Sardarac's Embellishments

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Sardarac's Embellishments is a specialty shop in Icemule Trace. It houses a Specialty design NPC.

[Sardarac's Embellishments, Shop] RNUM: 2452, u4043361
Intricately knotted ropes droop like garlands from the low ceiling of the comfortable cottage, dangling bones and fangs that are graced with intricate scrimshaw. Behind a darkly stained counter of ivory-inlaid pine stands a mannequin adorned with ornately embellished furs. Several candles sit on the sills of windows looking out onto a snowy backyard where wintercrisp apple trees flourish in abundance. You also see the embellisher Sardarac.


>ask sarda about material
The embellisher Sardarac says, "I work on cloth, wood, glass, metal, and leather items.  Please TELL me what material we are working with so I may provide you with the correct attachment listing."

>ask sarda about design
The embellisher Sardarac says, "Here is a list of designs you can choose from.  TELL me the DESIGN number you would like to select.  This is required."

 Number   Option
      1   a charging mule
      2   a rampant mule
      3   a slumbering mule
      4   a Magical Burrow emblem
      5   a Commerce Burrow emblem
      6   a Tavern Burrow emblem
      7   a Temple Burrow emblem
      8   a prancing penguin
      9   a snow bird on the wing
     10   a silhouetted temple on a hill
     11   a flowering wintercrisp apple tree
     12   a sprig of coldleaf tobacco
     13   a blinded lily blossom
     14   a cluster of crallisberries
     15   a colony of mulefoot fungus
     16   a blossoming resting poppy
     17   a thorny sprig of wintersbite
     18   a rising crescent moon behind a briar sprig