Bloodriven Village

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Map of Bloodriven Village and Duskruin Arena

Bloodriven Village is the location of Duskruin Arena.

General Information

Home to a variety of shops and activities, Bloodriven Village offers something for anyone who might be interested in visiting. Travel there can be achieved via wagon or by utilizing the QUEST verb (see: Duskruin travel info).


Bloodriven Village shops offer a number of items available for purchase with bloodscrip which can be earned from arena matches, Bank Heist runs, or Bloodriven sewer searches. General items available include gear such as armor and weapons and materials for artisan skills. More exclusive offerings include scripted items that offer a mechanical advantage in combat. For lists of available wares, see the Full Shop Listings by Run.

Kraet Ship

The August 2021 Duskruin introduced a new gladiatorial culture of half-krolvin from the Isle of Kraet. With them came new wares, including weapons, helms, and clothing options.

Full Shop Listings by Run


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