Malluch Burdos

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Malluch Burdos
Storyline Blood Son
Gender male
Race human
Hometown Wehnimer's Landing
Relationship(s) Murdos Burdos, father

Malluch Burdos is the son of Murdos Burdos, the gem dealer in Wehnimer's Landing.


You see Lord Malluch Burdos
He appears to be a Human.
He is tall and appears to be youthful.  He has bright grey-speckled cobalt blue eyes and tanned skin.  He has shoulder length, smooth dark blonde hair worn in a slender ponytail.  He has a clean-shaven face, a straight nose and a trimmed dark blonde goatee.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a crystal amulet, a high-collared dark brown longcoat, a gem-clasped dark leather pack, some reinforced black silk tunic, a polished silver thumb signet, a notched and faded russet leather swordbelt, a folded leather coin pouch, a pair of fitted black pants, and a pair of charcoal suede boots.


Malluch is not shy about being handsome, and it's no secret he is more committed to himself than the adoring women who can be seen on his arm from time to time. He was born and raised in Wehnimer's Landing, but his parents sent him to the Turamzzyrian Empire for four years, where he studied at a lesser college in Nydds, which was all his family could afford. It's said he is respected among local merchants, yet his primary wish is to be selected for a town council position. It's also been no secret that his father, while he had hoped for loftier goals than a town councilman, is still proud of the young man he has raised. Malluch recently returned to Wehnimer's Landing shortly after the War of Shadows.

In 5116, he campaigned for Town Council but did not win.

In 5118, he was unmasked to be the first Rone vigilante after being brainwashed and given the gauntlets that power each of their abilities.

In 5120, now a converted leader of the Blood cult he returns with refugees, who presumably worship Grishom Stone.