Metaboculous (prime)

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Legend Metaboculous Griden

On April 12th of 1997, in the lands of Elanthia...our brother Metaboculous moved on to greater glory in other lands...his titles include among many...the first Legend Warrior in the lands...Co-Chairperson and Founder of Helden Hall...His vast knowledge and memorable answers will be remembered fondly and will hopefully be put to good use...

(From March 1997):
You see Lord Metaboculous Griden the Giantman Warrior.
He appears to be in his 100's, has shoulder length, wavy light brown hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin. He is in good shape.
He is wearing a tanik amulet, a black zephyr hound hide cloak, a large halfling fur sack that seems to hold something small and squirming, a massive black rolaren shoulder sheath fashioned into the shape of a hulking serpent with dragonfire opals for eyes, a gleaming black onyx rose, a silver clasped backpack, a golden wolf's head pin which reads "Me Dog...Spot", some polished black leather boots, a black zephyr hound rune pouch, a white glove, a white glove, some black warrior's armor studded with veniom, a black vultite shield, a crystal amulet, and a gold ring.