Selkar (prime)

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Selkar Stonegrotto

Selkar Stonegrotto is a dwarf of a forgotten line, descended from one of the escaping enclaves after the Red Plague decimated the ancient dwarven kingdom of Khalaza. Long has it been since his great grandfather lead his ancestors through the mountain ranges now lost to even the eldest scribes of the dwarves. For such a scattering of the peoples and an overwhelming fear of the plague drove the dwarves far across the lands, and deep underneath them. Each Clan found shelter and made a living as they could.

In one such Clan, Selkar and his older brother Deru were born to Ornar and Misa. Ornar was much renown in rune craft and gate building. And in this endeavor, he wished his sons to follow. And for the first half of his life, Selkar did just this; while Deru set out to seek the ancestral home, Khalaza. And so, the years passed...

In perhaps a decade, the messengers from afar born the horrible news that his recent bride, Ariannia of the Muje Clan had met with a grave misfortune as she traveled to Teras Isle upon the Glasen Star. She was blown from the deck in a brutal storm and could not be recovered despite heroic attempts by the crew and other passengers. When this news reached Deru, then living in River's Rest, he promptly lost all will to go on living. The indominable sea had drawn his one love from him. And in this way, he promised, he too would depart.

Soon thereafter, Deru made the journey to his worshipping place, Lake Eonak. After pulling at his beard in grief, he cast his wedding band into the lake, with the words, 'Eonak, I beg of thee, hold this ring for the Lady Ariannia, on the other side of Lorminstra's Gate!' At that, he flung himself into the lake in full ceremonial armor. This was the last of Deru Stonegrotto.

The next evening, Lake Eonak riled and tossed in her basins, and behold! A soaked and seaweed festooned female dwarf lay upon the sands. It was Ariannia return from her death! How this could come to pass it unknown and will probably never be determined.

Of these gruesome yet oddly wonderful events, it was determined that a messenger should be send to the delving of the Stonegrotto Clan. And upon hearing this news, Selkar at once set out to care for Ariannia and ease her grieving for her lost husband. Selkar journeyed for days and upon reaching the door of Ariannia's cottage he collapsed, such was the haste of his journey.

Soon Selkar was able to nurse Ariannia back to health and together they found that she herself was a healer of great skill, if only she set her mind to it. So 'ere a year passed, the two had been growing close and fell in love. Selkar vowed to care for his beloved brother’s wife in any way he could until his dying day. And he solidified this vow in marriage.

The present day finds them still in search of the great dwarven ruins of Khalaza. Selkar has traced his line as far back as current records allow, and has determined that his ancestors held positions in court among the line of Khazi Khazar and he is now more determined than ever to find this wondrous place, with his wife Ariannia at his side.