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Category: General GemStone IV Discussion
Topic: General Discussion about Gemstone IV
Message #: 4914
Author: GS4-NAIJIN
Date: 07/26/2021
Subject: PSM: Phase 3 Released

PSM: Phase 3 is now live on all instances. Please refer to the initial post at for more information.

Category: General GemStone IV Discussion
Topic: Game Systems
Message #: 836
Author: GS4-NAIJIN
Date: 07/16/2021
Subject: PSM: Phase 3 - Maneuver Updates, Effects, Feats, Weapon Techniques, and More!

Hark, all you who take up arms!

Armsmasters across Elanthia have long been comparing the combat methods of various peoples and traditions and, finding much common ground, have finally codified numerous techniques to teach through the guilds and their affiliates.

A Giantman warrior described to us her training: "I learned to reap my enemies with the force of an arctic blast at the knee of my venerable uncle, and he learned this technique from his father, who had it from his mother before him." She showed us her old claidhmore at this, hefting it with pride.

Another correspondent spoke with a Shakat caravan guard, who wore a great crimson flamberge strapped to his back. "My family taught me to wield my blade, to whirl and strike like the sandstorm," he said simply. "We brought our traditions with us out of the Sea of Fire."

A student at the Warrior Guild in River's Rest was effusive about the new training regimen: "The masters call it the 'Whirlwind' technique, you see. It's not new, but they're teaching it here now, and oh, I have so much more to learn!"

Whether you reach for sword, bow, or hammer, or raise your bare fists, know that the armsmasters of Elanthia, Guild-backed or not, are here to teach you, and to learn from you, to the betterment of us all!


PSM: Phase 3 is being released to the Platinum instance for further testing, and will be arriving on all instances when we are confident it is ready. Please review the wiki page at for detailed information on all the changes. Phase 3 has been a major effort involving many teams and I would like to extend special thanks to:

- The entire development team for design, coding, planning, and all the time spent reviewing changes.
- Gyres for the bestest of wordsmithing and the in-character text above, without whom you would have messaging as bad as this thank you line.
- Ixix, Mestys, Oscuro, Viduus, and Zissu for QC.
- Auchand for creature design input.
- Xeraphina, Gyres, and Motte for wiki guidance and updates.
- Discord #mechanics channel for significant testing. Several players were immensely helpful during the extended testing phase.

Category: Combat, Magic, and Character Mechanics
Topic: Magic
Message #: 5732
Author: GS4-NAIJIN
Date: 12/29/2020
Subject: CML & SMR Updates

SMRv2/CML Updates

The CML roll system is one that many players have expressed a dislike for. Even with maxed skill/stat training, it’s very difficult to defend against without training in the maneuver being used. This leads to players training primarily for defensive purposes, and not being able to utilize the rest of the maneuvers offensively for diversity or flavor.

The conversion to SMRv2 will increase baseline defense against CML across the board, and will still provide an opportunity to train in certain skills for increased defense should a player choose to. Our goal here is to reduce the necessity to train in skills purely for defense and open up other maneuvers to players.

In order to facilitate this change, some changes have been made to the SMRv2 formula itself.

General SMRv2 changes

Racial maneuver bonuses have been changed to be a bonus to dodge ranks instead of a flat percentage. This change applies to maneuvers that take dodge into account, which is currently all of them.

  • Human: 0
  • Giant : 0
  • Half-Elf : 3% => 30 ranks
  • Sylvankind : 3% => 30 ranks
  • Dark Elf : 3% => 30 ranks
  • Elf : 6% => 60 ranks
  • Dwarf : 0
  • Halfling : 6% => 60 ranks
  • Forest Gnome : 6% => 60 ranks
  • Burghal Gnome : 8% => 80 ranks
  • Half-Krolvin : 0
  • Erithian : 3% => 30 ranks
  • Aelotoi : 3% => 30 ranks

The benefit from being in higher stances has been halved. This means that being in a guarded stance is now the same as being in forward stance prior to the conversion.

  • The amount of time a pure spends in guarded was benefiting them more than intended. This change allows for stancing to provide a defensive boost on demand, but will reduce the persistent benefit casters receive to what should be one of their weaknesses.

SMRv2 attacks made from hiding now pushdown target stance similar to using the AMBUSH verb.

Force on Force has been added to SMRv2 rolls. This applies the same as it does to other systems.

Players can now better defend against magical SMRv2 attacks, similar to training ranks in the CML system.

  • Knowing the spell, regardless of ability to cast: +20% (Rank 5).
  • Can learn the spell, but hasn’t yet: +8% (Rank 3).
  • Can learn from the same sphere of magic, but not the same circle: +2% (Rank 1).
  • No influence in the spell’s sphere: +0% (No ranks).

Combat Mobility will now trigger for SMRv2 rolls.

CML Specific Changes

CML rolls have been replaced with SMRv2.

Training in a skill grants up to a 25% offensive and defensive bonus against like level creatures. The bonus has been changed from flat scaling, and now provides more benefit the higher in rank you are. The total bonus granted against like level targets is as follows:

  • Rank 1: +2%
  • Rank 2: +4%
  • Rank 3: +8%
  • Rank 4: +12%
  • Rank 5: +20%
  • Guild Master: +25%

Weapon Specialization and Weapon Bonding still apply a 2% / rank bonus.

Shield Focus will still apply a 2% / rank bonus.

Cunning Defense has been updated to provide dodge ranks for the purposes of SMRv2 defense. This applies to CML SMRv2 rolls, and maxes out at +30 dodge ranks.

