Neilli (prime)

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Neilli Mac'Dhonnchaidh

I was third born of ten, and the only daughter. My mother died giving birth to my youngest brother. After her death, I stepped up and took over all household responsibilities. I was only twelve at the time.

When I had free time, I would practice my fighting skills. When my baby brother was approaching training age, my father started pushing me to find a husband. He said that at 21, I was too old to still be at home, and that I needed to start a family of my own. I agreed that I was too old to be at home. But I knew I did not want to be a mother either, so I left.

My brothers have now all taken the Rites and are full T'Kirem warriors, all but the youngest. He chose another path. It is my wish to one day return as an accomplished warrior, complete the Rites and finally take my rightful place beside my brothers.