The Elven Sole Repository

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The Elven Sole Repository is the cobbling shop in Ta'Vaalor. It is located in the large limestone warehouse on Aethenireas Wey.

[The Elven Sole, Store]
The parqueted floor is mostly covered by massive sanguine hand-knotted rug. An impressive display of cobbling materials is stocked within the floor-to-ceiling shelves that line north wall, while a small glass display showcases some of the fancier adornments.


  1. a knotted black silk cord      7. a small leather pouch
  2. a piece of stark white chalk   8. a set of gold-threaded cords
  3. a sharp ivory-handled knife    9. a set of shiny black strings
  4. some heavy tanned leather      10. a bolt of silk
  5. some medium tanned leather     11. a square of leather
  6. some light tanned leather      12. a small vial of dye

  Backroom Sign
  13. a roll of bourde             20. a vial of burnished gold dye
  14. a roll of brushed wool       21. a pair of white vaalorn plates
  15. a square of kidskin          22. a pair of blackened steel plates
  16. a bolt of jacquard           23. some alexandrite bars
  17. a vial of crimson dye        24. some despanal charms
  18. a vial of austere grey dye   25. a strip of marbled leather
  19. a vial of argent dye         26. some downy cockatrice feathers