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Pan's Place is a private property located within the Cooper's Shop in Wehnimer's Landing. Originally built during the Ice age by Pan Truesilver.

The current owner of the property is Ardwen Ydwenson. It includes a magical workshop and a monthly rent of 150,000 silvers a month.


[Cooper's Shop, Workshop]
The crunch of wood shavings underfoot and the tangy scent of newly cut lumber indicate barrels are fitted and joined in this open workshop. Mallets, chisels and hammers are neatly arranged in a tool chest on the floor. Kegs in various states of completion surround you.
Obvious exits: northwest


You make a careful search of the area and discover a wooden trapdoor!

Secret Room

[Cooper's, Secret Room]
This cool and pleasant room brings a calm smile to your lips. It bears the clean, comforting scent of freshly worked wood, and the floor is covered with shavings of modwir, cedar, oak. The walls are formed of long, vertical planks, fastened with pegs to the substructure and joined in a dovetailed, almost seamless fashion. Great care and skill has gone into making this simple storage space. You also see a wooden trapdoor, a wooden tool chest and a vertical wood panel.
Obvious exits: none

>look in chest

In the tool chest you see a crystal knob.

>look knob (Go on, play with it!!)

This knob is made of gleaming, faceted crystal and glows with some kind of inner light.

>look panel

The plank is seamlessly fitted into the wall, with a small knothole about halfway up. You try and squint through it but can discern nothing beyond.

Ambient Room Scripts

A rustling in the wood shavings beneath your feet draws your attention, as a tiny field mouse darts across the room and disappears through a knothole in the far wall.

A draft of warm, fragrant air enters the room through a large knothole in the center of the wood panel before you.

You hear vague noises, like muffled voices, from behind the wood-panelled wall.

Low Room

[Pan's Place, Low Room]
A low ceiling painted in exquisite natural colors adorns this room. A skylight set with panes of clear mica lets in the light to nurture the plants and flowers that line the panelled walls. Several unpretentious chairs face the warm, inviting hearth of a brick fireplace in the east wall. Against the opposite wall, a leather sofa with plump cushions beckons, a tempting spot to doze in front of the fire while contemplating esoteric matters. You also see a rent box, a crystalline door that seems to have light shining through it from the other side, a crystalline knob and a vertical wood panel.
Obvious exits: up

>look plant

This specimen contains a magnificent, fragrant bloom. Its vibrant color and delicate scent seem to attract you, almost against your will.

>sniff plant

Attracted by the heady fragrance and riotous colors of the blossom on the plant, you bend over and inhale deeply. You find yourself lost in a reverie of images and voices, almost unaware of your surroundings. Suddenly you come to, after several pleasant moments.

>look panel

The panel is seamlessly fitted into the wall, with a small knothole about halfway up.

>look fireplace

The fireplace is sturdy and solid. The bricks look old, as though they have been transported from elsewhere and lovingly rebuilt to grace this cozy room.

Ambient Room Scripts

A tiny field mouse darts in from a knothole in the wainscotting and, looking very embarrassed that you have noticed him, disappears through a chink in the bricks of the fireplace.

A beam of light falls from the skylight and illuminates a particularly beautiful, rare plant.  The warmth and light seem to trigger its fragrance, which fills the room.

You hear a skittering noise from the skylight overhead and catch a shadowy glimpse of a squirrel blithely leaping across the rooftop.

Enchanting Chamber


[Pan's Enchanting Chamber]
The walls in this high chamber are painted pure white, but here and there they are scarred with burn marks, acid splotches and traces of powerful reagents and catalysts, as though some of the procedures undertaken did not turn out quite as expected. The west wall is almost totally covered with a sprawling mural, a swirl of bright images. A single titanium table stands in the middle of the room, heaped with scrolls and notebooks. You also see a rolaren substructured chest and a crystalline door that seems to have light shining through it from the other side.
Obvious exits: none

>look mural

The mural is crowded with elaborate images that at first glance are just a jumble to you. As you step back, they become clearer. You see that the scenes depict all of the spells in a master wizard's magical arsenal in use. The mural has a few gaps, where some scenes are unfinished, and you eagerly ponder what the master artist will fill those gaps with.

>look table

This titanium table appears ancient, yet ageless. Its surface is unscathed by the countless magical processes that have been undertaken upon it, unlike the surrounding walls.