  • Rank 1: +2
  • Rank 2: +4
  • Rank 3: +6
  • Rank 4: +8
  • Rank 5: +10

SMRv2 offensive power is based on the relevant skill training per character level.

  • 1x in a skill is considered baseline. Diminishing returns apply for training over 1x, with 2x training being 15% more effective than 1x training.
  • CMAN skill is used as a primary skill for every maneuver. Secondary skills may be averaged in, to find the total skill value.

All racial size modifiers have been moved to post-roll calculations and will modify the final roll, rather than the connection roll. This is similar to how channeling affects the endroll of warding spells.

  • Gnomes and halflings have had their bonuses changed to line up with their size. Burghal gnomes are the smallest, followed by halflings, and then forest gnomes.

Racial size modifiers are now:

  • Giantman/Half-Krolvin: +10, no change.
  • Dwarf/Human: +5, no change.
  • Half-Elf/Sylvankind/Dark Elf/Erithian: 0, no change.
  • Elf/Aelotoi: -5, no change.
  • Burghal Gnome: -15 to -20.
  • Forest Gnome: -15 to -10.
  • Halfling: -20 to -15.

Added backend support to handle custom messaging.

Injuries are now applied like all other SMRv2 rolls. Only rank 2 and 3 wounds will cause penalties to the attacker.

All maneuvers have had stance reviewed for both offensive and defensive purposes. This information has been added to the HELP output.

Shields now provide a defensive bonus to many maneuvers. This information has been added to the HELP output.

Shield size modifiers that apply to maneuvers have been added to HELP output.

Setups that inflict critical damage have had their critical rank normalized based on the endroll and power level of the maneuver.

  • A common complaint was being unable to determine the effect of one maneuver over another that differed primarily in power level (e.g., shield bash vs shield charge). This should help reduce the variance of those types of maneuvers.
  • Maneuvers of the same power level should result in similar criticals, however, every maneuver has the freedom to make adjustments as necessary.
  • Note: this is coded, but maneuvers will need a review individually to determine if they should be updated.

- Naijin

Category: Combat, Magic, and Character Mechanics
Topic: Developer's Corner
Message #: 1432
Author: GS4-NAIJIN
Date: 9/30/2020
Subject: Maneuver Update - Phase 1, General Release

The maneuver update posted at is now available for all instances. Fast migration for ARMOR, SHIELD, and CMAN have been enabled.

Category: Combat, Magic, and Character Mechanics
Topic: Developer's Corner
Message #: 1417
Author: GS4-NAIJIN
Date: 9/27/2020
Subject: [Platinum] Maneuver Update - Phase 1

Hey all,

The team is excited to announce an update to the CMAN, SHIELD, ARMOR, and ASCENSION systems. All four systems have been consolidated on the backend to what we call the Player System Manager. This update was done to improve development and increase consistency across the board. On the frontend, you will notice some subtle changes to INFO, LIST, and HELP. Stamina and roundtimes have been adjusted across the board and you will see a decrease overall for most maneuvers.

For a more detailed explanation of all the changes, please see the design document at

Category: Gemstone IV Announcements
Topic: Important Announcements
Message #: 3571
Author: GS4-NAIJIN
Date: 5/11/2020
Subject: Combat/Shield Maneuver Updates

Please note that the following changes will be rolled out initially in Platinum for Beta Testing purposes, and will be rolled into all instances once Beta has concluded.

Combat and shield maneuvers no longer have a level restriction for training. In addition, maneuvers have been updated to allow usage during hard roundtime. You may use your combat momentum to follow up a combat action with a maneuver but if you are interrupted by an enemy you lose the momentum. The number of times you can use a maneuver is increased by training in Multi Opponent Combat and a new use is granted at 10, 35, 75, and 125 ranks. You will still receive the roundtime and incur an additional stamina cost at 10% + 5% per additional use. You must specify FORCERT at the end of a maneuver or toggle the flag using CMAN FORCERT, e.g., CMAN DIRTKICK KOBOLD FORCERT.

Combat Maneuvers:

  • Shadow Mastery
  • Bearhug
  • Dirtkick
  • Shield Bash
  • Hamstring
  • Crowd Press
  • Garrote
  • Charge
  • Shield Charge
  • Headbutt
  • Haymaker
  • Coup de Grace
  • Tackle
  • Sweep
  • Disarm
  • Sunder Shield
  • Twin Hammerfists
  • Subdue
  • Cheapshots (all)
  • Groin Kick
  • Subdual Strike
  • Sucker Punch
  • Bull Rush
  • Surge of Strength
  • Trip
  • Cutthroat
  • Divert
  • Duck and Weave
  • Burst of Swiftness
  • Internal Power
  • Mystic Strike
  • Ki Focus
  • Slippery Mind
  • Inner Harmony
  • Stance of the Mongoose
  • Rolling Krynch Stance
  • Flurry of Blows
  • Predator's Eye
  • Spell Cleaving
  • Spell Thieve
  • Griffin's Voice
  • Whirling Dervish
  • Executioner's Stance
  • Striking Asp Stance
  • Shadow Dance
  • Dislodge

Shield Maneuvers:

  • Shield Bash
  • Shield Charge
  • Shield Push
  • Shield Trample
  • Shield Riposte
  • Disarming Presence
  • Stance of the Tortoise
  • Shield Mind
  • Steely Resolve

This message was originally posted in Combat, Magic, and Character Mechanics, Announcements. To discuss the above, follow the link below.