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Throughout Elanthia, you'll find private properties, which are a set of rooms designed to create a private structure, assigned to an individual character. The themes of these private properties vary, typically based upon location, or how they were offered for sale. Some private properties are completely custom designed by the player/owner, such as a Simucoin Private Property and others sold at auction. Most private properties are sold pre-designed. Private properties inside of towns often require the owner to have citizenship of that town (e.g. Aies apartment in Ta'Illistim).

Property Classification

Bungalow System: (BS)

The Bungalow System, also referred to as Middle Class properties, was released at the Grand Auction of 5123. A total of 12 bungalows were auctioned off, with 2 more available in the Legendary Treasure system, and a final 2 being teased as available at citizen raffles.

Neried's Cradle Announcement

  • Bungalows are limited to 3 rooms, details found here.
  • Bungalows may use Off-The-Shelf upgrades, such as those found in The Roof Over or Vintage Visions.
  • Bungalows are NOT eligible for limited release offerings found in the "Property Trove" at Evermore Hollow.
  • Bungalows may have other restrictions that are not explicitly stated in this listing.

Private Property System: (PPs)

The Private Property System has evolved as the management of the system has changed hands. Prior to 2022?, changes to private properties were rare. Under the leadership of GMs Thandiwe and Tivvy, a suite of new possibilities have been added, with teasers of additional upgrades available in the future.

  • Private Properties are limited to 10 rooms, in total. When sold, they typically come with 4-6 rooms.
  • Private Properties are eligible for OTS upgrades, and limited release offerings found in the "Property Trove" at Evermore Hollow.


Private properties may, or may not, be required to pay monthly rent. If rented, failure to pay rent on time may result in repossession of the property. Repossessed properties have been redistributed to other characters via auction or raffle. A certificate to remove the rental requirement has been sold at the Vintage Visions shop at Rumor Woods. Additional details may be found in the Rules & Regulations section.

Rules & Regulations

NEW 2023 - Property Rules & Regulations

Deeded properties are unique unto themselves and may be somewhat customized by the owner upon winning the property deed. Only 1 deeded property can be owned per account (including SimuCoin private properties), but they do NOT replace or restrict the purchase of Premium homes. Unlike Premium homes the properties are not automatically open to all characters on the account nor restricted to one guest; instead they are locked (or not!) using special keys which can be duplicated by rogues with lock mastery or by GameMasters, and then distributed by the owner.


Previously, upgrades were available via Elans, which was a currency used for leased or owned private properties (including SimuCoin private properties). They debuted at the December 2017 run of Summit Academy, purchased from the SimuCoin Store during appropriate events. Elans have since been discontinued in favor of property Upgrades distributed through other pay events such as Rumor Woods, Evermore Hollow, or Duskruin.

These upgrades have historically included:

Unlimited Offering

These offerings have been available Off-the-Shelf at various events.

Limited Offering

These offerings have been available via limited release, usually via auction, raffle, or trove.

  • Add-a-Still
  • Add a mailbox
  • Add a room
  • Add a workshop
  • Add a shrine
  • Property renaming