-sandalwood incense smoke in the foreground carrying the powdery threads of orris root into the heart of the fragrance.  Fringed pink ambrosia ushers in a sweetness spiked with the spice and warmth of clove, which is swept up in a swirl of davana, its tea-like and lightly fruity notes leaving a gentle sillage.
421 You have an airy effusion of scent about you, light with florals and spice, fruit and fresh green notes.  White freesia flows in delicate streams through persimmon, allusive of sweetened dough and cinnamon.  The currents wind down into a puissant heart of oud and saffron, warm and earthy as if bathed in sunlight.  Galbanum envelops the finish, tying the preceeding notes together with a fresh, green spice.
422 You have a patrician veneer of scent on your skin, with the foremost inclusion the clean florals of the sunset orchid over the unsweetened fruit and spice of dry olibanum.  The higher notes fade into a heart of osmanthus, alluring with heady jasmine-like chords and subtle white musk.  Sweet wood smoke, dry and fragrant, finishes out the sillage, leaving a vague nostalgia that recalls charcoal on aged vellum.
423 You have a nebulous bouquet of florals about you, each threaded through the other though recognizable individually in brief whiffs and underscored by a rarefied scent akin to a lightning strike.  Sensual and pronounced, stargazer lilies drape the foreground in a blush-tinged white shroud shot-through by strands of water jasmine, with its sweet and sun-warmed fragrance.  Powdery tamarisk blossom blends with gentle neroli, the pair melding with the scent of ozone to leave a bittersweet sillage.
424 You have a faintly sweetened cloud scented with opium smoke lingering about you, while beneath, your skin bears the unremitting warmth of mace, its spice tempered by the grounding leathery and wood-tinged presence of labdanum.  A nearly breathless whisper of sambac spirals through the heart, bringing with it the allure of ash-dusted white florals, before the fragrance departs on an almost-bitter sillage of black tea.
425 You have enfolding you an effusion that spans the range from dark to light, only to settle in between with an earthy sweetness that is both subtle and poignant.  A light musk of tanned leather ushers in the scent, chased by curls of aged oak smoke that disperse into the lightly peppered and spiced notes of nasturtium.  Edelweiss trails after, sweet without being cloying, as light and delicate as a sigh powdered with the faint aroma of irises.
426 You have caliginous shade haunting your skin, with wormwood foremost, all bitterness and bite, with the foul breath of sulfur following close behind.  Easing the burden of the blue flame-starter, an infusion of styrax trickles in with its soft, smoky florals, only to be arrested by an acerbic strain of nightshade.  The sillage is bittersweet.
427 You have layered over your skin the soft whisper of creosote, like the scarcity of rain on the desert sands, underscored by a spice nearly bitter in the bite of blackened ginger.  A heart of scarlet bee blossom gentles the scent into something elusive but sweet, while a thin chord of tobacco smoke drags the upper notes away into a smoky sillage.
428 You have immutably about you a redolence that clings to your skin and clothes, seeming as natural to your person as a scent is to the flower that offers it.  Sweet olive and feathery cassia intertwine as the top notes, an aroma more precious than that of a lily melding with hints of honey, and hover over a heart of golden sandalwood.  Exotic spices round out the finish, taming the cloying upper currents with a melange too well blended to pinpoint any one element.
429 You have a vaguely aqueous fragrance about you, florals captured by the humidity of a dense rainforest, with the fruity-sweet ylang ylang accompanied by the gentler scent of mandevilla.  A subtle infusion of the cinnamony moth orchid bestows a touch of spice without being overpowering, and the head notes all tame the final emanation of kapok tree blossoms, leaving a mostly pleasant sillage with just the hint of a sharpened edge.
430 You have enshrouding you an enigmatic fragrance that slips from one valence to the next like sand through splayed fingers.  The past and present clash, evolving from top notes of the saffron-spiced falling star blossoms and the distinctive aroma of the elusive black lotus.  Fingers of ozone reach like gnarled lightning to drag the florals into a heart dark with the chaos of a volcano, scorched earth and sulfur stealing the sweetness and leaving little in its wake but still and breathless ash.
431 Evermore Hollow You have haunting the airs about you an ever-changing fragrance, one that recalls the loam of a freshly dug grave and the ozone of a too-near lightning strike, but also one that teases the eternal with whiffs of spectral violet dreamphlox and crushed wolfsbane. Heliotrope and neroli brighten the scent, casting light into shadow, while deep plum direblooms and late season wisteria see the sillage taper into a lulling half-light.
