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Type Roleplaying
Demeanor-based Yes
Profession Ranger

BEFRIEND is used both to set a certain DEMEANOR for a specific character and to see when friends/enemies are logged in. One can "befriend" up to 50 other characters. Premium subscribers get an additional 25 slots for a total of 75. Besides various verb interactions as defined by demeanor, befriending someone in a friendly or warm manner will automatically INVITE him/her to a table. Additionally, rangers benefit from BEFRIEND when attempting to bond to companion animals.


The BEFRIEND verb allows you to manage a list of players you consider to be friend or foe, or perhaps simply to adjust the demeanor with which you regard a particular player.This command allows you to manage your relationships and demeanor toward other players.  To add a new friend, you can simply BEFRIEND {name} to regard that person as friendly.  If you would like to specify a demeanor other than the default of FRIENDLY, or if you would like to change the demeanor with which you regard another player, you can use BEFRIEND {name} {demeanor} to do so.
BEFRIEND (by itself)

    BEFRIEND LIST [ALL] - show online-only or all entries in list
    BEFRIEND FIND {name} - check the LOCATION of a friend
    BEFRIEND CLEAR {name} - remove friend with {name}
    BEFRIEND CLEAR {number} - remove friend at position {number} in list
    BEFRIEND CLEAR ALL - remove all friends from list

To add a new friend:   BEFRIEND {NAME} {DEMEANOR}
To locate a friend:    BEFRIEND FIND {NAME}
To remove a friend:    BEFRIEND CLEAR {NAME | NUMBER}
To remove all friends: BEFRIEND CLEAR ALL
To see your current friends: BEFRIEND LIST



Adding a friend (or enemy) is as easy as typing BEFRIEND (name) (demeanor). By default, befriending another character will do so as friendly. This will also override any default demeanor settings for that character's race or profession.


BEFRIEND LIST is used to pull up one's list of friends currently in the lands (logged in). If the one on the list maintains a friendly or warm demeanor towards the one pulling up the list, and is logged in, it will display the general area where a friend can be found. To view a full list of friends, logged in or not, BEFRIEND LIST ALL is needed.

By Itself
Searching through the lands for your friends...

 6. FRIEND 6 is somewhere in Elanthia. (Friendly)
 8. FRIEND 8 is somewhere in Elanthia. (Friendly)

Six of your friends could not be found in Elanthia.  To view all of your friends: BEFRIEND LIST ALL.
>befr list
Searching through the lands for your friends...

1. FRIEND 1 was not found in Elanthia. (Friendly)
2. FRIEND 2 was not found in Elanthia. (Warm)
3. FRIEND 3 was not found in Elanthia. (Friendly)
4. FRIEND 4 was not found in Elanthia. (Friendly)
5. FRIEND 5 was not found in Elanthia. (Friendly)
6. FRIEND 6 was not found in Elanthia. (Friendly)
22. FRIEND 22 was not found in Elanthia. (Neutral)
23. FRIEND 23 was not found in Elanthia. (Friendly)
24. FRIEND 24 was not found in Elanthia. (Cold)
25. FRIEND 25 was not found in Elanthia. (Friendly)



Locating a friend is done by typing BEFRIEND FIND (name). This will only work if the person being located maintains a friendly or warm demeanor towards the one locating.


If a befriend list is getting too long, a character has fallen out of favor with one or several friends, or an enemy is considered more of a nuisance than an enemy, they can be removed with BEFRIEND CLEAR (name/number). BEFRIEND CLEAR ALL can be used to completely clear the list in one sweep.

Additional Information

Animal Companions

Befriend is also used by rangers to form a permanent bond with their companion.

Befriend (animal)
You approach the orange tiger, preparing to establish the lifelong bond that will connect the two of you forever.  A orange tiger notices your intent with a curious benevolence.
[Once established, your bond with a orange tiger will be PERMANENT.  If you are absolutely sure that this is the companion that you desire, attempt to BEFRIEND the tiger again within the next 15 seconds.]
>befriend tiger 
The orange tiger looks you steadily in the eye and finally nods as if in acceptance.

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