Massive troll king

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Massive troll king
Massive troll king.jpg
Level 63
Family Troll family creatures
Body Type Biped
Classification(s) Living
Area(s) Found Darkstone Castle
HP 400
Attack Attributes
Physical Attacks
Bite 339 AS
Claw 339 AS
Bite (enraged) 493 - 527 AS
Claw (enraged) 493 - 513 AS
Combat Maneuvers
Defense Attributes
 ? ASG
Defensive Strength (DS)
Melee 262
Ranged 249
Bolt 237
Unarmed Defense Factor
Target Defense (TD)
Bard Base 232
Cleric Base
Empath Base 247
Paladin Base 214
Ranger Base
Sorcerer Base 262
Wizard Base
Minor Elemental 275
Major Elemental 276
Minor Spiritual 247
Major Spiritual
Minor Mental
Treasure Attributes
Coins Yes
Gems Yes
Magic Items Yes
Boxes Yes
Skin a massive troll king hide
Other trolls blood, Glowing violet essence dust

Massive troll kings are the largest, ugliest, dumbest, and most powerful creatures in the troll family.

This fierce monster is roughly humanoid, standing nearly 9 feet tall, with long arms ending in razor-sharp claws. Dark green and covered with ugly warts, this hideous being appears unintelligent yet incredibly strong.

Hunting strategies

Hunting massive troll kings is no easy task, given their ability to ignore instant death critical hits, regenerate damaged limbs, and lost limbs regrowing into their own massive troll king. Professions that can direct damage to specific portions of the body should avoid hitting limbs, preferably aiming for the back or chest to maximize damage. Aiming for the back can also cause the massive troll king to fall over, forcing it to spend a round standing back up. Although the back can be damaged enough to prevent aiming for the back, the damage will regenerate, allowing the attacker to ambush the back once again.

Sorcerers should avoid using Limb Disruption, as the limbs will regrow. Pain (711) can kill a troll king in three to five successful casts, however, this will leave no wounds for the collection of the troll's blood.

Rangers should be able to use Tangle Weed (610) to drop the troll king to the ground, allowing for more damage inflicting attacks on the chest and back.

Other information

Massive troll kings are capable of not only regenerating lost limbs and reducing the severity of their own wounds at a rapid rate, but any severed limb will also grow into a new massive troll king, albeit, at a lower level, such that most characters hunting massive troll kings cannot gain experience from the newly grown massive troll king.

Massive troll kings do not make good animates themselves due to the lack of the use of the Basic Creature Script.

To skin a massive troll king, a fire flaring weapon is required. A simple drake dagger will do.


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