House of Loenthra

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House of Loenthra
Crest a silver harp on a field of amethyst
Jewel amethyst (purple)
Statement "The singers of the melody to which
all things are harmony."
Founder Callisto Loenthra
Ruler Queen Cadhla

The House of Loenthra was one of seven noble houses of elves and a part of the ancient Elven Empire. It was originally founded by Callisto Loenthra. Its current reigning Queen is Cadhla Loenthra. Cadhla's daughter, Princess Elsevel, wed the then-Prince Eamon of Ardenai just a few years before he ascended as that House's king.

Historically, the House of Loenthra has been associated with cosmopolitan culture, merchanting, and art of all types. The House crest is that of a silver harp set upon an amethyst field, and its royal jewel is likewise the amethyst. Its heraldic statement is "The singers of the melody to which all things are harmony."

Travel guides have the following to say about the Loenthra:

Queen Cadhla is the current ruler of House Loenthra.

Loenthrans, who more than likely are nothing but friendly on distant lands, appreciate and respect one another to the fullest. This may have to do with the saying, "No one can truly appreciate the beauty of a Loenthran save by another Loenthran." How sure I am of that, I could not be, but I was struck with awe by the exquisiteness of the land and the muses that cradled this nation.

The beauty of the Ta'Loenthra is like a storybook country. The lush green grasses are dotted with vineyards and orchards that would be brightly colored in the springs, marble lined streets and broad ivory lampposts lined the pristine streets and the buildings themselves are each works of art. The people I found to be less enchanting but never the less hospitable by any means, I am sure this has to do with the large trade industry that bustles about in the city.

Every night in Ta'Loenthra there was some new event to be catered to whether it is a ball, art show, performance or pageantry in the streets. Seldom did I drift off to sleep without the distant lull of a bard strumming a love-lorn ballad.


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