432 Naidem You have arrayed about you the aroma of pomegranate, a dark sweetness that foretells of oblivion, yet promises a resurrection, a return to light and life. A heart of opium resin teases the top notes downward, bades them linger a while, like the aimless departed, before a blue-violet strand of forget-me-nots streaks through to disperse the mid-notes and tease those that linger into a base of blushing lotus and white lilies.
433 Empyreal Azure You have enlivening the air about you a tart infusion of lemon-bright citrus and its distinctive tang, which quickly mellows to a cocktail of berry sweetness -- blueberry, raspberry, mulberry, and sugar plums -- at a heart based in the middle ground of ripe, freshly plucked huckleberries. The aroma lingers there but a moment before threads of puckering twang tease the sugar downward to a sweet-tart sillage of elderberries and cloudberries lightened by a breath of azure bluets.
434 Ember Ridge Orchard You have in a warming haze about you the scent of freshly brewed apple cider, crisp with fresh autumn apples and spiced with cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and nutmeg. Brown sugar, with its faintly malty aroma, blends seamlessly with chords of caramel that tease the spices downward to the heart and through it to leave a sillage of roasted, maple-candied pecans.
435 Vice and Verdancy You have an intoxicating veil of heady jasmine draped across your skin, entwining with rain-dampened moss and woody ferns fresh from the soil. Ensnaring the melange of verdurous notes are vines of velvety black musk, piercing through the greenery before corrupting them all beneath the sillage of vanilla-infused leather.
436 Taladoran Nights You have faint whispers of pale amber brushing against notes of sugared patchouli running along your skin. The duo collides with the smokiness of oud, the woodlike fragrance tempered only slightly by the addition of soil-rich petrichor. Shadows of flint and steel rise as the fragrance fades, leaving only a trace of crushed mournblooms.
437 Tangled Up in Grey You have hints of acrid metallic notes surrounding you, twisted about with the scent of freshly burned ashes. Wisps of new growth and verdancy struggle to rise to the top, but heavier tones drag the fresher notes beneath them in a tidal wave of smoke and blood.
438 You have an overpowering, but not unpleasant, melange of florals twisting about you. Top notes of fresh herbals, including sage and thyme, elevate the scent profile. The combination of floral and herbal notes rushes away in a triumphant flash of coppery tang and a faint hint of crushed minerals.
439 Mists Over the Dragonspine You have a blast of frozen honeycomb wrapped in notes of dewy mist wreathed about you. Crystallized violets dance with crushed moonflowers as they creep across the icy profile, ending in a rush of tones reminisicent of fresh, cold mountain air.
440 Autumnal Harvest You have a hint of vanilla and the citrus of summer's end twined about you. Cinnamon, clove, and a dash of cardamom prowl beneath layers of freshly harvested grains, adding a fiery warmth that ends in a flash of neroli and balsam.
441 A Twist of Dragonflies You have a veil of smoky lavender and sugared roses enveloping your form, the scents dancing in unison before revealing a base of warm amber. Ephemeral accords of vanilla and pear glide across the stage, dissipating in a fanfare of fruitlike champagne.
442 Talador Dawn You have tendrils of steeped black tea enshrouding you and wreathing your form in a wrap of citrus and milky vanilla. Dew-laden grass seeps into the melange, fading into an aura of sun-ripened berries mixed with freshly baked bread.
443 Brookside You have a marriage of violets and bluebells fluttering about you, followed by wisps of crushed larkspur and fresh-plucked alyssum. Running beneath it all is the sharp, clean scent of a gurgling brook, with a hint of sunshine-reminiscent warmth bubbling up at the very end.
444 Glimae'den's Light You have a bright scent about you - minute sparks of pink pepper floating above the scent of sweet dandelion wine, each flutter of fragrance trailed by light-hearted whispers of heliotrope and cherry blossoms. Fresh moss and oak cushions the base notes against your skin, occasionally revealing whirls of candied lilacs
445 You have hints of a summer bonfire running across your skin, followed by strong notes of crystallized ginger and smoky whiskey. Hints of warmly spiced amber and sweet tobacco mingle with the scent of old leather tomes and honeyed vanilla.
446 Land's Bounty You have notes of fresh hay enveloping you, the sweet scent cradling ripened blackberries and sun-kissed honey as they reveal themselves in turn. Tilled earth and robust pine emerges as the sillage continues, fading as the warmth of laundered wool lingers across your skin.
