Starling Hall

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Starling Hall is a specialty shop in Ta'Illistim. It is a bathhouse owned by Nizara Vi'undiel Nalfein and the location was made available to the entire public on Koaratos 8, 5120. It is separated into public baths to the north, and gender-separated baths to the south. Entry costs 2000 silvers for all attendees.

[Public Baths, Foyer] RNUM: 13254
Sweeping, graceful arcs in the domed ceiling spread from one ivory column to another, only enhancing the beautiful patterns incised along each fluted support. An intricate circular mosaic of an ancient willow graces the deeply polished marble floor, its trailing vines and tiny leaves rendered in immaculate detail. Three hallways lead away from the foyer, the subtle but undeniable scent of varying flowers drifting in from each.