Omahice (prime)

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Race Elf
Culture Loenthra
Hometown Wehnimer's Landing
Class Bard
Profession Vagabond
Affiliation(s) Member of the Guardians of Sunfist
Disposition Depressed, false cheerfulness when drinking heavily
Demeanor Sarcastic and tends to drive people away
Greatest Strength Fearless with no care for his own life and safety
Greatest Weakness Taking unneeded risks due to a death wish
Habits Drinking to excess
Hobbies Playing music, usually soft or somber. Drinking alcohol.
Likes killing orcs
Dislikes Orcs...hates with a passion
Fears Never being able to atone for his past
Best Friend Feels strongly that he doesn't deserve friends due to causing his sister's death

You see Journeyman Omahice the Vagabond.

He appears to be a Loenthra Elf.

He is average height.  He appears to be in the spring of life.  He has bright steel grey eyes and tanned skin.  He has shoulder length, flowing dark blonde hair worn in a ponytail.  He has an angular face, a classical nose and a jagged scar across his forehead.

He is wearing a fire opal inset ora flagon, an elegant imflass earcuff, a pale blue orc hide shirt, an etched platinum earring, a pair of skull-buckled boots, a pale white damask belt, an oak brown viper skin robe, a moonstone inset steel buckle, a small cobalt blue belt pouch, a large golden yellow pack, a pair of gold-threaded leggings, a brushed blue felt hat, and some weathered indigo full leathers.

Early Life

Born in a small village several leagues away from Ta'Vaalor, Omadrae had a quiet childhood. Spending most of his time entertaining and spoiling his little sister Hicenthea, 10 years younger than he, whom he doted upon. His greatest pleasure came from singing to her and playing his flute while she danced for the family. The thought of leaving the village and his simple life never crossed his mind, as he was betrothed to the local miller's daughter, and he had no thoughts of traveling or adventuring.

The Beginning of the End

One summer morning Hicenthea begged Omadrae to take her berry picking in the woods. Omadrae reminded her that they were not to go into the woods without an escort due to recent orc activity, but he found himself unable to refuse her pleas for fresh berries and a walk in the woods. Besides, they would only go in a short way and wouldn't be there long at all. So, Omadrae once again found himself doing what he had too in order to see his sister smile.

The journey to the woods was uneventful, with no signs of any monster activity or danger in the air. As they entered the woods, Omadrae her a noise and then everything went black.

The End of the Beginning

Omadrae awoke to find himself in a ditch, searing pain across his forehead and dried blood on his face. Panicking to see that the sun was far lower in the sky, he scrambled from the ditch to see his parents and other townsfolk standing around what was left of Hicenthea. The orcs had not been kind to her and left little recognizable behind.

Hearing him moving, everyone looked at him and his father roared in anger, telling Omadrae "You are dead to us all...this is your killed her. Leave this village and never come back. You are no longer my are a cursed being who destroys all that is beautiful with your careless actions! Leave!"

Looking from face to face, Omadrae saw that everyone there fully agreed with what his father was saying he felt his entire life being turned upside down because he knew deep down inside that they were was his fault that the sunshine that his sister brought to the world was destroyed. And so Omadrae turned and left taking nothing with him but the clothes on his back and an emptiness in his heart and soul.


Like Hicenthea, Omadrae is no longer around. He climbed into a bottle of alcohol and never came out. Instead, he calls himself Omahice since he will never be complete without his sister. Spending his time hunting and killing orcs, wanting to die, but knowing he doesn't deserve the peacefulness that the grave will bring. Instead, he must live and suffer until he has atoned for the death and destruction he wrought.

When not hunting orcs, he is usually drinking and playing his flute in the town center. Wanting to be around people, but knowing he doesn't deserve friends or companionship, he does his best to keep people at arm's length, knowing in his heart that he will only bring pain and suffering to those around him.