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Premium enhancives are created using Premium points by taking a non-enhancive item that the player owns and making it an permanent enhancive item with 200 charges. Use of the item's enhancive properties is restricted to the account that created the item. There are four levels of service and one ordering via Sadie scroll must choose one of those levels. The rules and enhancives available for specific levels are noted in the main article. The information listed on the main website is out of date.

  • Armor concealers are not eligible for this service.
  • Any particular bonus can be no more than 7.
  • If you select two different types of bonuses to be applied to your item, then the combined bonuses may be no more than 10 in total. (e.g. +7/+3, +6/+4, +5/+5, or any single bonus of up to +7)
  • Items can be recharged at the Adventurer's Guild.

Instructions: Getting an item enhanced is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3! All you have to do is visit the lighthouse on the Isle of the Four Winds and go see Sadie! With your item in your hand you can pick up an enhancive alteration scroll. You may, at your leisure, use the scroll to get an enhancement on any of your items and you don't have to wait in any lines! Once you have decided what skill ranks and bonuses you desire, just send the scroll to Sadie and as soon as she is done with it, she will send a messenger to you to confirm she has completed it as you wanted.

Per Sadie to clarify-We can do the level 1 enhancive add as requested, however there needs to be some clarification. The levels for premium point enhancives are based on what they offer, NOT what steps you need to follow to add them. So, you can have level 1, 2, 3, OR 4 added to your item, but you can't do 1 and 2 or 2 and 3. Additionally, once an item has an enhancive on it, premium or not, it no longer qualifies for additional premium enhancives to be added.

Boosts to Stat Bases -or- Max-Vitals (Level 1)

Description: You may add 1 or 2 of the following enhancive alterations to any item of your choice. The enhancive alteration will boost the base or max-vital of your:

Max Mana Constitution Aura Discipline
Max Health Dexterity Logic Wisdom
Max Stamina Agility Intuition Influence

Boosts to Skill Bonuses (Level 2)

Description: You may add 1 or 2 of the following enhancive alterations to any item of your choice. The enhancive alteration will boost your:

Two Weapon Combat Bonus Elemental Lore - Earth Bonus
Armor Use Bonus Elemental Lore - Fire Bonus
Shield Use Bonus Elemental Lore - Water Bonus
Combat Maneuvers Bonus Spiritual Lore - Blessings Bonus
Edged Weapons Bonus Spiritual Lore - Religion Bonus
Blunt Weapons Bonus Spiritual Lore - Summoning Bonus
Two-Handed Weapons Bonus Sorcerous Lore - Demonology Bonus
Ranged Weapons Bonus Sorcerous Lore - Necromancy Bonus
Thrown Weapons Bonus Mental Lore - Divination Bonus
Polearm Weapons Bonus Mental Lore - Manipulation Bonus
Brawling Bonus Mental Lore - Telepathy Bonus
Ambush Bonus Mental Lore - Transference Bonus
Multi Opponent Combat Bonus Mental Lore - Transformation Bonus
Physical Fitness Bonus Survival Bonus
Dodging Bonus Disarming Traps Bonus
Arcane Symbols Bonus Picking Locks Bonus
Magic Item Use Bonus Stalking and Hiding Bonus
Spell Aiming Bonus Perception Bonus
Harness Power Bonus Climbing Bonus
Elemental Mana Control Bonus Swimming Bonus
Mental Mana Control Bonus First Aid Bonus
Spirit Mana Control Bonus Trading Bonus
Elemental Lore - Air Bonus Pickpocketing Bonus
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Vital Recovery Enhancements (Level 3)

Description: Pick one recovery bonus from the following list. This enhancement will add a bonus to your:

Mana Recovery (+10) Health Recovery (+5)
Spirit Recovery (+2) Stamina Recovery (+5)

IN ADDITION, you may add a 5 point Level 1 or Level 2 enhancive bonus to your item.

Boost to Skill Ranks (Level 4)

Description: You may add 1 or 2 of the following enhancive alterations to any item of your choice. The enhancive alteration will boost your:

Two Weapon Combat Ranks Elemental Lore - Earth Ranks
Armor Use Ranks Elemental Lore - Fire Ranks
Shield Use Ranks Elemental Lore - Water Ranks
Combat Maneuvers Ranks Spiritual Lore - Blessings Ranks
Edged Weapons Ranks Spiritual Lore - Religion Ranks
Blunt Weapons Ranks Spiritual Lore - Summoning Ranks
Two-Handed Weapons Ranks Sorcerous Lore - Demonology Ranks
Ranged Weapons Ranks Sorcerous Lore - Necromancy Ranks
Thrown Weapons Ranks Mental Lore - Divination Ranks
Polearm Weapons Ranks Mental Lore - Manipulation Ranks
Brawling Ranks Mental Lore - Telepathy Ranks
Ambush Ranks Mental Lore - Transference Ranks
Multi Opponent Combat Ranks Mental Lore - Transformation Ranks
Physical Fitness Ranks Survival Ranks
Dodging Ranks Disarming Traps Ranks
Arcane Symbols Ranks Picking Locks Ranks
Magic Item Use Ranks Stalking and Hiding Ranks
Spell Aiming Ranks Perception Ranks
Harness Power Ranks Climbing Ranks
Elemental Mana Control Ranks Swimming Ranks
Mental Mana Control Ranks First Aid Ranks
Spirit Mana Control Ranks Trading Ranks
Elemental Lore - Air Ranks Pickpocketing Ranks

NOTE: Increasing skill ranks will increase skill bonus accordingly based on standard skill training thresholds.

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