Suzan (prime)

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Suzan Berron

She smiles and beckons to you to approach. With a lump in your throat you decide to approach this strange woman. As you walk toward her, you feel like you are in the presence of a noble and you develop the urge to bow to her in humbleness. She pushes her blond hair to the side and you realize that she appears to be part elven. She raises her staff at you and gives you a cat-like grin and then one of perplexity.

"You have no need to fear me. I am Lady Suzan Berron and please don't bow... I really hate that!!"

She gives you a quick scowl and as you back away from her slightly, she begins to laugh gently. As she laughs, you notice that the curtains on the window sway back and forth in a gentle fashion. You feel a pleasant gale coming from the window. If you didn't know better you would swear that this unusual woman has control of the elements. You then stare at her staff and wonder whether it holds some great power. (Just who is this woman?) you think to yourself. She points at her staff. "I am a sorceress by trade. This staff is the secret of my power. Without it, I'm a simple peasant....Oh please forgive me for reading your mind, but I find it easy to read the minds of your particular race."

She stands up and leads you to an alcove. Enroute, she tells you, to your utter astonishment, your name, your life as it is, and the god that you worship. When you reach the alcove, she gestures at a chair in which you grace your presence upon. She leans against the window looking at you thoughtfully. With a slight chuckle she says, "Well since I've told you about yourself, let me tell you about me." You nod your head.

"I am an orphan", she starts. "My grandfather was a descendant of the great great sea elven capital that was torn asunder by the Dark elves. " You alertly comment that there wasn't a survivor in that massacre. Suzan tips her head slightly and curls her lips up in a grin. "There were 2 survivors. One was my grandfather, Lhica Berron." She sighs and clenches her staff with anger in her eyes. "Needless to say, I didn't hold the Dark elves dear to my heart." She snorts and gazes at the alcove door. "There was a part of my life that I despised the Dark Elves...the Faendryl...myself." Suddenly she released her death grip on her staff and gazes into your eyes.

"When I was twelve, my elven father and my human mother left me at the northern gate of Wehnimer's Landing with this staff and a handful of silver. I did not think that they would be gone for good. As it got darker and the town guards began to lock the gate, I realized that they were never coming back." With tears in her eyes, she continues.... "Before my parents abandoned me, my mother told me to never lose the staff for this was the key to finding the sea elven ruins. I had no idea what she meant and I looked at her quizzically." She rubs her eyes and composes herself. Those were the last words that my mother said."

She raises her staff at you and stares at you with hurtful eyes. "WELL, SORRY, I don't want to bore you with my life!!." In utter horror, you realize that your mind was indeed wandering and it drew the sorceress' princess' attention. Apologetically, you tell her that you are sorry for being rude. She nods and tilts her head in an odd fashion. Suzan glances out of the window then back at you and that lovely smile of hers returns to her lips. "It is getting I'll make this brief." In embarrassment, you listen further.... "Well in my wanderings, I encountered a peculiar dark elf with a gray beard and a swagger to his step. As I followed this strange fellow, he would walk precisely ten steps, for something on the ground...stand up and walk another ten steps. Even though I secretly disliked dark elves, I decided to stop this fellow and ask what he was doing.

"When I talked to him, he was in good humor. He told me that he was doing something called...Foraging for herbs...I think he called it. He didn't seem to care whether I was half-elven and I learned to like this man whose name I found out to be Mysticalcast. I told him that I was an orphan and he took me under his wing and paid for my inn expenses for the next couple years.. He taught me in the ways of the Sorcerer, because he was a master in sorcery himself. I learned to like Dark elves due solely to the fact that all of his friends were Dark elven (and much to my surprise, they were all nice people). He took a fascination toward my staff that I tended to use as a walking stick. One night he told me that I could focus my sorceress powers into the staff. The odd little man disappeared shortly after that conversation and I self taught myself in other areas such as herb healing, swimming, mind reading, and the study of the gods. The god that I follow is Charl. His shrine is very very beautiful."

You chat with the woman a little more about different things then reluctantly, you decide to take your leave of her. As you approach the door leading from the alcove, Suzan grabs your shoulder and spins you around. "Be careful my young friend, I see good things and bad things ahead for you." Do not fight the wraiths, If you do go up against will die.... I'm afraid that Lorminstra will not be able to save you in time." You ponder what wraiths she meant as you turn to leave.....Ancient wraiths?....Wind Wraiths....???....or could it be......