The First Manifesto (essay)

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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: S'Karli ed Dyar: The First Manifesto

Author: Talinvor (prime)

S'Karli et Dyar

The First Manifesto (Translated to common by Tah'lon Vorrith)

Perfection. It is the ultimate goal of the Dhe'nar. Noi'sho'rah returned us to this path of enlightenment and so should we maintain the course in order that we transcend as a people, beyond the mortal coil and beyond the limited understanding of the lesser races. By this measure and Tah'lad's example, the tenets to which we all should strive are revealed.

   1. We do not limit ourselves to the static philosophies of religion and idealism. The Arkati are limited by their own spheres of influence, yet we shall endeavor to utilize all forms of power and influence in order to achieve our goal of perfection.
   2. We do not judge good and evil, as these moralities have been influenced by the servants of the Drakes, who themselves were above such distinctions. Rather, we embrace both, as they are but portions of the whole.
   3. We must never deny the strengths of others. While all beings require a sense of purpose, it is ours to place one upon them and utilize their abilities in order for us to achieve greater heights.
   4. We must achieve harmony within ourselves by challenging both mind and body. Clarity is obtained through balance, thus both must be obtained in order that we are able to comprehend the perfection of heaven.
   5. We do not allow ourselves to be controlled by the tools of emotions. While we may enjoy the effects they provide and utilize them to facilitate our needs, we shall never submit to them.
   6. We do not hold pride above victory. Such small merits are left to those that were not already born to greatness. For the Dhe'nar shall excel beyond the scope of the individual, and will transcend as a people.
   7. We do not tolerate weakness. Our bloodline must remain untainted in order to reach perfection. Thus, our blood must be proven in order to consider ourselves true Dhe'nar.
   8. We do not allow living any born or yet unborn of Dhe'nar that is not pure. Such couplings that result in tainted offspring weaken our bloodline. Any that disregard this law betrays the Family and forfeits the privilege of being Dhe'nar.
   9. We shall allow any lost brethren to return to us if they choose the path of enlightenment. While they shall never be pure, they shall be granted a measure of respect for turning away from the political machinations of the elves.
   10. We shall seek knowledge in all things, and in its application through magic we shall obtain power over our environment. Thus in our power, we shall rise above our mortal coil and transcend as true gods.