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Talinvor (Tah'lon Vorrith)
As rendered by Divone Lerade
Race Dark Elf
Culture Dhe'nar
Class Loremaster
Profession Bard
Religion The Way
Affiliation(s) Officer of The Obsidian Tower, Proprietor of Black Iron Chalice, Member of Moonshine Manor
Disposition Narcissic, perfectionist, artistic
Demeanor sarcastic, easily amused, flirtatious
Flaw what?
Greatest Strength confident, high expectations for himself
Greatest Weakness looks for challenges to thwart ennui, sometimes getting himself in awkward situations
Habits drinking wine
Hobbies writing prose, performances, teaching
Likes Bloodwine and bacon
Dislikes toxic people, over-emotional displays, whining, Akenna's tea kettle, Socius
Fears failure
Loyalties Surion, his twin
Best Friend The closest currently he trusts are Debia, Berkana, Sweetsin, Landrai and many he's encountered at Moonshine Manor
Spouse what?
Loved One His Star of Sharath (unnamed) (deceased)
website: https://vorrith.wixsite.com/talinvor

Tah’lon Vorrith, or otherwise known as Talinvor, is a Dhe'nar bard and Lorekeeper of the noble Warlock Caste in his home city of Sharath. Named in honor of Tahlad, he is a follower of The Way, a faith that reveals that the Arkati were teachers, and like his forbear Noi'sho'rah – that all elves are welcome back into the fold. He currently resides in Ta'Illistim, where once he was paying the coffee shop owner for the use of her couch. Due to the city's former dark elf restrictions, he was more often found sleeping under the stars or other clever places in the city where he could find lodging and how he learned to appreciate it's beauty. Only recently has the elven cities begun to open up to his kind and he believes he may be personally responsible for pushing the Argent Mirror, Myasara into taking more grounded action in this regard.

He is known more popularly by his stage name of Talinvor, which he claims is easier to pronounce for the elves. It is a portmanteau of his first name and his bloodline. He still spends most of his time in Ta'Illistim, where he had taken up a role as a delegate to the Argent Mirror's court. In Koaratos 5119, he was recognized for his assistance in an alliance (see: Valley of Gold) between the Argent Mirror and the Tamzyrrian emperor, Aurmont Chandrennin Anodheles and awarded a blue ribboned blooming vaalin rose medal (see: Ta'Illistim Awards) in recognition of his efforts. While not particularly of a political nature, Talinvor recognizes the opportunity to continue to demonstrate his bardic talent and otherwise enlighten the elves to his faith. Other times, he can be found among the members of Moonshine Manor in Wehnimer's Landing, or performing with The Black Iron Chalice in Solhaven.

Of note, the bard has found himself a niche in the goings-on in Mist Harbor, having initially found common ground with an organization called The Flock. His reputation denied him acceptance among the Defenders at the time, and because he knew from reputation the man called Nehor and the troublesome (yet entertaining) halfling, Ordim - he was accepted easily amongst the group. Punished by the betrayer Selbi who was part of the joint council of The Flock, she anchored Talinvor along with several other members by magic to protect the island. After unsuccessfully attempting to remove the crystal which bound him, a strange woman found him and Ordim to remove them and thus lifted the curse (and the obligated protection) for Mist Harbor. While Talinvor seeks out who is behind it, he has elevated his own influence among the denizens. His methods have been criticized, as he admits that he is no martyr and often helps if he can gain something in return. Recently, he was instrumental in leading events that led to the downfall of a Sheruvian threat, yet many will still refuse to acknowledge it.

As for Talinvor's artistry is often critical of his own work, as most artists are and he complains quietly of not having the dedication and time for him to maintain his attention on his prose. As a bard, Talinvor's specialty is in matters of the heart – where the strongest strings can be cut or tied. Quite vain, he uses his charm and wit quite often. He usually attempts to see the bigger picture, and like chess – is always trying to determine who will win. He is typically bored easily with emotionally driven people, as they often put their faith in fickle things and stubbornly cling to their own skewed perceptions of the world.


Born in Sharath, he doesn’t know his true year of birth as such things are not celebrated by his people. He is a blood twin to Surion, a Duk’sa of the Warrior Caste. (see Origins:[1]) In demeanor, they are complete opposites. While Talinvor enjoys attention, revels in social affairs and glories in the spotlight – his brother shuns them; finding the comfort of the wilds and the company of creatures to be more reliable and honest in intent. They are stereotypical Dhe'nar for their noble castes.

