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Note: This list has been updated to reflect new offerings for the April 2024 run of Summit Academy/Rumor Woods.

Summit Academy custom swear options.

Order by number in the Groundskeeper's Cottage to receive this service.

# Swear Messaging (3P)
#169 ENGINEERING Person barks out a withering curse on the proclivities of gnomic engineering.
#170 TOOLS Person mutters something about needing the right tool for the job.
#171 LONG Person curses long, low, and loudly, utilizing a variety of colorful metaphors.
#172 PEGS Person chuffs about idiots trying to cram square pegs into round holes.
#173 GRAVY Person exasperatedly exclaims, "Good gravy!"
#174 LOAD-BOLT Person issues a quiet curse, insisting that some people are more useless than a ring gear load bolt.
#175 CORKSCREW Person growls in frustration, remarking that some tools are about as useful as using a corkscrew on a keg.
#176 EXSANGUINATE Person heatedly expounds on the merits of exsanguination.
#177 BLOOD Person raises an angry fist to the sky and rails at the waste of spilled blood.
#178 HAMMER Person stares into the distance and mutters something about being as dumb as a bag of headless hammers.
#179 NONSENSE Person blurts out, "Rassa frassa frazzle git."
#180 EXPOUND Person expounds upon all the unflattering features that accosts the senses, ending with "... No better than a weather-bitten harpy!"
#181 LAMENT Person unflatteringly laments upon the capricious nature of the elements, the sky, and the very weather that has destroyed the mood.
#182 JABBER Person jabbers on about the indignations one must suffer to succeed.
#183 JEREMIAD Person wails a jeremiad about the juxtapositions jotted judiciously by jocular jokers.
#184 ZRISSANTHA Person complains about the evils of the zrissantha and their continued plague of an existence.
  • As of April 19, 2024 there are 16 items in the table (which matches 16 options in-game).