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Category: Four Winds Hall/Premium
Topic: Benefits
Message #: 1635
Author: GS4-Tamuz
Date: 11/18/2014 11:15 PM EST
Subject: Premium Enhancive Information Post

Hey folks,

We've had a number of questions on Premium Enhancives lately, so I'd like to provide some information. Consider this post the current and up to date resource for Premium Enhancives. If someone would be so kind as save it for posterity, that would be wonderful.

Premium Enhancives (TM!) come with a maximum reservoir of 200 charges, and will be delivered to you fully charged. This is a BUNCH! While we can't give exact estimates on how long this will last, as it varies with play style and time played, this could get you through a year pretty easily.

Premium Enhancives will be attuned to the ACCOUNT requesting the service. Level 1 and 2 Enhancives cost 1,800 points. Level 3 or 4 Enhancives cost 2,400 points. Yes, I know that the player base values bonus over ranks so this seems a little silly.

Almost any item can be treated with this service, as long as it is not already enhancive. We can't do anything with those!

For Level 1: This is a bonus to the stat, not to stat bonus. Example: +7 to Aura and not +7 to Aura Bonus (which would be +14 to the Aura stat).

For Level 3: IN ADDITION, you may add a 5 point Level 1 or Level 2 enhancive bonus to your item.

For Levels 1, 2, and 4: If you select two different types of bonuses to be applied to your item, then the total bonus may be no more than 10 altogether. If you only select one type of bonus to be applied to your item, the the total bonus may not be more than 7.

Post Scriptum: The numbers for Level 3 enhancives were standardized a few years back, but quite a few went out that would now be below those numbers. You can check the table for the current numbers. If you're the owner of such an item, please email me (GS4-Tamuz @ and we'll get you set up with the current bonuses!

Level 1 Enhancive Options - Cost: 1800 PPs
Max Mana Constitution Aura Discipline
Max Health Dexterity Logic Wisdom
Max Stamina Agility Intuition Influence
Level 3 Enhancive Options - Cost: 2400 PPs
Mana Recovery (+10) Health Recovery (+5)
Spirit Recovery (+2) Stamina Recovery (+5)
Level 2 Enhancive Options - Cost: 1800 PPs
Two Weapon Combat Bonus Elemental Lore - Earth Bonus
Armor Use Bonus Elemental Lore - Fire Bonus
Shield Use Bonus Elemental Lore - Water Bonus
Combat Maneuvers Bonus Spiritual Lore - Blessings Bonus
Edged Weapons Bonus Spiritual Lore - Religion Bonus
Blunt Weapons Bonus Spiritual Lore - Summoning Bonus
Two-Handed Weapons Bonus Sorcerous Lore - Demonology Bonus
Ranged Weapons Bonus Sorcerous Lore - Necromancy Bonus
Thrown Weapons Bonus Mental Lore - Divination Bonus
Polearm Weapons Bonus Mental Lore - Manipulation Bonus
Brawling Bonus Mental Lore - Telepathy Bonus
Ambush Bonus Mental Lore - Transference Bonus
Multi Opponent Combat Bonus Mental Lore - Transformation Bonus
Physical Fitness Bonus Survival Bonus
Dodging Bonus Disarming Traps Bonus
Arcane Symbols Bonus Picking Locks Bonus
Magic Item Use Bonus Stalking and Hiding Bonus
Spell Aiming Bonus Perception Bonus
Harness Power Bonus Climbing Bonus
Elemental Mana Control Bonus Swimming Bonus
Mental Mana Control Bonus First Aid Bonus
Spirit Mana Control Bonus Trading Bonus
Elemental Lore - Air Bonus Pickpocketing Bonus
Level 4 Enhancive Options - Cost: 2400 PPs
Two Weapon Combat Ranks Elemental Lore - Earth Ranks
Armor Use Ranks Elemental Lore - Fire Ranks
Shield Use Ranks Elemental Lore - Water Ranks
Combat Maneuvers Ranks Spiritual Lore - Blessings Ranks
Edged Weapons Ranks Spiritual Lore - Religion Ranks
Blunt Weapons Ranks Spiritual Lore - Summoning Ranks
Two-Handed Weapons Ranks Sorcerous Lore - Demonology Ranks
Ranged Weapons Ranks Sorcerous Lore - Necromancy Ranks
Thrown Weapons Ranks Mental Lore - Divination Ranks
Polearm Weapons Ranks Mental Lore - Manipulation Ranks
Brawling Ranks Mental Lore - Telepathy Ranks
Ambush Ranks Mental Lore - Transference Ranks
Multi Opponent Combat Ranks Mental Lore - Transformation Ranks
Physical Fitness Ranks Survival Ranks
Dodging Ranks Disarming Traps Ranks
Arcane Symbols Ranks Picking Locks Ranks
Magic Item Use Ranks Stalking and Hiding Ranks
Spell Aiming Ranks Perception Ranks
Harness Power Ranks Climbing Ranks
Elemental Mana Control Ranks Swimming Ranks
Mental Mana Control Ranks First Aid Ranks
Spirit Mana Control Ranks Trading Ranks
Elemental Lore - Air Ranks Pickpocketing Ranks