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Shar was rumored to be the daughter of Despana, though other rumors suggest she was in a love triangle with Despana. Around 5098 Modern Era there was activity related to her, such as massive troll king invasions worshipping the Unlife, and hordes of undead. There were black ora Shar symbols given out by Shar herself that supposedly gave protection against her undead invaders. Shar was seeking the Sphere of Midnight in what was said to be a quest for ascension. The rumor was that she was going to use the crystal dome in the Broken Lands, and accessing a place called the Arkati Workshop.

Later, Shar was said to be in possession of the Book of Tormtor, with a Faendryl "herbalist" named Nyvelise said to have stolen pages from it. Nyvelise was able to animate a corpse in Solhaven. Shar was impressed and made Nyvelise a general in her army. Nyvelise was toying with a powerful artifact called the Maelshyonic Triad. This triggered a wave of magical essence that swept over the land, piercing the souls of sorcerers. Journal pages were discovered several yards from the accident detailing the process of animating the dead. This was the release event of the Animate Dead (730) spell.


Behind the Scenes

Shar is a goddess of darkness in the Underdark of the Forgotten Realms setting of Dungeons & Dragons. This could be coincidental. Despana and Tormtor were Drow noble houses, however, and "darthiir" was their word for the surface elves. Shar has seemingly not been referenced or heard of since the release story for the Animate Dead spell. There does not seem to be any information on her Triad.