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== Helpful Links ==
Looking forward to your comments, feedback, and criticism. :D -Soliere [[User:FIRENSIA|FIRENSIA]] ([[User talk:FIRENSIA|talk]]) 04:17, 18 October 2019 (CDT)
[[User talk:VANKRASN39]]<br>
[[User talk:DOUG]]<br>
[[User talk: ZHOUY1]]<br>
[[User talk:ARCHYVER]]<br>
[[Help:Tips and tricks]]<br>
== PH Shops, RNUM probs fixed by |rnum=_____ ==
- [[Abidaserous's Authentic Rugs]]  (Teras) RNUM: 12443
- [[Arienne's Artifacts]]            (Teras) RNUM: 12438
- [[Bejinda's_Baubles]]              (Teras) RNUM: 12428
- [[Corryn's Board and Panel]]      (Teras) RNUM: 12441
- [[Crenzen's Country Crafts]]      (Teras) RNUM: 12431
- [[Emalinne's Bejeweled Garden]]    (Teras) RNUM: 12432
- [[Fianne's Beds and Bedding]]      (Teras) RNUM: 12424
- [[Flavian's Firemongers]]          (Teras) RNUM: 12426
- [[Lotsa's Large Beds]]            (Teras) RNUM: 12425
- [[MoonSpinner's Glaesine Windows]] (Teras) RNUM: 12439
- [[Orbean's Outlooks]]              (Teras) RNUM: 12434
- [[Thoughtful's Dead Fishes]]      (Teras) RNUM: 12429
- [[Wharfer's Walls]]                (Teras) RNUM: 12446
- [[Wilma's WallHangings]]          (Teras) RNUM: 12445
- [[Within These Walls]]            (Teras) RNUM: 12440
- [[Worthy Foes Remembered]]        (Teras) RNUM: 12433
- [[You Got Me Floored]]            (Teras) RNUM: 12436
- [[You've Also Got Me Floored]]    (Teras) RNUM: 12437
== Voln Arkati ==
[[Charl]] - (Steps 1 and 14) [[Symbol of Submission]] and [[Symbol of Disruption]]<br>
[[Cholen]] - (Steps 2 and 15) [[Symbol of Diminishment]] and [[Symbol of Restoration]]<br>
[[Eonak]] - (Steps 3 and 16) [[Symbol of Blessing]] and [[Symbol of Retribution]]<br>
[[Imaera]] - (Steps 4 and 17) [[Symbol of Protection]] and [[Symbol of Renewal]]<br>
[[Jastev]] - (Steps 5 and 18) [[Symbol of Courage]] and [[Symbol of Need]]<br>
[[Kai]] - (Steps 6 and 19) [[Kai's Strike]] and [[Kai's Smite]]<br>
[[Koar]] - (Steps 7 and 20) [[Symbol of Mana]] and [[Symbol of Seeking]]<br>
[[Lorminstra]] - (Steps 8 and 21) [[Symbol of Recall]] and [[Symbol of Preservation]]<br>
[[Lumnis]] - (Steps 9 and 22) [[Symbol of Transcendence]] and [[Symbol of Return]]<br>
[[Oleani]] - (Steps 10 and 23) [[Symbol of Thought]] and [[Symbol of Supremacy]]<br>
[[Phoen]] - (Steps 11 and 24) [[Symbol of Holiness]] and [[Symbol of Turning]]<br>
[[Ronan]] - (Steps 12 and 25) [[Symbol of Sleep]] and [[Symbol of Dreams]]<br>
[[Tonis]] - (Steps 13 and 26) [[Symbol of Recognition]] and [[Symbol of Sight]]
== Libraries of Elanthia ==
I noticed that the searchwords LIBRARY and LIBRARIES led to zero results. Besides this library at Teras which I had all but forgotten until tonight, I recall quite a few very nice in-game CHE House libraries, a traveling book wagon, as well as a few treasure troves of historic documents on the web (such as at House Onoir's website). I hope this spot will be a place to gather links and info about actual "libraries" that hold bits of history including logs of significant events, player/character remembrances, and ::gasp:: even books! Maybe someday there can be a Libraries of Elanthia page on the gswiki for people who just want to play out their studies in-character or go dig around the web for MO HISTORY. It won't surprise me if I find other people have already begun or completed this kind of thing... let me know if you know more than me, so I don't reinvent the wheel or sliced bread or anything. :)
