Tanzra (prime)

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Tanzra Actrai

My brother and I were born in the Landing many years ago. My brother was a Wizard's apprentice, and I was in training to be a Warrior.

When we were both in our 5th year of training, some Troll Kings tried to invade the town. We fought with the townspeople to knock them back from the town. During the invasion however, my brother reached for one of his wands. He accidentally grabbed a quartz rod which was empty of majik, and was killed.

For the years since then, its been my life to fight in invasions and to one day revenge my brother's death at the hands of Troll Kings. And every year on the day of his death, I travel to the Temple of Lorminstra in Solhaven and remember my only brother.

Some time after his death, I found a young girl unconscious in a ravine. She had bad wounds about her body. Having found her home, I took her to her mother and found that her mother was even worse off with a deadly and incurable disease. I did what I could to heal her daughter and to make her final days as comfortable as possible. Before she died, she had me promise to take care of her daughter and younger sister after she was gone.

So, with my word kept, I have raised them. They look upon me as their father and I have raised them as best as I could, letting them choose their own paths in life. They both decided to follow their mother's footsteps and learn the ways or sorcery. To this day they nag me about my deeds to Lorminstra and other such trivial things.