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Toqua is an Official GemStone IV Document, and it is protected from editing.

The toqua is a traditional piece of clothing native to the aelotoi people. The silhouette is similar to that of many common robes, with the exception of the backpiece forming the sleek shape of an hourglass. The shoulders and bottom hem conform regularly to the wearer with the center area in between narrowing into a slimmer column to accommodate wings. The width of the column can be tailored to the wearer's wingspan. Lengths vary according to taste, but typically the cut falls somewhere between waist-length and floor-length. The length often directly relates to how practical the garment is intended to be and for what purpose it is worn. Shorter cuts might be worn for work or vigorous travel, with longer cuts being worn for more stylish, formal occasions or ceremonial purposes. Likewise, sleeves of all types are optional and based on practicality.

Toquas may be fashioned out of any pliable fabric and colored in any shade. Adornments are used sparingly, but thoughtfully. Lighter fabric colors may be artistically dyed with darker, organic patterns or designs inspired by natural elements. More frequently, they may be beaded with bone, petrified woods, animal horn, shell, or any other embellishments pleasing to the individual. A single material or dyeing technique may be prominently highlighted in the overall look of one garment. Pockets are a necessity and are usually concealed within the front panels of the garment or in sleeves, if they are present. Some toquas may be clasped at the throat or fitted with a full panel of closures, while others retain an open, center-split front.

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