<b>Modern Libraries</b>
- [[Harbor Library]] in Mist Harbor's Eastern Harbor
- [[Library Aies]] (mentioned here: [[A Brief History of Horology]] and [[Zelia]])
- Library of the Hall of Mages satellite college in Nydds (mentioned here: [[A Brief History of Horology]])
- [[Naerine Hostelry]]'s Library, Cysaegir
- Teras Isle Library, [Kharam-Dzu, Bazaar NW] (RNUM: 1857) an arched entryway (was closed tonight, may be permanently closed, not sure)
- Wehnimer's Landing Library (mentioned here: [[Wehnimer's Landing Town Hall - Olaesta 15, 5118]])
<b>Legendary Libraries</b>
- Arctic Library, DragonSpine Mountains (mentioned here: [[Orders of the Turamzzyrian Empire]])
- Caverns of Ziristal (mentioned here: [[Of Crows and Journals]])
- Frozen Library, DragonSpine Mountains (mentioned here: [[Beyond the Arkati]])
- Ghostly Library of [[Rhoska-Tor]] (mentioned here: [[History of Fash'lo'nae]])
- [[Halls of Solace]] at [[Nydds]] in [[South Hendor]] (mentioned here: [[History of the Order of Voln]])
- [[Library of Biblia]] on the [[Isle of Ornath]] (formerly the [[Library of Nomikos]]) (mentioned here: [[The Dark Path (essay)]] and [[Quin Telaren]])
- Library of Dierdra (mentioned here: [[Kelfour Edition volume IV number I]])
- Library of [[Eloth-Ra]] (mentioned here: [[Study of the Erithi]] and [[Erithian History]] and [[Timeline of Elanthian History]])
- Library of [[Fash'lo'nae]] at the [[Inorios Plateau]] (mentioned here: [[History of Fash'lo'nae]] and [[Ride of the Red Dreamer]])
- Library of [[Karilon]]
- Library of [[Kedshold]] (mentioned here: [[History of Reim]])
- Library of [[K'Tafali]] (mentioned here: [[History of the Order of Voln]])
- [[Library of Nomikos]] (now the [[Library of Biblia]]) (mentioned here: [[Kelfour Edition volume IV number I]])
- Library of [[Tamzyrr]] (mentioned here: [[Sarise Keshrika]])
- Lost Library sought by Vespertinae (mentioned here: [[History of Fash'lo'nae]])
- Shialos du S'karli, The Library of the Way (mentioned here: [[History of the Dhe'nar]] and [[A Brief History of Horology]] and [[Sharath]])
- Sylvan Cave East of Old Ta'Faendryl (mentioned here: [[History of the Sylvan Elves]])
- Ta'Faendryl Libraries (mentioned here: [[On Elven Contributions to Society (essay)]])
- Ta'Illistim Libraries (mentioned here: [[On Elven Contributions to Society (essay)]] and [[Timeline of Elanthian History]])
- Temple of Love Library (mentioned here: [[The Tale of the Dead Trees (short story)]])
- [[The Ruined Tower]] Library in River's Rest (also see: [[Elemental Plane of Water]])
- Voln Monastery at Fairport (mentioned here: [[History of the Order of Voln]])
- Voln Monastery at Highmount (mentioned here: [[History of the Order of Voln]])
- Voln Monastnery at Nydds (mentioned here: [[History of the Order of Voln]])