>look on table

On the titanium table you see a heap of scrolls.

>look chest

This chest appears to be an heirloom or relic of some sort, though it looks as new and unmarred as the day it was crafted. Runes in an ancient tongue adorn its metallic bands, and two elaborate handles on either side are cast in the shape of sea drakes. The handles must be purely decorative, since it looks far too heavy to be lifted by mortal means.

Ambient Room Scripts

You feel a faint vibration emanating from the titanium table, causing you to back away until it subsides.

The light from beyond the door seems to fade and then glow more brightly.

Out of the corner of your eye you notice the jumble of images on the painted mural appear to pulsate and move, almost as though the scene were a living, breathing manifestation of essence.

Hidden Garden

[Pan's Place, Hidden Garden]
A constellation of candles in punched metal holders illuminates the narrow garden beside the cooper's shop and the brewery, dappling the grey field stone path and sparkling off the water of a winding stream. The stream traces the course of the Locksmehr River in miniature, its banks verdant with native rushes and ferns. A stately oak tree surrounded by a collection of exotic plants stands in the west where Wehnimer's Landing would be on the real river. To the east, a somnolent buzz points the way to a hidden apiary. You also see a hollow tree stump.
Obvious paths: down

>look stream

Someone has clearly spent years lovingly shaping this stream to look like a natural feature. The rivulet's mossy stones create tiny waterfalls that mask the noise of the busy streets outside. A field stone path follows the stream's meandering path until the water disappears behind a mossy boulder and the natural illusion is lost.

>look tree

Large enough to be a younger sibling to the towering tree in Town Square, the oak's spreading branches bear candles in punched tin holders clustered above a simple wrought iron table and a set of wicker chairs.

>look on table

On the wrought iron table you see a clay jug, a gold-trimmed porcelain teapot, a crystal decanter, a plate of barbecued cockatrice wings and a warm honey cake on a tall silver stand.

>look plants

The garden is replete with rare plant species, from the spiny succulents of the Southron Wastes to Icemule's graceful moonflowers. While some of the plants have medicinal and culinary uses, others are purely ornamental. A few, including a rare nightshade species and stalks of purple aconite, are both lethal and beautiful.

>look apiary

A trio of small, white wooden structures holds flats of bees, the winged workers making constant flights among the garden's blooms and into the neighboring brewery's hops. Each humming hive is painted to eerily resemble Darkstone Castle, even down to the glaes portcullis.

Ambient Room Scripts

A light snow drifts silently to the ground.

Delicate snowflakes cling to your eyelashes.

An occasional snowflake drifts to the ground.

A sudden gust makes the snow dance and swirl around you.

Smuggler's Cavern

[Pan's Place, Smuggler's Cavern]
The faint scent of sea air suggests the far end of this tunnel opens somewhere along Darkstone Bay, but only someone who knew the path well would brave the branching passageways. A subterranean waterfall conceals a dogleg turn that widens out into a natural chamber. Within the vaulted chamber, sealed display cases hold delicate treasures, while gold and silver baubles cover the floor in glittering drifts. A dip in the floor holds a pool of coins that would be deep enough for swimming if the pit were filled with water.
Obvious exits: none

>look waterfall

The stream that winds through the garden above carries its cargo of oak leaves and modwir needles to the caves below. Torchlight reveals the chamber behind the water only dimly, but even in this low light, the wealth of precious gems and coins glitter through the waterfall's spray.

>look cases

You see some display cases. Looking at the cases, you see an oak case and a mithril-hinged case.

>look oak case

The immense case's beveled glass and silvered oak doors reveal a dazzling collection of treasures. An alloy warblade holds pride of place in the center, its double edges gleaming in the faint light. Near it, an armor stand displays a suit of red armor with an etched crest bearing the letters "TBC." Amid the other jewelry is a massive pale blue diamond that stands alone on its velvet platform, as if nothing else dares to be too close. A blue emerald eye seems to stare back at you.

>look mithril case

The case is full, not of jewelry or weapons, but books and papers. A closer look reveals an assortment of personal diaries, ancient manuscripts, delicate scrolls, and a letter with a lipstick print. You also see a beautifully carved rose among the treasured items.

>look rose

Fragile and unblemished, the rose is still beautiful after many years of being locked behind glass. The sense of something ephemeral still endures somehow.

Ambient Room Scripts

The sound of the wind whistling comes from outside.