Mechanical crossbow and bow

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Mechanical crossbows and bows are ranged weapons with special scripts. They have been sold in Bloodriven Village and at Ebon Gate 2018 in Grinding Gears. Not to be confused with old-style mechanical crossbows known as windlass crossbows.

Tier 1 (OTS)


You analyze the {item} and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

The creator has also provided the following information:
 ----------------MECHANICAL CROSSBOWS & BOWS----------------------
|   These crossbows/bows are of gnomish craftsmanship, and very  |
|   intricate.  Any alteration should be along with this theme.  |
|                                                                |
|   Bows should have a wooden stock or grip, metallic gears and  |
|   limbs with crystal lenses for sights.                        |
|                                                                |
|   If altering these, you may ONLY change the base 15/15/15     |
|   and the settings below.                                      |
|                                                                |
|   It is currently a locked, off the shelf version.             |
|   You have access to: WEAR, REMOVE.                            |

  Metal Gears  = bronze
  Metal Cams   = bronze
  Metal Limbs/Stirrup  = steel
  Crystal Sights = clear


Verb First
WEAR You sling your heavy arbalest over your shoulder, its mithril arms folding up neatly to its sides.
REMOVE You unsling a mechanical heavy arbalest off from over your shoulder, its mithril arms unfolding neatly to the sound of whirring gears.

Tier 3

Can be loaded with up to 5 ammo at a time. For crossbows, COCK with a loaded bolt has a flat roundtime unaffected by encumbrance, also forcing offensive stance like normal crossbows. SPIN has a 30 minute cooldown and discharges all loaded ammo in a volley, preferring different enemies but will continue discharging as long as there are still enemies alive (if there are fewer enemies than ammo, then they can be targeted multiple times). If there are no more living enemies then the remaining ammo will remain loaded in the weapon.


A fine example of gnomish ingenuity and workmanship, this heavy arbalest displays curved mithril arms extending outward from the stock and is capped at the front with a mithril stirrup.  Large oval cams of black steel are wrapped in the bowstring that stretches across a network of mithril gears set amid either arm and into the interior of the arbalest.  Aligned atop the stock are a pair of crimson crystal lenses serving as sights, with a small trigger extending from the underside of the weapon.

Examining the arbalest you see that it is cocked and loaded with 5 bolts.


Verb First
POINT You raise your heavy arbalest to eye level, looking down through the crimson crystal sights.
POINT (target) You raise your heavy arbalest to eye level, looking down the crimson crystal sights and taking direct aim at {target}'s {aim location}!
POKE You tap your finger impatiently on the trigger of your heavy arbalest.
RUB You carefully run your hand across your heavy arbalest and pause to wipe a bit of black grease off some of the mithril gears. Much better!
PULL You pull back on the strings of your heavy arbalest causing the black steel cams to rotate smoothly as the arbalest's arms bend slightly in response. The arbalest appears to be in ready.
PUSH You lower your heavy arbalest, place your foot into the front stirrup, and push open a panel on its side. Inside is a chaotic cluster of tiny gears and springs, but nothing looks amiss. Satisfied you close the arbalest's side panel and return it to your side.
LOAD You flip open the stock of your heavy arbalest and load a heavy crossbow bolt into it. As you do, several gears spin and whirl, drawing the bolt into the interior of your arbalest. You then quickly snap the stock shut.
COCK You draw back on the bowstring of your heavy arbalest causing its mithril gears to whirl, lifting a heavy crossbow bolt from the interior and snapping it into place.
SPIN You aim down the amber crystal sights and squeeze the trigger of your heavy arbalest, the brass gears snapping into action!
The gears on a mechanical heavy arbalest whir into life and begin to rapidly discharge bolts in an impressive volley!
Mechanical crossbow and bow Information
Type Mechanical
Item Classification Weapon
Item(s) Applied to Ranged Weapons
Alterable Yes
Light/Deep Yes
Tiered Yes
Number of Tiers 4
Item Verbs