- Libraries of Yr'Vara at Yuriqen (mentioned here: [[History of the Sylvan Elves]])
<b>CHE House Libraries</b>
- [[Beacon Hall Archive]] Library (mentioned here: [[The Story of the Beacon Hall Archive Ghost]])
- [[House Chesylcha]] Library
- [[House Sovyn]] Library
- [[House Sylvanfair]] Library
- [[Moonstone Abbey]] Libraries
- Obsidian Tower Library
- Rising Phoenix's Library (mentioned here: [[Super node]])
- Rone Academy's Elanthian Library (RNUM: 24473) (mentioned here: [[Super node]])
- [[Silvergate Inn]]'s Library
- [[White Haven]]'s Library
<b>Library Scholars</b>
- [[Andraax]]
- [[Bandur Etrevion]] (mentioned here: [[Legend of the Necropolis of Etrevion (short story)]])
- [[Caylio Javilerre]]
- [[Rohese Bayvel-Timsh'l]]'s love of libraries (mentioned here: [[A Difficult Journey]] and [[A Healing Process]] and [[Eternal Knowledge]])
- [[Linsandrych Illistim]] (mentioned here: [[On Elven Contributions to Society (essay)]])
- [[Taistil Agalloir]] (mentioned here: [[The Falcon Pin and the Discovery of the Infirmary (short story)]])
- The [[Order of Lorekeepers]] (mentioned here: [[Legacy of the Lorekeepers]])
- The Daughters of Lumnis (mentioned here: [[Orders of the Turamzzyrian Empire]])
- The Erudites of Fash'lo'nae (mentioned here: [[Orders of the Turamzzyrian Empire]])
- The [[Hall of Mages]] (mentioned here: [[Orders of the Turamzzyrian Empire]])
- The Loremasters of [[Uman Isle]]
- The [[Sages]] (Loremasters) of [[Karilon]]
- The Solacebringers (mentioned here: [[Orders of the Turamzzyrian Empire]])
- [[The Wardens of the Hallowed Scroll]] (mentioned here: [[Orders of the Turamzzyrian Empire]])
- The [[Xaastyl]]
<b>Library Merchants and Shop Libraries</b>
- [[Ebon Gate 2009 shop listing#Speil Manor|Speil Manor, Library]]
- [[Briarmoon Cove/shop list#Poiret .26 Company|Poiret and Company]] (sold a Library Aies perfume)
<b>Other Info of Interest</b>
- [[Library system]]
- [[List of newsletters]]
- The Order of Voln's [[Symbol of Transcendence]] requires Ta'Vaalor Volners to complete a task at the Ta'Illistim Library
- [[Fash'lo'nae]] is God of Magic, Forbidden Knowledge and Libraries
- Kelfour's Library (mentioned here: [[Kulthea Chronicle volume II number I]])
- The New Kelfour's Municipal Library (mentioned here: [[Kulthea Chronicle volume II number I]])
- [[Tomes of Kulthea]]
- House Onoir Library: https://www.daingneachonoir.com/index.php/library
- Order of the Silver Gryphons Library: http://www.gsgryphons.net/GreatHall/Library/Library.php
== Spirit Night ==
Need to add information for this year's tables:
[[Spirit Night 5119]]
== Latchable Rooms ==
I have been asked on more than one occasion recently if I knew of any latchable rooms in a certain city. It may take awhile to build this page, but I will slowly collect links here. If/when a Latchable Rooms page is made, I hope it will explain the importance of latchable rooms as well as point to those that exist, along with directions or rnum room numbers, room descriptions, and notes about any features of the room such as food trays, containers, or special objects. Can people knock from outside/inside? Can people yell from outside/inside and be heard?