447 Silver Strike You have a mantle of white sandalwood and softened suede adorning your skin, the mix concealing the cool scent of metallic steel beneath its surface. Honeyed leather shades the hidden blades of cypress and salt, tempering the dry notes with its redolence.
448 You have trickles of incense entwined with ephemeral vanilla wreathing you, gentle whispers of fragrance casting a silhouette scented in tonka bean and cool aquatic notes. The faint waxlike notes of fresh-lit candles illuminate the sillage of white sage and lavender, offering themselves upon an altar of well-oiled teakwood.
449 You have hopeful notes of golden orange, bee pollen, and ivy wrapping about you. A vaguely sinister undercutting of sulphur and burnt ashes is pushed aside by bursts of new verdancy and rose blooms. With each whiff of singed earth comes a swirl of freshly fallen tears and healing herbs, the scent of new growth burying each attempt at bleak notes.

Custom and Limited Release Perfumes

The following perfumes were either custom-made for players or released in limited quantities. As such, they are not found in the infinite perfume shifters.

Number Name Scent
1 You have an acrid scent of fresh paint rising from your body. A faint metallic tang darts through the bottom notes, subtle enough to defy identification.
2 You have the freshness of hops whispering about your form, complicated by an herbal foundation of stout barley. Quiet breaths of musk further darken the melange.
3 You have whispers of cloying jasmine clinging to your skin, with bright sparks of crisp cedar flirting about base notes of winter rose.
4 You have a luxuriant melange of ice tulips clinging delicately to your body. Fresh mint chills the scent, forming a bright contrast to the husky warmth of lilies and jasmine blossoms.
5 You have the sickly-sweet odor of dead and decaying flesh rising from your skin in rancid waves. Beneath it, the husky scent of pitch and burning pine prevents the melange from overpowering the nose.
6 You have a light commingling of woodsy scents about your body, redolent with the nutty sweetness of almond oil. The acrid bite of witch hazel lingers around the edges of the scent, its presence balanced by touches of earthy fern.
7 You have a firm odor of freshly-tanned leather playing over your skin, which gives way to the warmth of musk in the bottom notes. Just a hint of lemon grass lends a clean, herbal note to the scent.
8 You have a complex scent of burnt sugar and vanilla wreathed about you in a subtle cloud of candy sweetness. Sharp notes of lush apricot and hints of lemon thrust through the subtle base of white and dark chocolate, charging the mixture with a breathy tang.
9 You have a scent warmed by cinnamon and clove lingering in a haze about you. The tart scent of crisp apples forms the top notes, which meld and give way to the incalescence of rich mulling spices that rises as a swelling undercurrent.
10 You have the freshly baked aroma of a cookie surrounding you, thick with the sweetness of sugar, richness of butter, and twinge of vanilla touched by a hint of chocolate.
11 You have a luscious fragrance of spiced honey and black currant accented by the velvety scent of vanilla orchids, with notes of sun-ripened apricot, mingling about you.
12 You have the alluring scent of honeyed gardenia petals surrounding you, challenged by the equally potent fragrance of nightshade, each struggling to dominate and overtake the other. An infusion of rich smoke adds a thickness to the scent, allowing it to subtly linger and cling to your skin.
13 You have encircling you a subtle fragrance of rose and lavender essences.
14 You have the fresh, earthy scent of rain-kissed eucalyptus leaves surrounding you in a faint, fragrant halo. Heart notes of crisp mint balanced with subtle lavender inclusions give the scent a delicate, but clean, finish.
15 You have about you the scent of fresh linen, underscored by the distinctive redolence of aged parchment. Throughout the fragrance, a briny base note of sea salt binds the upper layers together in a cohesive, complex cologne.
16 You have a heady scent enshrouding you, with top notes of warm magnolia lending to the fragrance a lush sweetness and subtle spice that is underscored by the smokiness of pink-blushed honeysuckle.
17 You have the crisp scent of the alpine wind lingering around your form, ecuding a faint, but complex, bouquet with playful notes of larkspur and mezereon blossoms flirting with the sharp, but elusive, undertones of cedar and freshly polished leather.
18 You have a delicately sweet tropical scent drifting about you. A luscious foreground of jasmine and honeysuckle mingle amongst a faint aroma reminiscent of a passed afternoon rain.
19 You have the sweet, dew-drenched fragrance of fresh garden roses swirled with the scent of warm white musk enveloping your form. Spicy notes of exotic cardamom tease through the floral scent, barely masking the strange off-notes of nightshade and belladonna.
