Stance Perfection

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Stance Perfection
Mnemonic [stance]
Activating Verb CMAN
Category Warrior Guild
Type Passive
Available To All
Rank Cost/acquired at
1 4  
5 -


Your training has improved your ability to refine your stance.


Rank 1 allows for further refinement of stance in intervals of 5. Rank 2 allows you to specify the order of Evade, Block, and Parry in combat. See CMAN STANCE for more information.

Additional Information

This combat maneuver is functionally equivalent to Warrior Trick: Stance Perfection.


>cman stance

You are currently using 100% of your combat skill to defend yourself.
Your combat order is set to Parry, Evade, Block.

Usage: CMAN STANCE [option]

  Where <percent> is the percentage amount of your AS that you want to apply to your DS.  100% is equal to STANCE DEFENSIVE and 0% is equal to STANCE OFFENSIVE.

  ORDER <ebp>
  Where <ebp> is the order of Evade, Block, and Parry, respectively.

  You may specify the order of Evade, Block, and Parry (EBP) for attacks made against you.  This will impact some maneuvers like Duck and Weave or Stance of the Mongoose that require EBP to happen first.

>cman stance order peb
Combat ordering set to Parry, Evade, Block.