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A specialty design NPC appears in certain shops and is able to append a phrase onto the end of an item's description.


  2. TELL the BNPC the MATERIAL you want to work with, and your chosen DESIGN and ATTACHMENT
  3. GIVE the item to the BNPC to finalize the order.

It will work on unscripted items only, unless the script is either approved to be used with dyes or is approved via ANALYZE without any conditions.

Based on the material shown via INSPECT, the available linking words will change:

All Cloth Wood Glass Metal Leather Stone Bone Gemstone
with appliqued with carved with etched with etched with embossed with imprinted with imprinted with carved with
covered with embroidered with burned with painted with engraved with incised with incised with incised with etched with
decorated with stitched with painted with stamped with stamped with stamped with painted with
detailed with threaded with tooled with painted with inked with imprinted with
patterned with whipstitched with painted with incised with
graced by painted with
stamped with

The description is built off of the 15/15/15 base description, then the above linking phrase, then the selected design.


  • a heavy backpack decorated with a kraken
  • some double leather tooled with some stars


Town Shop Lich Real ID
River's Rest The Stone Eye, Basement 17657 2101987
Nielira Harbor The Naefira Boutique 33896 14150209
Nielira Harbor Fragile Service 33899 14150214
Kraken's Fall The Cultured Corsair 30817 7118553
Icemule Trace Sardarac's Embellishments, Shop 2452 4043361
Teras Isle Borthuum Customs 1883 3006198
Solhaven Wharfside Weavers, Sewing Room 34278 4747302
Solhaven Limpidity 34382 4747304
Ta'Illistim Refined Repast, Atelier 34422 13204017
Ta'Illistim Bella's Bridal, Backroom 4018 13104476
Ravelin (Ta'Vaalor) The Woodsman's Chisel 33433 14201075
Wehnimer's Landing Whittle and Weave u336439
Yasrenila (Ta'Vaalor) Woodland Whimsy u810103
Zul Logoth Dragonspine Designs u13010047-13010048