20 You have a potent mixture of crushed hemlock and copal resin wreathing about you in astringent waves. Sharper notes of absinthe and black rum flood through a lingering, yet reserved, base note of finely aged whiskey.
21 You have the faint aquatic scents of fresh seafoam and briny saltwater wrapping about you. Spicy inclusions of sandalwood and myrrh oil punctuate the cologne, giving way to a spray of muted honeysuckle and valerian base notes.
22 You have the delicate combination of ripe strawberries and heady chocolate subtly surrounding him. The scent is sweet and light, yet interspersed with notes reminiscent of rich vanilla cream.
23 You have the delicate scents of fresh green pear and tender cherry blossom clinging to your form in a redolent haze. The bitterness of white tea leaves adds depth to the lightly floral fragrance, before warming to a richer, sanguine cedarwood base note.
24 You have the piquant amber haze of fresh gingerbread wafting about you, with sharp notes of clove and nutmeg among those most noticeable. Beneath the sharp currents of ginger and spice, the mellow scent of sandalwood, touched with vanilla, brings the aroma down to a smooth plain.
25 You have the subtle traces of an enigmatic fragrance lingering about you. Caliginous threads of cattleya orchid twine through a heart of powdery heliotrope, stroked with wisps of oakmoss that dissolve into a bittersweet sillage of dark pomegranate.
26 You have the stench of bad breath and unwashed flesh, mixed with the deep loamy bog scents of rotting vegetation found in the swamp hovering around you.
27 You have the strong scent of rum, sweat, and the open sea drifting about your person.
28 You have breaths of succulent peach and overpoweringly sweet honey clinging warmly to your body, playing headily over sultry undercurrents of rose attar and vibrant sirenflower.
29 You have a clean freshness about you reminiscent of a summery ocean breeze. The cool spice of balsam is enhanced by sharp bites of sea salt flowing amid the top notes, while sweet clover complicates the airy melange.
30 You have the forlorn pungence of winter roses about you, brightened by the cold crispness of iceblossoms. Sharp hints of pine bite at the edges of the scent like a chill breeze.
31 You have the rich and heady aroma of sweet, velvety rose blossoming over your skin, complemented by whispers of saccharine honeysuckle. Breaths of sandalwood snake through the scent, lending it body and strength.
32 You have smooth, velvety tones of lavender lingering strongly about you. Wild rose lends its exotic breath to the scent, which has a refined finish of sandalwood.
33 Voiceless Song You have hints of a pleasantly sweet scent gently wreathing your body. Though honeysuckle and strawberries regale the nose with the sweet lushness of spring, a darker melange of mournbloom and cypress oil lingers at the edges like the wisps of a dream. The resultant scent is blithe but haunted by the starker aftertones.
34 Midnight Tryst You have slightly absinthian notes of lavender haunting your skin and hair, which dissolve into lemon-hazed chords of faintly terpene vervain sweetened by an infusion of lush orange blossom.
35 Delirium Manor You have an enticing aroma of spicy gingerbread laced with veiled undertones of cool peppermint lingering around you.
36 Ezreshi Dreams You have an acrid bite of sea salt dancing across your skin that is enlivened by a base note of teak, with its crisp, woodsy and somewhat soapy scent. Floral airs play across the light mixture, their fruity underlying aroma reminiscent of sweet plumeria and pungent ginger, while the refined and warm blend of lemon finishes the misty fragrance.
37 Scoundrel's Taint You have a thick, rancid fog, redolent of the Bloodriven sewers, hanging heavily around you. Oddly, the stench clinging to your form fills you with confidence in its ability to attract even the most timid of rats.
38 You have a sophisticated veil of fragrance, with top notes of white calla lily and pale jasmine. A chilled heart of orris root and dark oud is buried beneath and clings with frost-etched fingers that gradually slip, leaving a finish of expensive vellum and indistinct weald chords in its wake.
39 Zombie Kitten Stampede You have about you a peculiar scent, a sweetness more like that of putrefaction than honey and laced with the necrotic airs of ozone and wayward alchemical experimentation. The line between tolerability and aversion is narrow and crossed freely as the fragrance sinks toward base notes that are redolent of a recently used madstone and freshly crushed catnip.
40 You have rich, heavy notes of freshly procured ink gliding across your skin, the aura bleeding slowly into a melange of black amber and rose-like hellebore before collapsing into a faint whisper of belladonna.