The two of them have a strained relationship though. Although it is Surion's duty to support Talinvor, he feels the long shadow cast by his more charismatic brother. He has grown resentful despite (or maybe because of) the many times Talinvor has manipulated circumstances to protect him during the various trials and tribulations forced by the castes. Surion has since isolated himself, with only the company of his black panther, Khadesh.

The Warlock Caste of Sharath ordered Talinvor to travel north in order to keep an eye on a rogue branch of Dhe'nar, that left their designated caste duties. While the Obsidian Tower is a mere outpost, and of little influence at home, the word of Noi'sho'rah and enlightenment of the masses was the shouldered burden assigned to him as one of the most talented Lorekeepers of the current age. While still affiliated with the Tower, Talinvor has decided to press his influence on his own merits, so as not to be overshadowed by the actions of others.


It is hard to imagine that Talinvor was once in love. A Dhe'nari woman of the Warrior Caste was to whom he had given his heart. This coupling was unapproved by the priestesses of the Temple Caste, who rule the Dhe'nar bloodlines. Whether offspring would have been magically inclined or not, didn’t matter. The fact it was not sanctioned, gave the priestesses the opportunity to put both through a series of tests that were designed with a purposeful high chance of failure for the sake of disobeying. (see: The Star of Sharath (poetry))

Talinvor was sent to Ta'Faendryl, to masquerade within the courts and survive their dangerous political rivalries. (see Tales of a Dhe’nar Bard [2] and Her Eyes are Pools of Liquid Night (poetry) ) His love, was sent to the Sea of Fire to acquire an object of legend, thought to be a source of power in Bir Mahallah. With his task ultimately successful, news reached his ears that hers was not and that her body was lost to the sands. Thereafter, he styled himself a dirge-singer and wandered the world in his anguish. (see: Black Ash Tree (poetry)) After many years, and after a renewed application of 'skill training' in Sharath – he reapplied his talents not only in service to his city, but mainly to himself. He became hedonistic as a result – enjoying what the world offered while he still existed within it. (see: Dissemblance (poetry), Night's Symphony (poetry) )

He has had shira'qa, which means “pet” in the Dhe'narsi language. These non-dhe'nar servitors learn to take on the role of companion, hunting partner, muse, servant and entertainer for a time. He's had many over the long lifespan of an elf, most notably he’s possessed the collar of Raziya, an elf he met in River’s Rest (circa 5103); Kayse (prime), an aelotoi - whom he possessed twice (circa 5104 & 5115) and Sylverose, a sylvan who was literally handed to him to help protect her from herself (circa 5116). He has also possessed the Faendryl Berkana (prime) who was quite the prize and whom he enjoyed the company of for several years (circa 5116-5118). For two years afterwards, he did not have a shira'qa, thinking he was finally done with the effort of training another. It was not until he met the bardess Landrai, a Loenthran elf that he attracted the attention of in the Ta'Illistim court that this changed, and who has been his constant companion since late 5119.

His first-born attitudes have made traditional relationships impossible. He finds Dhe'nari women so cold and resentful in life that he finds them depressing. Other races have demonstrated a liveliness that he enjoys as a bard, but the inbred sense of superiority he possesses – disallows relationships of equality and the devastation of losing his first love has deterred him from allowing himself to truly fall in love once again. Instead he embraces his hedonistic tendencies, which often raise an eyebrow in certain companies that still cling to social moralities.

Academics, Poetry and Songs

Lord Talinvor, by Stormyrain https://www.deviantart.com/suchjadedbeauty/art/Grand-Lord-Talinvor-the-Loremaster-936643420

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You see High Lord Talinvor the Loremaster. 
He appears to be a Dhe'nar Dark Elf.
He is strikingly tall and has a hard-muscled physique. He appears to be youthful. He has piercing stormy grey eyes and ebon skin. He has very long, straight jet black hair pulled into two chain-bound braids over each shoulder, the rest left loose beneath a blackened silver headband. He has an angular face, a straight nose and strong, chiseled features. He has a faded x-shaped scar on his right temple.

You see Grand Lord Talinvor the Loremaster. 
He appears to be a Dhe'nar Dark Elf.
He is strikingly tall and has a hard-muscled physique. He appears to be youthful. He has piercing stormy grey eyes and ebon skin. He has very long, straight jet black hair pulled into five asymmetrical ring-pierced braids with three over his left and two over his right shoulder, the rest left loose beneath a blackened silver headband. He has an angular face, a straight nose and strong, chiseled features.

Additional Art

The Smirk, by Farwin https://farwinart.carrd.co/
To All My Haters, by Farwin https://farwinart.carrd.co/