(H) = must be a house member to access
Mist Harbor
[[Scuttlebug Tavern]] > upstairs > two latchable rooms
Wehnimer's Landing
[[Rising Phoenix|House of the Rising Phoenix]] - at least one latchable room (H)
Icemule Trace
[[Clovertooth Hall]] - one latchable conference room
[[Wage and Dagger]] > upstairs > haon door - Grey Room (crystalline pear brandy)
[[Wage and Dagger]] > upstairs > ebonwood door - Black Room (ruby port)
Teras Isle
[[Mother Lode Inn]] > upstairs - two latchable rooms
Zul Logoth
[[Tregg's Tavern]] > rickety door > polished oak door - Brass Room
[[Tregg's Tavern]] > rickety door > polished mahogany door - Iron Room
[[Malwith Inn]] > upstairs - four latchable rooms
Semi-private rooms
[[Policy#Role-Play|Policy relating to latched rooms]]
== Things You Find in a Locker ==
This began as a personal list of potions, tinctures, and elixirs... an alphabetic reference in which to look up random items found at a playershop, bench, or in my locker. It changed into "Things You Find in a Locker" shortly thereafter, when I ran across a locker full of magical potions and the occasional perfume or nailpolish, all in various bottles, flasks, vials, phials, etc. I have no plans to include clothing, nor weapons/armor, in this list. This list would be more for things of a chemical/liquid or magic item nature. If such a list already exists, my goal is to find it and offer my regular help if it is needed, and if there is not one, then make one that will be publicly available by some means.
'''This list would possibly include (although I'm currently still having internal debate about all of these):'''<br>
*Alchemy: elixirs, oils, potions, products, etc
*Herbs: tinctures, potions, elixirs, etc
*Cosmetics: vials, phials, pots, jars, bottles, oils, etc
*Perfumes: flacons, flasks, flaskets, ampoules, ampules, bottles, etc
*Perfume Holders: unaltered OTS jewelry which holds perfume
*Storage: jars, bottles, etc (the kind for gems and alchemy ingredients)
*Magic Items: heavy quartz orb, small statue, golden wand, small totem head, etc
*Disguise Elixir Items: jewelry items which OTS contained elixirs to change your race/gender
*Feature Altering Items
*Simucoin Items
'''I would love some input as to:'''<br>
*is there already a list like this? (if so, this ends here - please let me know)
*if not, can a list like this fit into the purpose of gswiki at all? (if not, this ends here - please let me know)
*if so, then have people tried this before and failed, and why
*how to make this list relatively low maintenance but helpful
*which categories of items would be most helpful to the most people
*are there other relevant pages you know of besides: [[Potion]], [[Tincture]], [[:Category:Wizard Potions]]
*is it a better idea for me to research each item and create pages for each one, so they would be searchable on gswiki individually?
'''Here is an example of a very short list I made (I did not have time to wikify this yet so notably the spell name/number will be listed wrong for the moment):'''<br>
*beveled roa'ter-shaped earring - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (half-krolvin)
*black moonstone bracelet inset with pink dreamstone shards - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (female human of taladoor)
*blackened steel wrist cuff edged with a spray of pink topaz - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (female elf of ta'ardenai)
*blue dreamstone and white oak-inlaid platinum choker - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (giantman)
*bracelet of black jade-centered pink pearl blossoms - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (male dwarf of parkshnuum clan)
*bright green skeletal bracelet - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (sylvankind) <skeletal/skeleton?>
*bright green skeleton bracelet - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (sylvankind) <skeletal/skeleton?>
*brilliant silvery glass potion - 414 [[Elemental Defense III]]
*brilliant silvery potion - 414 [[Elemental Defense III]]
*bronze carapace-linked anklet - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (aelotoi)
*center-split rotted wood armband - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (erithian)
*chipped topaz promise band - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (burghal gnome)
*choker of alternating white cedar and black diamond tiles - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (aelotoi)
*decanter of dark green liquor - 1711 [[Mystic Focus]] (OTS: 10 quaffs)
*[[deep green volatile elixir]] - vertigo relief, negates effects of motion sickness caused by Spirit Guide (130)
*dull steel three-stranded choker - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (forest gnome)
*emerald-eyed ivory ram talisman - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (female erithian of surath dai) <ram/fish?> pin worn
*faceted silvery glass potion - 1711 [[Mystic Focus]]
*flask of aromatic yellow oil - [[Exorcism oil]]
*flowering branch-shaped talisman - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (male sylvankind of lassaran) pin worn
*glowing brilliant silver potion - 419 [[Mass Elemental Defense]]
*gold and cobalt glass potion - 806 [[Heal II]]
