Strigae cactus

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Strigae cactus
Uses Healing
Climate Terrain
✓ Arid
? Arid Temperate
? Cold Damp
✓ Cold Dry
? Freshwater
? Hot Damp
? Humid
? Moist
? Saltwater
? Snowy Arctic
? Temperate
? Barren Scrub
? Coniferous
? Cultivated
? Deciduous
? Grassland
? Hard Flat
? Hilly
? Mountainous
? Muddy Wetlands
? Plain Dirt
? Riparian
✓ Rough
? Sandy
? Subterranean
? Tropical

The flesh of the strigae cactus possesses properties akin to the properties of cuctucae berries, but the spines are sufficiently sharp that acquiring the flesh may do as much harm as the herb can heal. Flat and paddle-shaped, the cactus plants supposedly grow abundantly in desert areas.

It restores 30 health with no roundtime and cannot be bundled.

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