Talador Baronial Coronation Festival

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The Talador Baronial Coronation Festival was held in Talador in Fashanos of 5114 (February 2014).

The map below is of the temporary area that was opened during Cross Into Shadows.

Talador Coronation Festival.png


Category: World Events: Festivals, Sagas, and Storylines
Topic: Cross Into Shadows
Message #: [24]
Date: 12/23/2013 10:38 AM CST
Subject: Talador Baronial Coronation Festival!

Hear ye, hear ye! For the first time since it fell to Jantalarian occupation, the Barony of Talador is reclaiming its power after an Imperial Decree relinquished the land back to its people and appointed a new ruling class! Among the most noble, Lord Kuligar Gardane has been selected to ascend to the position of Baron of Talador!

All allies of the Turamzzyrian Empire are invited to attend the Talador Baronial Coronation Festival which will last the entire month of Fashanos, 5114! (February, 2014) There will be local shops open to all, and traveling merchants from afar to set up their wares for everyone to enjoy during this momentous celebration!

Come visit Talador, a land rich in both tragedy and triumph! Explore the vast woodlands, but beware the monsters that lurk beyond the dark reaches of the forest! Tour the fabled dwarven Doggoroth Keep, or the old battlefield where Jantalar and Talador forces clashed decades ago, but be on your guard against the ghosts that still plague the torn land. But at all costs, avoid the abandoned silver mines, which are said to be haunted by the spirits of the past.

Do not miss a month long of festivities, a taste of the imperial life, and a baronial coronation that will be historic!

Players will have access to the town of Talador during the entire month of February, 2014. There will be a number of raffles and services spread out throughout February, and a plethora of local and traveling shops open to all! There will be some side storylines in Talador, a number of NPC's, and dangerous areas to test your combat skills. Best of all, it's free! Below is a list of some of the shop names you can expect to see!

  • All that Glitters
  • A Sliver of Silver
  • Summer Shades
  • The Aura of Autumn
  • The Tunes of Talador
  • The Imperial Emporium
  • All Mine
  • Battle of the Keep
  • Immensity
  • The Turamzzyrian Sole
  • Tots of Turamzyrr
  • Consumption Junction
  • The Splatter Pit
  • The Snake Pit
  • Recipe for Disaster
  • Picknacks
  • Festive Nights
  • Quick Prick
  • No Stranger Ranger
  • Heart to Tart
  • Conceal and Heal
  • Palace of the Godking
  • MechAnimal
  • The Smoking Arrow
  • Smoke and Mirrors
  • Locks and Luck
  • Taste of Turamzyrr
  • Siolan's Daggers
  • Rainbow's End
  • Charleia's Charms
  • Haute Hibernation
...and more!

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