*golden blazestar-spliced blued steel ring - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (female)
*gold-swirled black glass potion - 916 [[Invisibility]]
*gold-throated dark ironwood flagon 1711 - 1711 [[Mystic Focus]]
*lace-patterned platinum necklet peppered with blue onyx - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (sylvankind)
*leaf-carved green glass potion - 603 [[Foraging]]
*lustrous black garnet and crimson-flecked onyx amulet - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (half-elf)
*multi-hued tall glass potion - 503 [[Thurfel's Ward]]
*multi-stranded choker set with a white-point star diamond - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (elf)
*necklet of red steel roses edged in clear blue gem thorns - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (halfling)
*opalescent jet-scaled fish talisman - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (female halfling of brughan) <ram/fish?> pin worn
*ovular black diamond earring - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (giantman)
*pale grey glass potion - 202 [[Spirit Shield]]
*pink sapphire-swirled black opal wristlet - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (male halfling of the mhoragian)
*platinum pendant dripping black crimson diamond tears - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (half-krolvin)
*red oak amulet traced with black diamond veins - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (dwarf)
*rose cut-out thinly sheared black dreamstone wristlet - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (female erithian of yachan dai)
*rough-edged jet bead anklet - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (dark elf)
*ruby-limned copper pyramid talisman - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (male dark elf of faendryl) pin worn
*rusted gold armband - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (human)
*sanguine ruby-centered eucalyptus pendant - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (human)
*scratched opal teardrop necklace - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (halfling)
*segmented worm-shaped ring - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (half-elf)
*silver necklace suspending an ice blue diamond songbird - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (erithian)
*silver-haloed milky azure aquamarine talisman - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (dark elf)
*silver-rimmed red glass potion - [[Haste]]
*slate rearing bear-shaped talisman - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (female giantman of t'kirem clan) pin worn
*slender dark blue glass potion - 107 [[Spirit Warding II]]
*slender pale blue glass potion - 101 [[Spirit Warding I]]
*[[Small crystal flask|small crystal flask]] - store troll's blood and sea water
*snowy white glass potion - 602 [[Resist Elements]]
*speckled toad-shaped pendant - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (dwarf)
*spiraled white gold and azure blazestar band - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (male)
*strand of ebon and jade pearls - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (dwarf)
*subtly curved zircon pendant - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (male)
*tightly twisted zircon pendant - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (female)
*tree-shaped silver birch medallion on a silver cord - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (burghal gnome)
*twisted strand of dark blue pearls shot with silver - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (forest gnome)
*warped glass gadget talisman - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (male burghal gnome of nylem) pin worn
*warped mud-encrusted wristlet - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (elf)
*white flask - [[Preservation (305)]]
*wide wristlet of sinuous pink coral tendrils - [[Disguise Elixir Item]] (male elf of ta'loenthra)
I think something like this could be immensely helpful to GSIV players, even to me after 20+ years of playing, but especially to newer players. Making it in a way that is acceptable, useful, and maintainable, is likely going to be a challenge. I like challenges. Looking forward to some feedback from others. -Soliere [[User:FIRENSIA|FIRENSIA]] ([[User talk:FIRENSIA|talk]]) 18:06, 16 October 2019 (CDT)
== Clean Up Category: Frontier Days ==
I noticed that on the page for [[Frontier Days 2017]] a link to the Craft Bazaar actually goes to the [[Craft Bazaar 2018]] page (it should go to [[Craft Bazaar 2017]]. I want to fix that as soon as I have time to figure out exactly what happened. It appears that the searchphrase "Craft Bazaar" actually leads to the Craft Bazaar 2018 page too, and I'm not sure that is the best place for it to lead now (I can see why it was made to lead there for last year). I am still waiting to see if there will be a Craft Bazaar 2019, before I think too hard on this. -Soliere [[User:FIRENSIA|FIRENSIA]] ([[User talk:FIRENSIA|talk]]) 09:25, 17 October 2019 (CDT)

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Looking forward to your comments, feedback, and criticism. :D -Soliere FIRENSIA (talk) 04:17, 18 October 2019 (CDT)